Fish Rezzer Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

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FAQ & Support

Q. Why do I have to use this stupid fish rezzer thing? Can’t I just put my fish into the aquarium and have that rez them?

After years of creating fish and gaining feedback from my customers — most people asked for a solution to use my fish in various different ways;

  • in our aquariums,
  • in aquariums they create themselves or have bought somewhere else,
  • outside in Linden water,
  • to manage large numbers of fish,
  • to display the same or mixed species of fish,
  • to have fish swim in a specific area or rotation.

The fish rezzer is a convenient, tried and tested solution to all of these use cases, and it’s free.

Q. I’ve put my fish on top of the rezzer but it isn’t swimming!?

You need to place the fish INSIDE of the fish rezzer contents, NOT on top of it. Please read the web guide carefully.

Q. I have fish rezzing correctly, but they are not moving, they are just in a big pile in the middle!

A. You need to ensure that you have physics turned on in your region. If you’re a group landowner, ensure that physics is enabled on your sim with your estate manager.

Q. If I link the rezzer to my aquarium will it still work?

A. Yes. Although, we don’t offer support if you do this. When an object is linked to another, we can not guarantee that it will function as we intended it to - since it was not designed to be used in this way.

Q. Do I have to use the rezzer when putting fish outside on my beach?

A. It is entirely up to you. Our fish can be used with or without the rezzer. However, the rezzer makes things so much easier for locating and managing large numbers of fish all at once.

Q. My fish try to quickly swim outside the rezzer when rezzed.

A. This sounds like the fish has not been correctly stopped before being put inside the rezzer, and it is trying to quickly swim to an old location.

  • Drop the fish to the ground.
  • Left click it to see the options menu.
  • Press STOP and wait for fish to stop swimming.
  • Pick up the fish to your inventory.
  • Place correctly stopped fish back inside the rezzer from your inventory.

Q. How do I put the fish into my aquarium? Can you come to my house and do it for me?

The web guide explains exactly how to put your free-swimming fish into the rezzer. The Fish Rezzer itself includes a web link to the guide page. However, if you’re new to Second Life or unfamiliar with building and using Second Life’s building tools - I will gladly come to your house and set things up for you. If this is what you’d like, you can book for our “Aquarium Installation Service” after reviewing our service rates and requirements.