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About Me

Hi there, and welcome to my official website. I am Supa Shang, or more commonly known as Supa to my friends. I live in the UK. My favourite thing to do, is tinker with computers. When I’m not near a PC, you can often find me with my face in a book, be that on topics such as science, nature, technology and graphic novels.

My first experience with computing, was way back in the early 1980s, when I was gifted a “Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k” for Christmas. While other kids were playing outside, tormenting the neighbourhood — I was sitting indoors on a Saturday morning, next to a plate of half-eaten toast and a tower of cassette tapes, typing blocks of code from “Input magazine” into my ZX Spectrum, trying to make the TV screen change colour and beep to the tune of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”! The shear sense of achievement and fun that came from completing little programming tasks like this was something that would stick with me all my life.

In the early 1990’s, I remember working every hour under the Sun to save up enough money to purchase my very own personal computer - the “Commodore Amiga A500 Plus”. Later upgrading to a custom-built A4000 with “Cyberstorm Power PC” accelerator in 1997. In the early 2000’s I set up my own support website and IRC channel for Amiga users called “AmigaONE IRC”. I was an Amiga user up until 2003, when my Amiga had a hardware fault and became unusable, so, reluctantly, I had to move to an IBM PC clone running Windows.

Like most people interested in computing, I’ve used many versions of Microsoft Windows over the years. However, my favourite operating system has always been “GNU/Linux”. The first Linux distribution I used, was Ubuntu 4.10 “Warty Warthog” in late 2004. Currently, I’m running EndeavourOS (an Arch-based distribution), as my daily OS. I very rarely use Windows these days, and when I do, it’s running in a virtual machine.

Linux, for me, encompasses everything that made me fall in love with computing all those years ago; the ability to tinker with almost everything about the operating system and customize it to my liking. Linux doesn’t hold your hand nor prevent you from making mistakes and learning new things, and there is always something new to learn with Linux.

About This Website

All pages for this website are written in Markdown from within Emacs on Linux. I use the Hugo static site framework to convert the Markdown syntax to HTML from within GitLab CI/CD. All pages are pushed to GitLab via the Magit Emacs git client. The images for the site are created using Gimp and Inkscape.

About My Workflow

Workflow Software
Operating System GNU/Linux (Arch BTW) EndeavourOS , awesome
3D Design Blender
2D Design Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, XnView, gThumb
Office Libre Office, Joplin, ghostwriter, Mailspring, Osmo, calcurse
Internet Dropbox, Filezilla, Brave, Signal, Telegram, newsboat
Multimedia Ardour, Handbrake, OBS Studio, Kdenlive, Peek, mpv, mpd, ncmpcpp
Development Meld, Git, Zsh, kitty, Vim, Sublime Text, VSCodium, Emacs, PyCharm, Hugo
VoIP Mumble
Gaming Steam, Lutris, GameHub, RPCS3, itch.io
Virtualizer KVM, virt-manager, QEMU