Aquarium Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

Aquarium Support Q. How do I change the colour of my aquarium? All my aquariums are sold as modify enabled. This means you can edit the textures and change the colours to suite your needs. If you are unfamiliar with controlling the most basic features of the Second Life building tools and edit window to edit prim properties, please visit Tutorial Island to learn about this first.

AVpack Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

Thanks for your questions folks. I know how boring instructions can be. I will add your questions and answers here as we go along. And hopefully this page will aid others in the process. AVpack User Questions Q. “I was showing my friend the AVPack, but when I type commands like “/rez bot”, I get two bots rezzing out instead of just one!” Are you wearing a language translator HUD?

Fish Rezzer Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

FAQ & Support Q. Why do I have to use this stupid fish rezzer thing? Can’t I just put my fish into the aquarium and have that rez them? After years of creating fish and gaining feedback from my customers — most people asked for a solution to use my fish in various different ways; in our aquariums, in aquariums they create themselves or have bought somewhere else, outside in Linden water, to manage large numbers of fish, to display the same or mixed species of fish, to have fish swim in a specific area or rotation.

EZ-Note Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

EZ-Note User Questions Q. “OMG I love my EZ-Note board! I bought it from your shop and I want to get one for my friend too. Is there a way I can buy one for my friend or have you send one to her?” Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you love your new board. Yes, you can purchase EZ-Note from marketplace and send one to your friend that way.

Particle Fish Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

Q. I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve put all the stuff I got from your shop into a fish rezzer and now I have no prims left on my land?! Help! Thanks for teleporting me to your land. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with our items. I can see that you have placed particle fish emitters inside our Free-Swimming Fish Rezzer along with a large number of plants.