Updates & Service

While all our items are tested fully before release in Second Life®, we cannot guarantee that any future changes that are made to the Second Life® world will allow our items to continue to work as they should. By using our items, you agree that you are aware of current changes affecting the Second Life® "grid", and any issues that may or may not affect our items. No refunds will be given to items damaged by Linden Lab®, (although we may seek to update your item). You may email any changes you feel have effected our items to the email address in the creators profile.

Common Sense

By purchasing an item from Space Bums, you agree that you are competent enough to navigate the Second Life® virtual environment and client. We support our items directly, but we will ignore messages from people asking us to help them navigate the most basic functionality of Second Life® or its desktop client software.

You are expected to be competent enough to:

  • open boxes,
  • transfer items from your inventory to the contents of objects and vice-versa,
  • search your inventory for “Recent Items",
  • read note cards, profile information, on-screen text, web links, or other information resources provided,
  • control Second Life® to basic requirements explained during your "Orientation Island" sessions,
  • check your transaction history,
  • send and receive emails, instant messages, group chat,
  • view the Second Life® blog for any outstanding issues affecting residents.

Lost Inventory

If you believe that an item or items may be missing from your inventory, please read fully the instructions detailed on the Second Life wiki before contacting us for support.


When you make a purchase with Space Bums, the purchase price permits you to use our content in the Second Life® grid only. You do not own the content nor rights to any included textures, scripts, sound files, note cards or any other file type within our products. Many of the items you see for sale in Second Life® have a "Next Owner" permission flag. You agree that upon purchase of our items, that you will be limited in your ability to use these items as defined under these permissions. Sometimes you will see items sold as "MOD, COPY, TRANSFER" enabled. For a detailed guide on what these permissions mean, please press F1 from within your Second Life® client for the latest most up-to-date information on using your Second Life® client software. It is your responsibility to understand what permissions mean prior to any purchase of our items, as in some cases no refunds will be given for non-transferable items. Space Bums will not perform a transfer of use of items to your friends or alternate avatars. Next owner permissions of listed items will not be modified after purchase.

Usage & Misuse Of Items

Space Bums reserve the right to remove your avatar key from future updates of our items or totally remove your ability to use a currently owned item, if we have evidence that you have not complied with our usage terms. This measure will only normally be enforced when a user tries to circumvent the permission system of Second Life® to clone or replicate one of our items, or in cases where a Space Bums item is being used to consistently harass another resident or limit their Second Life® experience.

Item Updates

You agree that your access to free future updates for items that you may have bought from us, is at our discretion. We reserve the right to limit your access to our update servers as we see fit. You may not be able to receive updates if our content creation account has been removed by Linden Lab, or the update server has been replaced or removed. No refunds will be given to those that are unable to access our update servers. Your time of purchase payment is for the product version number at the time of purchase only. If your access to our update servers has been revoked or is unavailable, and you wish to use a later version of the item you paid for in the past, you may need to buy a new copy of the item.

Freebie Items & Support

Sometimes we make items available for Second Life® residents free of charge. These are colloquially known as "freebies". These items may be older or deprecated items that we no longer support.

We do not offer support for items that we give away freely. They are provided to residents as a good faith gesture "as is".

We are under no obligation to make adjustments, edits nor updates to any item asset data, marketing material nor any documentation pertaining to said item/items. We will ignore complaints, demands or support requests from residents regarding freebie items. Since a resident obtained the item from us freely, if they experience any issues with the item or documentation or the item is not to their expectations - they are free to delete it from their inventory and/or not use it.

Gift Coupons

Unfortunately, we do not exchange coupons for Linden dollars. Coupons may come free with our items and entitle you to a single random gift. You may transfer your coupon to a friend to use if you wish. To successfully use your coupon, you must first teleport to our shop here and then wear it. Once a coupon has been used, it will turn the colour red and cannot be used again. Simply delete any used coupons from your inventory.


Space Bums is not responsible for any loss or damages you suffer as a result of,

  • successfully or unsuccessfully making purchase of our items
  • following the guides on our blog pages.
  • hardware and/or software faults.

It is the residents' responsibility to ensure that on making a purchase or using our items, that, all info and/or documentation has been fully understood. This includes information related to but not limited to, next owner permissions, sale prices, usage guides and refunds. The resident also agrees that Space Bums will not be held accountable for any loss nor issues relating to the performance (or lack there of) the Second Life® "grid" or any of our effected items.

Terms And Conditions

We reserve the right to change or update these terms & conditions from time to time. Any changes to our terms and conditions will be communicated via our group announcements or other means in the Second Life® world. In the event that you refuse these terms and conditions, it is advised that you should not make any transactions or further use our items.

"Second Life and the inSL logo are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. Space Bums is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research."