Particle Emitter Fish

Particle Emitter Fish
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These amazing emitters are a great way to add life to your reef if you are on a Linden dollar and prim budget. Pop along to our fantastic Virtual Aquarium for a demo. We have lovable little critters swimming and crawling all over the place! Don’t miss it.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Rez emitter box, position, click for options.
  • Infinite copy.
  • Menu driven settings.
  • Can be used in aquarium, reef or ocean.
  • Bags of features for you to play with.
  • Only two prims per emitter!
  • Ocean bobbing feature.
  • Bubble option.
  • Cycle time settings.
  • Five different species in each pack.
  • Variety of vivid colours to brighten up your display.

Setting Up

Thank you for your interest in the world-famous particle emitters aquatics by Space Bums. Simply take out an emitter from your inventory, position it on the ground near your aquarium, reef or near the sea. Left click it to access the menu options.

The particle emitter box. Left click this for menu options.


This toggle button controls the emitters state. Once on, the emitter will turn alpha (invisible), to blend into the environment and not look ugly in your display. To see the emitter again press CTRL ALT T, then simply click POWER or SHOW to display the unit.


If you wish to randomly display all five creatures in the emitter click CYCLE. If you only wish to display one creature, first turn this option on, wait for the creature you like to show from the emitter, then turn this feature off.


To change the frequency in seconds between each creature image, click CYCLE TIME and type in your desired time in seconds.


Simulate ocean movement on creatures, making them “bob” up and down once emitted.


Simulate ocean current. This will pull the particle creatures sideways further away from the emitter.


By entering a number into the emitter’s description field you can choose how long (in seconds) the bubbles will exist for. Simply edit the description field and enter values from 2 to 30 and turn bubbles on. Always turn bubbles off before entering new values, so they take effect the next time this option is turned on.


These preset options let you choose the size of your particle creatures.


Make the emitter prim visible.


Hide the emitter prim. Turn alpha (invisible).


This sub context menu allows you to quickly pick one of our factory default settings to help you set up your display quicker. You will find options for single pet, aquarium, reef and ocean here. Other options allow you to fine tune the emitter as described in the tweak options below.

Tweak Options


This is the strength at which the particles will be ejected from the emitter. Higher numbers cause more push, moving the particles further away.


This is the time that each particle stays visible before returning to the emitter. Higher values make particles visible for longer.


This controls the speed the particles display at. Low number values cause more particles to be shown per second 0.1 = very fast while 1.0 = every second.


This is the amount of particles per burst to be displayed. Higher values equal more particles creatures.


Reset emitter back to default settings.

Particle Fish Rezzer FAQ