AVpack Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

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Thanks for your questions folks. I know how boring instructions can be. I will add your questions and answers here as we go along. And hopefully this page will aid others in the process.

AVpack User Questions

Q. “I was showing my friend the AVPack, but when I type commands like “/rez bot”, I get two bots rezzing out instead of just one!”

Are you wearing a language translator HUD? When you speak in open chat the translator HUD is converting your language into another and repeating what you have typed. To prevent this you can switch your AVpack command chat channel to another number with the command /chat 1

Q. “I hate the way Second Life is always losing items from my inventory. What if I lose my AVpack. Do I get a replacement?”

Yes. But only if you register AVpack by typing /regavpack . This is also the way to be included into the AVpack User group. It’s wise to keep a backup of AVpack in your inventory as it is rare for multiple items to go missing at once.

Q. “It has been a while since AVpack updates. When is the next version out?”

During the early days of AVpack the updates where more frequent (like every 2 months), but as the project matured, updates have got further apart. This allows me to test patches to things Linden Lab may have broken and not clutter peoples inventories with x,y,z AVpack versions or HUDs. I like to “let the cheese melt” after updates, and also give the beta group time to see if any issues arise. Updates now can be 12 months apart, so don’t panic, we have not given up on AVpack, we are just making sure it works right before updates. If you’d like to follow the progress of AVpack, you can view the change log.

Q. “Can I use AVpack to TP around my house?”

Yes, use iTP pads. They are a great way to get around your home. Details on setting iTP up can be found here.

Q. “I have this weird light coming out of me!”

You have turned on the AVlight somehow. Type /l to turn it off.

Q. “Hi I bought AVpack and its not working!”

The most common cause of people thinking this, is when trying to use AVpack in a non-scripted area of land. Other scenarios are that you are not actually wearing AVpack and only the AVHUD.

Q. “Do you have a group set up for the AVpack?”

Yes. Search for AVpack Users in the Second Life - Search / Groups. Drop me an IM in game, and I’ll add you if you own an AVpack. To register AVpack and be added by email type /regavpack in open-chat while wearing your AVpack.

Q. Aaw dude! These poofers are sweet! Can I use my own with AVpack too?

Yes! If you use the AVHUD, drag & drop your textures onto the Poofer subsection icons, then left-click to poof them.

Q. Hi, I type “/m” to get my AVpack menu up but I keep doing some muscle flex animation???

Deactivate any gestures you may have active that are triggered by /m Gestures will interfere terribly with any chat operated attachments you may wear. Simply right-click on the gesture in bold and select deactivate from the drop down menu.

Q. “Hi I am too lazy to read your instructions, Can I TP you here so you can show me all what AVpack does?”

No. Read the instructions. That is what they are written for. If I run around baby sitting every new owner of AVpack and teaching them personally how to use it, I can not spend time on improving AVpack, and in the long run that hurts every one of my customers. Sorry no can do. Again, RTFM and don’t be lazy!

Q. Does AVpack mess with physics or something because I am floating even after I land. I float up and its very annoying!!!!

AVpack has a built-in adaptive flight assist which will work fine on its own until you wear another gadget with a flight assist in it and then the two scripts will battle each other causing you to float up. Take off any other gadgets other than AVpack that use a flight assist or optionally turn off AVpack flight assist by typing /flight or selecting the option from the menu. Also check you do not have the “Moon” or “Space” gravity active when underwater and using AVpack. That will cause you to float to the surface.

Q. How do I turn off the flight assist?

Simply type /flight to toggle the flight assist on or off.

Q. I am flying like a crazy monkey wtf?

A. Type /speed 20 or lower to reset the AVpack flight back to normal flight speed.

Q. My AVpack wont recognize any of my chat commands after me using the /nochat or /nolag feature!?

Exactly :D - This feature is called by the owner to reduce chat lag in populated areas. To turn your AVpacks’ back on — select the main menu by clicking on the AVpack on your left side, go to the Options sub menu, then hit the “Chat On” button. Now your AVpack will listen to you again.

Q. Is there a faster way to set my parcel radio?

Typing /r will bypass the AVpack main menu and open the RADIO menu directly. Ensure you have an “avpack_server” out on your land, as this is what AVpack communicates with to fetch your radio stations for you.

Q. I use the poofers a lot. Is there a way to get that message to travel to my loved one?

Target your loved one using #t or from your AVHUD target selector menu. They are now locked as a target. Now when you call your poofers, they will go to your partner.

Q. I want to kick a person out of my Alpha Flyer… how?

Touch the ship, and you will see it has a menu to eject people from the seats. Eject 1 is the seat behind the pilot, Eject 2 is the seat behind that.

Q. Hey I am typing /m for the AVpack menu but nothing is happening?!! … Ok forget that I wasn’t wearing my AVpack! Doh!


Q. This HUD does not fit my screen!!! Shame really, I just paid $L for AVpack and I would have expected it to fit at that price hon!

Unfortunately there are so many PC configurations out there, it’s impossible to make any piece of software that will work on every setup. Just look at the Second Life client as a prime example of this. AVHUD’s buttons have been designed so that if you spend two minutes to do so, you can position them around your screen yourself and then save the positions by pressing and holding the main AVHUD button (top left) for three seconds. You can fully operate AVpack without the AVHUD if you wish. AVpack is the device itself, the HUD is optional. AVHUD requires a minimum screen resolution of 1680 x 1050, so if you are using a lower resolution you may need to increase it via your system settings.

Q. My poofers have stopped working! Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t on my land ???

Check the following.

  • You have scripts enabled on the land.
  • You have particles enabled on your Second Life client.
  • You are actually wearing the AVpack device, and not simply its HUD interface.
  • Not only that, but you are typing the poofer commands on the correct command channel? Default channel is 0 so make sure to type on the correct channel, if you change it to say 1 or 2.
  • You are typing supported poofer names and not made up ones.

Q. My particle poofers poof when I do not touch anything!

I looked at this bug while adding a poofer feature to AVpack. Particles in Second Life are unpredictable as they are client side effects. Touching AVpack or simply moving your avatar can trigger the last used poofer to poof! It’s annoying, its a Linden Lab bug, and it’s a known issue until Linden Lab fix this in the client. It was a choice of taking the AVpacks poofers out to cure this bug or leaving them in. Since most people use them, it was decided to leave them in. You can temporarily stop the random poofing by using the transparent texture “trans” after you have finished using your poofers. to do this type . trans If you use the AVHUD it will auto do this when you close the poofer section.

Q. I have another Second Life account, can you send me an AVpack to my alt account for free?

No. You pay the price listed for the right to use one AVpack per avatar. No replacement AVpack will be given to alternate accounts. If you lose or delete your original AVpack or close down your avatar account — you’ll need to purchase another AVpack. Sorry!

People that register their AVpack will only receive replacements for the same SL account.