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Hi there, and welcome to my official website.

This website was originally designed to host web guides for all the content I create for Second Life®. However, I may include random posts about geeky stuff, gaming, Linux and other things that interest me.


Workflow Software
Operating System: Manjaro Linux / awesome
3D Design: Blender
2D Design: Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, XnView, gThumb
Office: Libre Office, Joplin, ghostwriter, Mailspring, Osmo, calcurse
Internet: Dropbox, Filezilla, Brave, Signal, newsboat
Multimedia: Audacity, Handbrake, OBS Studio, Kdenlive, Peek, mpv, mpd, ncmpcpp
Development: Meld, Git, Zsh, Kitty, Vim, Sublime Text, VSCodium, PyCharm, Hugo, GitLab, GitHub
VoIP: Mumble
Gaming: Steam, Lutris, GameHub, RPCS3, itch.io
Virtualizer: virt-manager, QEMU