AVpack Changelog

💡 Did you know that AVpack is fifteen years old in Second Life in October 2020?! Wow! What a ride this has been. About This page will detail the changes to AVpack, both in its current form and also the work in progress versions. I hope this will allow users to see the progress that’s taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners. 😃 📝 Important To ensure you are reading the correct update notes for your AVpack, type /version to see which release of AVpack you have.
AVpack Multigadget

AVpack Multigadget

The History of AVpack The concept of AVpack came in early February 2006. Like most people in SL, I was trying to locate objects I’d created in my SL inventory. I spent hours rezzing and deleting many copies of things with names like “Object 1”, “Object 2”… and I didn’t like that I had to waste time searching my Second Life inventory for my favourite objects - looking in multiple folders just to find the things I wanted to use.

AVpack Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

Thanks for your questions folks. I know how boring instructions can be. I will add your questions and answers here as we go along. And hopefully this page will aid others in the process. AVpack User Questions Q. “I was showing my friend the AVPack, but when I type commands like “/rez bot”, I get two bots rezzing out instead of just one!” Are you wearing a language translator HUD? When you speak in open chat the translator HUD is converting your language into another and repeating what you have typed.