Free Swimming Fish Rezzer 2.0

Free Swimming Fish Rezzer 2.0

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer Thank you for purchasing the Free-swimming Fish Rezzer. I strive to provide my customers with the best quality and affordable items. I want you to enjoy your aquarium as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. This is why I created this guide - to fully explain how the item works. Once you understand the basics of how the fish rezzing system works, you can have a beautiful aquarium set up in under a minute, and see just how easy it is to set up.

Fish Rezzer Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

FAQ & Support Q. Why do I have to use this stupid fish rezzer thing? Can’t I just put my fish into the aquarium and have that rez them? After years of creating fish and gaining feedback from my customers — most people asked for a solution to use my fish in various different ways; in our aquariums, in aquariums they create themselves or have bought somewhere else, outside in Linden water, to manage large numbers of fish, to display the same or mixed species of fish, to have fish swim in a specific area or rotation.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer

This page will detail the changes to the product both in it’s current form and also the work in progress or beta versions in development. I hope this will allow fans to see the progress that is taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners. Key "Testing" = being tested by the Space Bums group. "Stable" = The version you'll receive after making a purchase. 📝 “Be sure to join our Virtual Aquarium group for news on updates.