EZ-Note Message Board: Changelog

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This page will detail the changes to the product both in its current form and also the work in progress or beta versions in development. I hope this will allow fans to see the progress that is taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners.


"Testing" = being tested by the Space Bums group.
"Stable" = The version you'll receive after making a purchase.

๐Ÿ“ “Be sure to join our Space Bums Central group for news on updates.”

Updates & Features

EZ-Note - Release : 15 - (v2.04.000) Stable (17/03/2023)

  • Updated guide URL in menu.
  • Added “Parchment” notes theme.
  • Removed some debug code.

EZ-Note - Release : 14 - (v2.03.965) : (20/07/2020)

  • EZ-Note is now 100% mesh.
  • Ambient occlusion applied to default themes.
  • Ambient occlusion map will self repair if user drops custom texture onto it.
  • Notes will set colour to white and non alpha when applying note style texture.
  • Notes will display a green highlight if posted by anyone other than the owner. Owner posts display without any highlights.
  • Testing fix for notes rezzing as alpha and not displaying texture correctly under random/lagged rez conditions.
  • Board owners will no longer be notified by instant message for notes they post to their own boards. (Anonymous notes exempt)
  • Rewrite of note script, cleaned out old code. Combined text box and chat channel message entry into one routine.
  • Comms messages using llWhisper() rather than llSay(). This will slightly speed up communications between notes and board, however board will be limited to a maximum functional communications range of 10 m from its axis.
  • Frame & Board colour picker script modified.
  • When the “Anonymous” posting option is toggled in the note menu, the menu will adapt the dialog buttons for “Enter Msg” for anonymous posts and “Ok” for public posts.
  • Private Photo & Audio note posting added. When a photo or audio note is posted under “Only Me, Owner or Group” - the note image will be set as locked. The note will not be viewable on left-click until a user with the allowed permissions clicks to view it. Public posts will still use the UUID which was used at time of posting, along with normal note images. Private posts will not auto-display after posting like normal notes for added privacy.
  • Added: click the EZ-Note board frame to show/hide control widgets.
  • Added: foreign script detection into board and notes.
  • Added: toggle switch for AO map in theme options.
  • Added: “Blank” white theme.
  • Removed: dead theme asset UUID “Canopy”.
  • Reworked permissions code to cater for Private Photo viewing.
  • Drag’n’Drop code for owner and visitors posting content into notes.
  • Changed note limit code to ignore owner posts and only apply limits & notifications to public posts.
  • Feature Request: Added text notes to increase in scale when viewing. Then return to normal size after a few seconds.
  • Feature Request: Photo notes to stay open for 20 seconds when clicked and close when clicked in maximised view.
  • Feature Request: Added “Scrum Board” theme template.
  • Feature Request: Board themes to be separate from setting border colours.
  • Border script removed. Using llSetPrimitiveParamsFast() for colour changes. (1 less script).
  • Feature Request: Added widget on photo prim notes toggle between portrait and landscape dimensions.
  • Exit Custom Theme set mode by left-clicking the board. No longer have to wait for time out.
  • Notes obey correct wait time set in board options.
  • Fixed “Pic Posts”. EZ-Note can change its theme to the most recent photo post again. This will only work for public photo posts, not private photo posts.
  • Fixed: text messages not being presented with Photo notes.
  • Fixed: board rotating on default state. Board will now only self correct rotation on rez.
  • Fixed: typo in AO map self-repair.
  • Fixed: Landmark posts now hand out landmarks.
  • “< Info >”" URL points to my official website instead of the old Google Sites page.

EZ-Note - Release : 13 - (v2.02.855)

  • Corrected Drag & Drop text in note.
  • Changed new post effects from particles to “crawling” texture surrounding the new note.
  • Photos now stay Full bright when closed for better visibility of darker photos.
  • Newer mesh note prim with texture border.

EZ-Note - Release : 12 - (v2.02.786)

  • Fixed the “Where’s The Love?!” bug. Pressing “Revert” would reset notes back to normal for the board but was missing the “Love” notes.

EZ-Note - Release : 11 - (v2.02.781)

  • Added anonymous post mode.
  • Added Note Limits.
  • Added Auto Clean.
  • Added option for prompts to show in hover text or open chat. (Open chat is now default).

EZ-Note - Release : 10 - (v2.00.381)

  • Script optimisations.

EZ-Note - Release : 9 - (v1.50.001)

  • Date is formatted in a more readable way. UK style, not the weird American way!
  • EZ-Note can now be made smaller. Smallest size can now be 1m.
  • Added “Love” notes, ready for Valentine’s Day in 2013.
  • Small code clean.
  • Added notification during posting on how to delete a note if a mistake is made.

EZ-Note - Release : 8 - (v1.11.315)

  • You can now quickly delete a note by left-clicking and holding a note for one second.
  • Added ability to move notes around on the board with “Move Mode”.
  • Added ability to cycle through default note textures in “Texture edit mode”.
  • New themes added, “Q&A”, “Grass”, “Flames”.
  • Totally new note styles drawn by hand. None of the note images where simply ripped from Google images. All are drawn from scratch. Each note has different styles to cycle through.
  • Control script cleanup and enhancements.
  • Individual text notes consolidated into one master note which is able to post as several styles.
  • Options menu now separate from note menu.
  • Control switch uses one prim with five features.
  • Notes allow individuals to drop note cards inside. This feature can be toggled via the option menu.
  • Notes no longer overlap when viewing Photos in large mode.
  • Notes allow view permissions.
  • Time stamp added to notes.
  • New note styles added “Question”, “Answer”, “Suggestion”, “Request”, “Like”, “Dislike”.
  • Icon for options added.
  • Icon for Move added
  • Icon for Texture cycle added.

EZ-Note - Release : 7 - (v1.00.021) : (11/01/2011)

  • Small bug fix o correct texture mapping of backgrounds.

EZ-Note - Release : 6 - (v1.00.020) : (03/03/2010)

  • Pinpoint posting added.
  • Group and public posting toggle added.

EZ-Note - Release : 5 - (v0.80.116) : (04/12/2009)

  • Small patch release to correct URL posts with upper-case characters.
  • Permissions corrected on main board.

EZ-Note - Release : 4 - (v0.60.130) : (10/08/2009)

  • Multiple preset ‘Themes’ added.
  • Texture repeat option added
  • Choose a theme for your board from a picture post or inventory key.
  • Easier board resizing via options menu.
  • Colour the board using preset colour schemes.
  • New notes identified by particles and full bright.
  • Photo notes updated, larger footprint for image plus animated outline for new posts.
  • Version check added.
  • Report now includes type of note posted.
  • Menu Exit button added.
  • Info button now provides new users with link to this online guide.
  • Better labelling of notes and poster info.
  • Text ticker to display activity info on the board.
  • All scripts in MONO.
  • Text casing fixed.

EZ-Note - Release : 3 - (v0.40.020) : (13/03/2008)

  • Options menu now allows easy control of the board configuration

EZ-Note - Release : 2 - (v0.35.121) : (19/01/2007)

  • Small fix to open chat script to allow people to post keys on channel 0.
  • Channel 0 auto-closes after note post.

EZ-Note - Release : 1 - (v0.30.017) : (22/05/2006)

  • Finally, after weeks of testing in our store, EZ-Note hits the market.
  • Too many features to list here, please view the main documentation for overview.

Known Issues

  • EZ-Note Message Board may have issues rezzing notes on group owned land, when landowner is offline. This is due to the changes Linden Lab made in the prevention of rezzing non deeded group items on group owned land while the landowner is offline. The board will work fine on single person owned land or setting Always Allow Create Objects to active on group land parcel power privileges.