Keeping Busy During The Thing!

Surviving the coughapocalypse!

Keeping Busy During The Thing!
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May 2020

What a month! Who would have thought that it’d take a global pandemic to make me to feel more productive! Not that I wish this thing to last, but having been stuck at home has given me a chance to do a hell of a lot of updates to my in-world items.

What Have I Been Doing?

In the month of May 2020 I have,

  • Updated every single fish script at The Virtual Aquarium
  • Created a whole new rezzer auto alignment system for the fish rezzzer,
  • Created a bunch of cool new aquariums with “auto-align” features for easy rezzer installation,
  • Done custom-builds of aquariums and installations for clients,
  • Improved the look of the shop layout and the surrounding land,
  • Updated AVpack and fixed a bunch of paper cut bugs,
  • Updated iTP and EZ-Note Message Board,
  • Created a whole new website with improved workflow with HUGO,
  • Converted all of my old “Google Sites” docs over to Markdown format,
  • Learned how to use “Zsh” and Git more effectively.
  • Made big improvements to our fishing game “Hot Reels Fishing”.

I think keeping this busy actually helped keep a healthy state of mind in the current climate. Sometimes burying yourself in work and completing all the things you may have put off for another day can help to keep your spirits high.