Free-swimming Fish Rezzer

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This page will detail the changes to the product both in it’s current form and also the work in progress or beta versions in development. I hope this will allow fans to see the progress that is taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners.


"Testing" = being tested by the Space Bums group.
"Stable" = The version you'll receive after making a purchase.

๐Ÿ“ “Be sure to join our Virtual Aquarium group for news on updates.”

Updates & Features

Ensure you are using the latest rezzer and free-swimming fish from The Virtual Aquarium to take advantage of new features. All free-swimming fish scripts were updated in May 2020 to support any-angle swimming. Fish purchased before this date will not use the new features.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v2.00.031 - (Stable: 20th May 2020)

  • Rezzer script updated and optimized in May 2020.
  • Auto-Align ability for aquariums which support this feature.
  • Ability to rez up to four fish at a time on each Temp Rez cycle. No need to add groups of fish for variety.
  • Can rez fish of the same species or a mix of up to four random fish species on every Temp Rez cycle.
  • Can now be used in “kitty-corner” tanks at any rotation. The Rezzer no longer needs to be REZO_ROTATION when used with our updated fish and aquariums.
  • Rezzer prints version string to open-chat on-rez.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.85.114

  • Added owner/group access permissions.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.63.354

  • Rezzer will display amount of fish in contents upon rez.
  • Added “List Fish” button to dialog menu to display fish names in rezzer contents.
  • Added frequency timer options to set the delay between rezzing fish on temp-rez cycle.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.57.103

  • Added “noob-friendly” instructions to dialog menu. (Since no one bothers to actually RTFM!)

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.57.099

  • Rezzer will prompt user if no fish are present in rezzer to rez.
  • Added web guide link to dialog menu.
  • Cleaned out old code.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.13.210

  • Rezzer linked to update server.
  • Fish can now swim to boundary of rezzer instead of using their own distance settings.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v1.00.000

  • Fish can be temp-rez when leaving the rezzer. This can save on land impact.
  • Fish parameters for speed, fullbright and rez rate can be controlled via the rezzer dialog menu.
  • Logo on rezzer changed to new shop logo.

Free-swimming Fish Rezzer - v0.43.000

  • Left-click to rezzer prim to rez fish.
  • Dialog menu options added.
  • Rezzer will auto-hide when active.