EZ-Note Message Board

EZ-Note Message Board

This guide is for EZ-Note - R14 Version (v2.03.965). For updates, please see the Changelog Welcome to EZ-Note Allow your friends or visitors to post a wide variety of messages. Post your event news, pictures, audio snips, URL, note cards or landmarks for public viewing. EZ-Note Message Board allows you to do all this, and it is as easy as pie to use. Simply touch the cork board and pick the type of message you wish to leave.

EZ-Note Message Board: Changelog

This page will detail the changes to the product both in it’s current form and also the work in progress or beta versions in development. I hope this will allow fans to see the progress that is taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners. Key "Closed Beta" = being tested by the Space Bums group. "Open Beta" = User group testing new features. "Public" = The version you'll receive after making a purchase.

EZ-Note Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

EZ-Note User Questions Q. “OMG I love my EZ-Note board! I bought it from your shop and I want to get one for my friend too. Is there a way I can buy one for my friend or have you send one to her?” Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you love your new board. Yes, you can purchase EZ-Note from marketplace and send one to your friend that way. Here is the link