Second Life

Second Life December 2019 Gallery

“A few photos of my buddies, the Mrs and I, hanging out at The Virtual Aquarium at Christmas. It was cold outside, but we had the camp fire and some eggnog to keep us all warm”. Duhr0ed ww aid q7k Duhr2 zj xc aa64 ti Snapshot 001 Snapshot 002 Snapshot 011 Snapshot 012

EZ-Note Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

EZ-Note User Questions Q. “OMG I love my EZ-Note board! I bought it from your shop and I want to get one for my friend too. Is there a way I can buy one for my friend or have you send one to her?” Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you love your new board. Yes, you can purchase EZ-Note from marketplace and send one to your friend that way. Here is the link

Robot Sentry Gun: Changelog

This page will detail the changes to the product both in it’s current form and also the work in progress or beta versions in development. I hope this will allow fans to see the progress that is taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners. Key "Closed Beta" = being tested by the Space Bums group. "Open Beta" = Users group invited to test new features. "Public" = The version you will receive after making a purchase.

Particle Fish Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

Q. I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve put all the stuff I got from your shop into a fish rezzer and now I have no prims left on my land?! Help! Thanks for teleporting me to your land. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with our items. I can see that you have placed particle fish emitters inside our Free-Swimming Fish Rezzer along with a large number of plants.
Alpha Flyer

Alpha Flyer

Features Easy to use, mouse-look flyer. Modify & Copy. Carry up to two passengers. Paint or texture the shell. Selection of Weapons. (Bullets, Lasers, Bombs, Rockets, Mine, Orb). Ejector seat. Shake off unwanted pests. 10 speeds + afterburner. Landing Gear & Lights. Dual flight mode. Air & Sea. Auto adapts. Customizable tail smoke. (Optional). Infinite copies & GPS system. Never lose a ship. Custom Sound Effects. Free updates for life. Overview - Alpha Flyer X6 The Alpha Flyer came into existence back in June 2006.
The Virtual Aquarium

The Virtual Aquarium

The Virtual Aquarium was set up to try and raise peoples consciousness to the wonder and beauty that exists in the natural world. Our virtual interpretation was created with the hopes that people could see how fragile and beautiful this world and the species we all share it with really is. How that delicate ecosystem demands our ultimate respect and protection and where possible to educate on the welfare of that ecosystem.

Robot Sentry Gun

Protect your base, sky box or combat area with this amazing remote robot sentry gun. Killing your enemies has never been so much fun! Simple and easy to use. Just wear the HUD, click the icon and out pops a sentry gun. With an easy to navigate menu, this piece of kit will have your enemies ducking for cover in seconds. Features Attacks all non group members. Great for team combat role-play.