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Hi there, and welcome to my official website.

This website was originally designed to host web guides for all the content I create for Second Life®. I may include random posts about geeky stuff, gaming, Linux and other things that interest me.


Workflow Software
Operating System GNU/Linux (Arch) Manjaro , awesome
3D Design Blender
2D Design Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, XnView, gThumb
Office Libre Office, Joplin, ghostwriter, Mailspring, Osmo, calcurse
Internet Dropbox, Filezilla, Brave, Signal, Telegram, newsboat
Multimedia Audacity, Handbrake, OBS Studio, Kdenlive, Peek, mpv, mpd, ncmpcpp
Development Meld, Git, Zsh, kitty, Vim, Sublime Text, VSCodium, Emacs, PyCharm, Hugo, GitLab, GitHub
VoIP Mumble
Gaming Steam, Lutris, GameHub, RPCS3, itch.io
Virtualizer KVM, virt-manager, QEMU