AVpack: Changelog

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This page will detail the changes to AVpack, both in its current form and also the work in progress versions. I hope this will allow users to see the progress that’s taking place and also be a quick useful guide to existing owners. 😃

📝 Important

To ensure you are reading the correct update notes for your AVpack, and to see which release of AVpack you have, type:


How can I join the AVpack group?

AVpack User group members benefit from early updates, new features, & bug fixes. To register to join the official “AVpack Users” group - wear your AVpack and type:


How do I update my AVpack?

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then press, More > [ Options ] > Updates.

AVpack Development Stages

"Testing" = AVpack being tested by the Space Bums group before release.
"Stable" = The latest stable version of AVpack you will receive after a purchase or updating.

AVpack - Release : 79 - (v2.25.027) Testing (11/07/2023)


  • Commands buttons now provides correct URL in chat.
  • Removed duplicate notifications for /avfx
  • Fixed dead link for “Blog” in /infomenu


  • Added soundval float for scanner ping.
  • Correct scanner init prompt.
  • removed deprecated variables.


  • Fixed owner ARPS injury damage when walking over own land mines.


  • gtable: Warp function updated.
  • gtable: removed stale menu items.
  • fixed bug in sky station object lists
  • itp: added /itp command to call the iTPGo destinations menu.
  • itp: corrected tp vector. Should not teleport you underground anymore.

AVpack - Release : 78 - (v2.24.465) Stable (15/09/2022)


  • Removed avatar keys debug string from target scanner prompt.
  • Removed old update to Beta AVpack command and related functions. This was never used by many users, so it’s best to deprecate this and save some script memory.
  • Removed code for deprecated function /quickspank
  • Removed duplicate function /rtw as was legacy code from older AVpacks’ when this module was being tested. Use /runtowarp [integer] instead.
  • Added hook to /give command to present menu if no object given.


  • No trauma damage when hitting Linden water before ground from a high fall.
  • Added tent back to rez object list.


  • Cleaned up comments from AVchair.
  • Removed old fallback WarpOS code in AVchair.
  • Fixed /give [object] command.
  • Fixed bug in rez dialog were after using the /give [object] command, the default mode was not set back to rez.

AVpack - Release : 77 - (v2.24.230) - (25/07/2020)


  • New scanner code introduced to work around the limitations of 24 character usernames crashing scanner dialog.
  • A crashed rezzer script can be reset from, /m More > Options > Reset All.
  • Code testing to prevent crashing of rezzer script due to large amount of objects in AVpack.
  • Rezzer menu no longer “double-dialogs” after selected item is rezzed.
  • Rez query now displays more than one-page if query name exist for more objects.
  • Fixed parachute being able to open while travelling up while in a super jump. Parachute will now only activate when falling down.
  • Fixed recolouring of parachute and parts, new mesh faces numbers updated.
  • Fixed AVpack mesh LCD color picker.
  • Rezzed “beacon” avie search string corrected.
  • Corrected /rez command text on main menu dialogue.
  • Fixed link to vehicle menu on AVHUD.
  • Fixed rezzing name of “skimmer spoon” to “spoon”.
  • Fixed old code links in AVHUD.
  • Base jump detection no longer triggers animation when crossing sim border if parachute is open, and you are gliding.
  • Base jump detection timer increased so “basejumpcam” does not trigger when jumping normally on land.


  • Fixed “idiot trap”
  • Reduced “h-workbay” mesh land impact.
  • Gas can now do ARPS damage.


  • iTP updated to version 13.


  • AVCam modes will now stay locked when active. This includes ignoring slave camera modes like “Parachute Cam”, “BaseJump Cam” and “Landing Cam”. Meaning that if you set an AVCam mode other than 0, it will no longer be reset when crossing sim borders or by other modules which can trigger camera modes. This is useful, as you can now use AVCam while in vehicles, and the modes (1 - 4) when set, will stay locked until you enable AVCam 0 again. AVCam 0 releases the camera mode back to the default SL cam.

📝 Please note, that any vehicle which has its own camera modes may override the AVcam mode. So it’s best to check with your vehicle creator first if they have “disable camera” option in the vehicle script settings. I’ve tested AVCam mode 4 with the “Bandit SRV210C” by “Analyse Dean” and it worked successfully. You just need to activate AVCam 4 after typing “start” to start the boat engine.


  • “throw” attack removed from rez object attack menu and returned to text command /throw


  • Fixed material slot space check in hot water collection from campfire.


  • Moved AVpack changelog to official website instead of Dropbox.
  • Script URL links updated for new website.

AVpack - Release : 76 - (v2.24.223) - (08/04/2019)


  • Contain updates from previous closed beta release 75.
  • Fixed a weird bug that caused llApplyImpulse() to not work, as script was in a “mesh” and not prim!
  • AVpack root object reverted to prim. Parachute works again! Damn you LL!
  • “AVpack LCD” mesh asset positioned as a child prim. See above. Can now be moved with “Edit linked parts”, so it is visible when wearing mesh clothing that would normally block it from view. It’s also responsible for detecting user input and presenting the main menu. If you unlink this - you won’t have a touch-menu. However, the main menu is still accessible via the /m command.
  • Added the ability to blow “vape clouds” with the command /vape , A mesh vape object will be included in AVpack at a later date.
  • Rez menu now includes [Main] button to return to main AVpack menu.
  • NEW! Partial name search for rezzer. You can now type /rez object_name to find any object inside AVpack that matches what you searched for. Providing that name is an object - it will rez it. If it finds more than one item matching what you searched for it will present you the rez menu to choose from what it found.
  • Adjusted Parachute script and fixed a few bugs.
  • Gravity when set to “Earth” while in the air now take instant effect. If you jump in the air using “Feather” then switch back to “Earth” your avatar falls.
  • Changed Show/Hide code, since AVpack mesh is now a child prim. So long as this prim is name “AVpack LCD” it can be shown and hidden with the / command.


  • Fixed a bug in “avchair” that caused altitude button not to work correctly.
  • “avchair” uses AVHUD colour picker to recolor the seat.
  • Fixed a bug in “shield” not warping to destinations from AVHUD teleport subsection.
  • Sky station “hz-office” module reduced in Land impact from 30 prims to 19 as now uses mesh assets with normal prims.
  • Sky station “hz-workbay” reduced land impact from 34 prims to 19.
  • Sky station landing deck reduced in land impact from 16 to 7.
  • Fixed warp in “quarters” module.
  • Small retro sci-fi stand added to “quarters” module.
  • Reduced sandbag land impact.


  • Total rewrite of parachute script. Auto-deploy no longer sends you plummeting to your death.
  • Base Jump detection is now triggered when an avatar jumps by tapping Page Up. When /basejump is active it will instantly turn your AVcam to the correct view so long as /basejumpcam is active.
  • Parachute can now be deployed in mouse-look. Good when combined with /runtowarp and warping to a position up in the air.
  • Added /basejumpcam command to enable/disable AVcam mode 1 when in base jump animation.
  • Parachute boosters and bracket now part of parachute mesh. To save on one script count. Booster exhausts are still a separate prim since they emit particles from their axis./boosters
  • Fixed a bug in parachute /autodeploy not triggering after a base jump.


  • Super Farts are back!!! For the longest time the ability to fart when you super jump has been bugged. Now its fixed again. Simply enable /superjump and /farter, then press and hold the Page Down key for a few seconds, then release to launch yourself into the air using only what you had for breakfast!

ARPS (AVpack Roleplay Survival)

  • Fixed ARPS survival titles.
  • Minor script clean-up in ARPS core.
  • Increased ARPS level cap from 80 to 100.
  • Thermos flask now returns water if too much is provided.
  • You no longer lose all materials, XP and levels earned when you die. You just get a fatigue condition and energy drop after death.
  • Campfire displays how many cooking slots are available.
  • If campfire runs out of wood and goes out, no food/water that was cooking is lost. Food continues cooking after campfire is lit again.
  • Added the ability to gain supplies while playing GTFO.

Until an API for third party RP plugins (*cough) is created by the GTFO team, I’ve created a script to drop into the GTFO HUD that will reward “ARPS” players with supplies on successful freight delivery. This will probably be deprecated once “Hot Reels Fishing” is released, and we can collect our own resources.

  • Added a birds nest node. You can find eggs to cook on the campfire and also feathers to use in crafting items.
  • Added iron, lead, potassium, gold, coal, copper, sulphur and stone to pickaxe. These ores will be used in future crafting updates.
  • Changed campfires requirement from “firewood” to just “wood” to save a step in setting it up.
  • Log node now provides “wood” instead of “firewood”.
  • Chopping stump is now deprecated, since we can get wood straight from trees.
  • Energy is now updated live to work tools when gained or depleted.
  • Main ARPS menu now displays level.
  • Timed resource nodes now give amounts based on how long they have been left out. The longer you leave them alone the more materials you’ll get from them when you go back to them. Clicking on a node that has not been out long resets the cool down timer again. This is to prevent material farming by “happy clickers”.
  • Added a satiation cool-down timer into ARPS. This means that once you’ve eaten or drank something, there is a wait time before the hunger and thirst condition will affect you again. The types of food you eat have varying buffer periods; so if you eat a full meal rather than a snack it will take longer until you feel hungry again.
  • AVpack will now report when you are fully hydrated and satiated if notifications are turned on.
  • Added a basic anti-cheat into ARPS material nodes.
  • ARPS drinks decrease in volume as they are consumed.
  • Added “Skills” to ARPS. Now you will need to level up in certain skills to perform tasks or use nodes.
  • Changed ARPS condition input nodes from single entry to list entry inputs. This speeds up data entry and reduces core and node script memory.
  • Changed ARPS material reward nodes to list entries instead of parsing singular items. Same benefits as above.
  • Updated ARPS findValInlist() function to use strides for pseudo ListEntryType id.
  • Materials destroy option now uses remenu and reports which material was destroyed.
  • Materials menu now shows when all materials have been destroyed. Destroy button only shows when you have more than 0 material slots in use.
  • Added “Burning Barrel” to ARPS resource nodes. Allows you to turn wood into charcoal.
  • [Experimental] Material value checks added to node to ask users current material value. This is to prevent the node from giving resources to players with full inventory. Instead the node offers you an amount up to the maximum you can hold. Leaving the rest for later collection.
  • ARPS material notifications will now tell you how many materials you’ve collected. Plus the total you have and how many more of that material you are able to collect.
  • Material menu now plays a small sound sample when destroying material slots.
  • Some other small internal code improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in “tent” that caused AO’s to override tent sleep animation on sitting.
  • Added ARPS skill point selector. Every time a player levels up they are rewarded a skill point which they can spend on upgrading their preferred skills.
  • Added node skill-checking. Nodes will check player skill level in order to activate that node.
  • Fixed: Rezzer script now decreases your ARPS energy when rezzing items.
  • Improved campfire flame particles and embers.


  • Changed target selector hovertext to yellow, so it’s more readable over the red background.
  • Changed scanner avatar detection sound.

AVpack - Release : 75 - (v2.23.005) - (16/06/2018)


  • [Experimental] Added water collision buoyancy effects to flight assist, so you don’t splat on the sea bed after a base jump. Test with /swim
  • [Experimental] Added underwater buoyancy swim effects to be more realistic than default settings for the environment. Test with /scuba

ARPS (AVpack Roleplay Survival)

  • Added “AVpack Roleplay Survival” experience key. Activate this on your land and accept permissions for your avatar to interact with rezzed items from ARPS.
  • Updated most of the ARPS wearable items for experience keys. This prevents the normal permission requests from breaking immersion.
  • Updated tent to provide fatigue & trauma buffs through ARPS core script.
  • Camp fire now provides +1 XP over time when active.
  • Hot Reels Fishing provides +1 XP per catch.
  • Camp fire cooking menu updated and XP is awarded for foods cooked. Also shows the currently cooking food items.
  • Food rezzed on camp fire is now more organised.
  • Temporary collected items now auto-detach when provided to nodes. Example, putting a fish on the campfire will detach it from your avatar.
  • Changed mining node and pickaxe functionality.
  • Added raised planter for growing crops.
  • Fixed knock-out and death animation script.
  • Added daily fatigue condition.
  • Added fish rack for storing and drying fish to cook.
  • Added heat pack to medical box.
  • Added baked beans, chicken soup, veg soup to food supply box and campfire.
  • Added hot water to hot drinks option in thermal flask.
  • Combined custom functions for handling material, skills and conditions into one function.
  • Separated materials from ARPS core into its own script, so more memory is available for future material handling.
  • Added blood effects to separate state to try and avoid random bleeding when not injured.
  • Added “YOU DIED” cover screen and death jingle to AVHUD when dead.
  • Added flies to dead body state.
  • Added Energy status to stats bar.
  • Changed 0 energy state to make you hungry rather than tired.
  • Fixed night/day detection.
  • Balanced hunger, thirst and fatigue conditions for time of day.
  • Increased fatigue trigger limit duration.
  • Added “Particles” menu to ARPS options to toggle AVFX particles on/off.

Rez Items

  • Cottage prims reduced from 36 to 15 and size of build scaled better in relation to avatar size.

AVpack - Release : 74 - (v2.20.231) - (24/11/2017)

😌 “I’m back in Second Life® after an extended break. AVpack updates to continue.”

ARPS (AVpack Roleplay Survival)

  • Changed “everyone” flag id to NULL_KEY in campfire and in ARPS as a detection for multiple keys in the area.
  • Added fatigue condition removal for sitting on anything during the day. This doesn’t work while sitting at night, you will still need to sleep, or you’ll lose energy.

AVpack Update Server

  • Changed newer AVpack releases to connect to the new update server UUID. If you purchased an AVpack before this date - message me for an update in-world as the old AVpack only links to the old update server. An update point has been added to my shop for existing AVpack User group members to easily update from an old AVpack.


  • Stopped scanner overloading with audible alert pings.


  • Repaired broken colour script in h-quarters .

AVpack - Release : 73 - (v1.9.78) - (15/09/2014)

😩 AVpack updates on hold. I am leaving Second Life® for a while to focus on real life commitments.


  • Added the command /rlvlock to toggle Restrained Love API on/off.

(experimental. Thanks to Bluezy Bleac for the suggestion.)

  • Added a filter to iTPGo, to stop people entering Location names longer than 24 characters. Previously, this would cause the llDialog() function to bug out.
  • Even less timer scripts used. Camtrack now uses ad-hoc position instead of constant timer() event tracking.
  • Parachute routines enhanced. New code for in-air detection and better control of parachute using optional LMB for both parachute deployment and boosters.
  • New animations added for low-gravity descent and super-jump launch. This stops the old “arms flailing around” behaviour of SL animations, which made you like a gimp while falling!
  • Flight assist enhanced. Flight script shuts down completely while on the ground or underwater.
  • Better implementation of AVpack XP & Stats. Reduced script load and improved performance for loading and saving data.
  • Radio tuner script removed from AVpack and is now located in the “avpack_server”. Avatars don’t need to be wearing a full radio script when in other sims anyway, so a home server makes more sense.
  • AVEmail scripts removed from AVpack. This feature has been discontinued and was hardly ever used anyway.
  • AVpack drinks now use their own particle system instead of the main poofer system.
  • AVpack XP system updated. Includes new load and save features. Instead of reporting xp for each ability you gain category xp, so instead of “Head Hops = 65” it will now read “Fun = 65”.
  • Improved ability to load and save out iTPGo locations to a remote prim.
  • Sim-wide scanning & targeting. All modules that use the targeting system are able to scan the entire sim. (no satellite prims needed)
  • Support for auto-aligning AVpack for “Tiny” avatars and humans with /align_tiny & /align_human commands.
  • Emubbles now show as poofers, not as a static prim. You can still left click the poofer area above your head to close it.
  • Super-jump, Super-dash & Jumping have custom animations. They can be turned off by typing /avanims. Falling animations are active when /basejump is active.
  • Better compatibility with third party AO’s conflicting with AVpack animations.


  • New AVHUD design. :::info This style mirrors the latest V3 viewers out there. Sporting a cool dark theme and minimalist design. Works best on high rez screens (1080p) minimum screen resolution required for icon clarity is 1680x1050. :::
  • Live Help system implemented. Click the “?” icon and a small screen opens up. Clicking on AVHUD subcategories will provide information on what that section does. “Quick Tips” displayed for some actions on the status bar.
  • All scripts updated to use the llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() function call. This gives really good speeds for the hud without the delay and energy costs of the old function calls.
  • Code added to AVHUD scanner, so it only detects avatars in the same sim, instead of returning people in neighbouring sims.
  • Fewer prims used.
  • Script improvements all round. Cleaned out old code.
  • Added most used AVbility functions to main display.
  • Click and hold AVHUD logo (top left) to save button positions.
  • Color chooser updated.
  • Gravity, Superjump and Superdash settings more accessible.
  • Avatar script memory usage, profile information and “Tp to” added to scanner. Click and hold target selector to view info and options.
  • Spiders added to Follower section.
  • Snow added to rez and follower subsections.
  • Experimental mouse-target warn removed from scanner script.
  • Scanner now uses global region scan instead of local sensor range scans.
  • Scanner script cleaned up and rewritten to be faster and smaller.
  • Stop button no longer clears current active target. Instead, it removes action on the target. To clear the active target - simply click on the target selector again.
  • Visual indicators added to AVHUD for /superjump and /superdash.
  • Added a ten second delay between scanner detection sound pings to stop script reporting bugs for too many sounds played.


  • Total Sky Station overhaul. New scripts, less prims; new module designs and lots of other cool features. New textures too. :::info IMPORTANT NOTICE: The AVpack Sky Station is no longer compatible with older AVpack Sky Station modules. If you try and connect the modules from this AVpack to your older modules, it will not work. In order to reduce scripts I had to opt for an enhanced connecting system. Trust me this one is far better than the one I created five years ago!
  • Added access shaft to Junction. These modules now include a built in access tube. From here you can traverse up and down vertical tubes to upper and lower junctions using the transporter. Also, for all you experienced sky station engineers, you now have the option to move up and down through a maintenance entrance.
  • AVchair scripts improved with optimised script routines for motion control.
  • Bot has been taken into the workshop and had his brains soldered back together to enhance him.
  • Added ability to turn off servo sounds on Bot.
  • Shield scripts updated and less laggy routines added.
  • Sky Station modules removed from “builderpack” menu. Since the sky station module system is now on the AVHUD, the “builderpack” will be renamed as “boosterpack”, and will serve only a cosmetic feature for RP astronauts…
  • All scripts updated and reduced in Boosterpack.
  • AVpack drinks now use single hovering particle instead of the AVpack poofer system. They also include auto-sipping.
  • AVpack rezzer checks to see if the land allows object rezzing first, before trying to perform a rez operation. This stops the rezzer script reporting back with an console error.
  • Non customisable wearable items now use llAttachToAvatarTemp(), which means no more inventory clogging up with multiple clones of AVpack items.
  • Sim-wide teleporting using CamTPBeam and warp options.
  • Ability to teleport using llTeleportAgent() in sims were objects like CamTPBeam can not be rezzed.
  • Jumping puzzle piece added to AVpack. You can rez these platforms out and use them to create jumping puzzles. They also have the option to crumble and vanish from under the person playing.
  • Added a snowmaker to AVpack.
  • /photobooth added again. LL lost it!


  • Skimmer uses fewer scripts. Thanks to the new llSetLink functions.
  • AVchair is now 99% less laggy on scripts and faster to move around on.
  • Helicopter and other vehicle use improved warp calls.


  • Improved “Throw” attack script.
  • Improved “trap”.


  • Improved sim tracking on all followers.
  • Added snow follower.
  • Added spider follower.
  • UFO less collision laggy.


  • Fixed problem with parachute opening but still allowing you to splat on the ground in some rare circumstances.
  • Added code to prevent boosters from sticking out of your avatar or emitting particles when parachute is closed.
  • Updated code in base jumping and normal usage modes.
  • Added camera mode for foot view. Toggle with /parachutecam
  • Added ability to drop marker flags on landing. Toggle with /markerflags
  • Parachute can now be colored and cycle through a number of styles. Both options are on AVHUD.

Sky Station

  • Important: These new modules are not backward compatible to the older modules. Please remove any old modules from your land before building with the new sky station pieces.
  • New textures for station modules.
  • New auto-dock scripts.
  • Reduced script counts.
  • New module designs with reduced prims.
  • Added “galaxy-mapper” asset to photo bay.
  • Added new colour chooser integration for AVHUD for themed modules.


  • Added /walltp [integer] command. This allows you to teleport through walls. Handy for if you get stuck inside a shop or club. You can give a value as an integer to specify how far forward you wish to teleport.
  • WapToCam calls now detect if your avatar is standing or sitting. This allows the script to adapt to how it will transport you or the things you are sitting on.
  • iTPGo enhanced to use llTeleportAgent(). This allows iTPGo to be used in two ways. If you are standing and teleport, you’ll be teleported normally. If you are sitting on a teleport beam and teleport, AVpack can tell the difference and will tell the module to go to where you want to go.
  • iTPGo add destination can now be done by long-left clicking the iTPGo icon on AVHUD.

AVpack - Release : 72 - (v1.6.33) - (31/10/2011)


  • New look AVpack case design.
  • Customise your device screen colour by typing /avpackscreencolor


  • Prims and scripts reduced again to just 86 prims from the old 101.
  • Fixed teleport icon indicators.
  • Moved context icons to the left to make the look more compatible with the layout.
  • Added Superjump and Dash on the top bar for quicker access.
  • Added deck icon to top bar.
  • Added Stopanims to top bar.
  • Viewer screen now includes HUDTV icon on navigation controls.


  • Fixed anim effects on satellite beams.
  • Customise the colour of your TP Beam by using the command /tpbeamcolor


  • Added small RoboVac bot. Handy for cleaning your grubby sky station floors.
  • Redesigned the builder backpack to use the new particle functions.


  • Lowered the volume on the Flamethrower.

AVpack - Release : 71 - (v1.5.52) - (16/08/2011)


  • Small patch to allow the parachute to be used on an own parcel with scripts disabled. This prevents AVpack parachute from diverting owner or group members while in flight over own land with scripts disabled.


  • Prims and scripts reduced.

AVpack - Release : 70 - (v1.5.01) - (04/12/2010)


  • Improved /rez menu.
  • Added ability to backup iTPGo locations using /savestats or /save commands.


  • Added OH-6 Cayuse Helicopter. This is a really fun vehicle complete with its own hud.
  • Type /helicopter to rez.
  • Public and owner use.
  • Customise your own body textures and colours.
  • Fully compatible with AVpack warp features and Sky Station lander decks.

AVpack - Release : 69 - (v1.4.49) - (16/09/2010)


  • Parachute added to AVpack menu.
  • Parachute script default variables saved. This prevents parachute parts losing saved positions when AVpack is copied via shift dragging.


  • Parachute wobble animations removed from main flight. Instead, they trigger when parachute opens for the first time. This allows for more precise control over parachute.
  • /quickspank toggle command added to /spankme feature. This allows your loved one to quickly spank your ass without being presented with a dialog menu each time.

AVpack - Release : 68 - (v1.4.46) - (01/09/2010)


  • Scripts tidied up and old redundant testing code removed.
  • AVpack menu updated.


  • Small scanner text update.

AVpack - Release : 67 - (v1.4.39) - (20/07/2010)


  • Fixed gravity settings for server 1.40.x
  • Experimental mouse-look threat detection added to AVHUD.


  • Icon positions adjusted to cater for status bar.

AVpack - Release : 66 - (v1.4.36) - (18/06/2010)


  • Added “squeaky boobs” to AVpack fun section. Type /boobs to enable or disable. Avatars can then click your breast area to squeak your boobs.
  • Type /boobspam to toggle boob chat spam.
  • Version string now prints to chat on boot up.
  • Added Matrix style jump animation for Super Jump. Uses ready stance animation if Superjump is disabled.
  • Debug text removed from MoveTo script.
  • Click AVHUD scanner and enable effects from the dialog menu to toggle environmental effects on/off.
  • Effects removed from flight script and replaced into control script.
  • Flight script updated and optimised.
  • Freed up some memory in Control script.


  • Squeaky boobs icon added to AVHUD/AVbilities section.
  • Status bar now shows distance to actual ground level & ground level below current position.
  • SL Viewer2.1 HUD now default.
  • Sensor closes down timers when no avatar around, causing less lag.
  • Prims in each HUD button optimised to use llSetPrimitiveParams calls.
  • Status bar displays data that was previously hidden inside the scanner. Status bar can be minimise locked/unlocked by holding it for one second.
  • Less prims, now using tab launcher instead of gadget wheel to save screen space when minimised.
  • Shield icon added to main icons.
  • Colour picker on AVHUD now allows to lock favourite colours from being cycled or reset. Simply press and hold on a colour for 1 second to lock or unlock it. Left clicking will apply that colour.
  • Existing R66 AVpack users can obtain this small patch release by selecting the main AVpack menu > /m , then pressing More > Options > Force Update.


  • Fixed base jump cam sticking on auto deploy, causing an odd overhead view.
  • Faster opening and closing.
  • Parachute now has rocket boosters.
  • Parachute controls,
Key or Button State Action
Page Down / LMB Free fall Deploy parachute.
(same as above) Gliding use boosters.
Arrow keys Gliding to steer parachute.
  • Type /parachutecam to toggle parachute cam on/off.
  • Type /boosters to toggle parachute boosters on/off.
  • Press Page Down or the C key to use boosters once parachute is deployed.
  • /autodeploy [number] no longer toggles autodeploy on/off.
  • Base jumping feature added. Added small forward push when falling off a ledge or high land.
  • Camera tweaked again to allow for a smooth transition.
  • Booster now use a different method of propulsion.
  • Base jumping support added to parachute. Jump in the air on the edge of a cliff and you will be propelled down the side of the mountain following the contour of the land. Don’t leave your parachute too late though or you may break your neck 😃
  • Base jumping follow cam added.
  • Parachute follow cam tweaked.


  • Corrected a rare instance were a TP beam would not receive coordinates from AVpack on first rez do to sim lag.
  • iTPGo beam locations are now offset to foot level. This prevents the small hop you would normally encounter after a warpTP.
  • iTPGo can now be used to transport friends. The beam will not teleport until the owner hops on last. This way you won’t have to rez multiple beams to teleport friends.
  • Small mod to beam effect.

AVpack Effects

  • A small one line patch to the changed event to turn off bubble effects from the mouth prim when leaving an underwater region.
  • Existing R66 Avpack users can obtain this small patch release by selecting the main AVpack menu, /m then pressing More > Options > Force Update.


  • Ready stance added to Superjump and Superdash.
  • Optimised code for dash and jump.
  • Superjump, Dash and Farter no longer turn off parachute timer.


  • Facial emotes are back. Now with anti spam built in. You you or anyone types an emote into chat, your avatar will perform a facial emote.
  • AVpack environmental effects added. Use AVHUD in combination with AVpack to experience some truly remarkable audible for water, velocity and effects for cold mountain regions. More to come later.
  • Bubbles added to AVpack mouth prim. These will emit bubbles when you are underwater.

AVpack - Release : 65 - (v1.4.19) - (31/05/2010)


  • AVpack control script now adapts when AVpack is dropped to ground, turning off listens and preventing users from attacking themselves accidentally.
  • Fixed non alpha magic ball texture on showing and hiding AVpack using /
  • Stats text corrected.
  • Added more default fart and burp sounds for use with AVpack soft drinks and farter.
  • Fixed finder particle beam time.
  • AVbutt dialog menu text updated, also including new sounds for Tickle and a few more spank sounds.
  • Flight assist no longer asks for permissions when AVpack is not worn.
  • Listeners are removed when AVpack is not worn.
  • iTP Go script cleaned up.

:::info “Explore your Second Life in a whole new away with AVpacks built in parachute”. :::


  • New: Parachute. Yes! Your AVpack now has a parachute! Explore your Second Life® in a whole new way. This will slow your decent, make you look cooler and not make you splat into the ground like a total twonk! What are you waiting for, find yourself a nice non laggy sim and get sky diving.
  • Parachute command toggle /parachute.

When in free fall press Page Down and AVpack will open a parachute. You can have AVpack automatically do this by using the /autodeploy [number] command. You can toggle auto deployment on/off using the /autodeploy command. You can steer your chute once it is deployed by using the arrow keys. Disable any AO while using your parachute. If you hover while falling or land normally, your parachute will pack itself away; leaving zero prims floating above your head. Use it in combination with the rocket stand or pod for some skydiving awesomeness with your friends.

  • Enhanced physics for controls and gravity effects.
  • Wing redesign.
  • Harness tweak.
  • Parachute ground target now acts as a “quick sit teleporter”, to get you back up into the sky for another jump.
  • “Warp2Alt” button now works when you are not sitting on a vehicle and will warp you up to a height you give on the button.
  • Dynamic sound mapping effects based on velocity.
  • More animations.
  • Camera tweak.
  • Fixed the log in camera bug (i hope).
  • /ptarget now uses sit target.
  • Bank and pitch animations added.
  • More script optimisations.
  • New AVHUD with Autodeploy button.
  • Poofers now have setting widgets.
  • Flight particles will emit in free fall now…
  • Added ability to boost parachute with Page Down when chute is deployed.
  • Added boost anim.
  • Parachute default to off when you wear AVpack. Turn it on with /chute or via new AVHUD.
  • Edit. Pack and Chute toggle icons now on the new AVHUD.
  • Added three new splat animations.
  • New neck break animation when hitting the floor if the chute does not deploy in time.
  • New panic tumble anim when falling under 100m and chute is not open.
  • Fixed chute staying alpha after hiding AVpack then falling out of the sky and deploying.
  • Fixed chute not packing away after a hard landing neck break.
  • Added new a parachute ground target, type /ptarget
  • Parachute Ground Target. Rez with command /ptarget Click black rim to turn on/off. Will clear flags every 5 min’s or 30 hits.
  • Great fun for use with AVpack parachute.
  • Can be left out on land without fear of prim spam.


  • Hover text show/hide code cleaned up.
  • Gadget wheel prim overlap fixed.
  • Added colour picker for easy setting your titler, fog, tpfx, finder colours. Objects such as Alpha Flyer, AVchair, Gtable also take advantage of this.
  • New titler borders added.
  • Cleaned up AVHUD controller script.
  • New icons for new features.
  • Scanner will now track a locked avatar within the whole sim.
  • Intelligent fast timers/sim perf monitor and ping settings to reduce lag.
  • Altimeter readout for use with your new parachute. Displays live info on current land/sea/altitude.
  • Poofer config widgets located in sub menu for tweaking poofer scale, rate, time…
  • Warp2Altitude will allow you to zip upward to the height displayed. Works while standing now too.
  • Warp2Altitude chat command, /alt 2000 for vehicles it is /5 alt 2000
  • Ground button will move you downward to the ground level if you are up in the air on a deck. (experimental)


  • Radio for land group users fixed.
  • avpack_server beta to eventually replace “HUDTV” prim and “avemailserver” prim. This will combine the features of both including group land eject and ban in future.


  • Colour for finder beam can now be changed via AVHUD.


  • Flight assist script tweaked.
  • Improved gradual acceleration to top speed.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Flight poofers are now only triggered when you travel at 10m/s+. This stops them poofing when you are hovering.


  • Alpha Flyer, AVchair now use AVHUD colour picker.


  • Sentry Gun, improved sound on attack, server now removes target if Sentry turned off.
  • SOCOM: Pistol improved.

The SOCOM now has a health bar, clip display, ACS (AVpack Combat System) for role play fighting. Type /ammo to drop ammo crates for ammo pickups. Type /health to rez a health pack for when low on health. These can be used by all AVpack owners during combat. Simply run over them for a top-up. These should be positioned before roleplay combat.

  • SOCOM: rounds improved and with added ACS.
  • SOCOM: *New Rounds - Paint ball, custard, soap, rounds.
  • SOCOM: HUD updated to use hover text instead of gfx.
  • SOCOM: Configuration wheel added to switch rounds and set options. Round and clip displayed on HUD.
  • SOCOM: Speed & Damage now easily set using +/- HUD buttons.
  • SOCOM: Melee option added (range 1.5m). Use the melee gesture or HUD to toggle Melee I/O. When in close range press either E or Page Up when “Melee” is on to attack opponent when too close to shoot them. This makes for fun battles.
  • SOCOM: Shell & clip eject default off for faster rezzing of bullets. You can turn this on for showing off, but I would suggest leaving it off during battle as each mass rezzed slows down the next rez.
  • SOCOM: Round count bug corrected.
  • SOCOM: Customisable holster via HUD colourize sub-menu. I have created a nice colour picker for the SOCOM so you can experiment with lots and lots of colours. the end two colours will not change so you can set your shades there while using the colour cycle gadget to sample colours. You can also colour the SOCOM laser from this section too. No option to colour the actual gun yet, I like the military grey colour and the thought of someone walking around with a pink SOCOM just makes me shudder!
  • SOCOM: Menu improved. If you use it!
  • Lastly. Land Security Rounds. Yes, your SOCOM can now be used as a security aid for your parcel.

AVpack now has a “avpack_server” object in its contents. Rez this out by typing /rez avpack_server. Once this is out in world, it must remain on your land to perform its actions. Listed inside this server is a note card called “access”. This is the place that you would add fellow AVpack/SOCOM users names to, if you want them to have land ban, eject, send home privileges. Next choose one of the land rounds from the SOCOM. eg, Eject I/O. Buttons with the suffix I/O mean that it is a toggle switch. Pressing that button once would turn the feature on, pressing the same button again turns the feature off… Once the land rounds are active, when you shoot a resident they will have that land action performed on them. People who’s names you have listed as security officers in the “access” note card will not be affected by shooting them. If avpack_server is being used on group land, it MUSt be deeded to that group.


  • Improved Superjump and Dash.
  • Superjump height has been increased.

I managed to find a way to reduce LL avatar dampening, leading to higher jumps and longer dashes. Man! I missed my super jumps…


  • Stand updated. It is now only one prim and you can use the arrow keys to cycle through any animations you put inside it. Command /stand
  • /hudtv is now replaced by /avpack_server . Please replace any old HUDtv boxes on your land with this new server.
  • /colorcube texture non alpha.

“Original ideas in Second Life have a 24 hour life span!” - Supa

AVpack - Release : 64 - (24/08/2009)


  • Total rebuild of AVpack prims due to LL permissions system error causing device to lose current & next owner permissions.
  • RezMenu combined into another script.
  • The rezzing of objects now takes first name after / for matching if the object exists. No need for /rez [name] (“but you can still use this if you want to”).
  • Typing /rez on its own will present you with a list of object contained inside AVpack.
  • Some script sizes reduced due to improvements.


  • Main AVHUD icon changed.
  • AVHUD updated to be more compact and located at top of screen using just two banks of buttons instead of intrusive left side banks.
  • Reduced prims
  • Tidy organisation with less gaps.
  • Subcategory icons condensed onto main icon line
  • Target name now displays above target icon.
  • One click targeting. Target once then use any or all attacks on set target.
  • AVbilities sub category icon divided into subsections for Flight, AVbilities, Super, TPFX, Gravity & Fun.
  • Fog icon added to Fun section.
  • SpankMe icon added to Fun section.
  • Magicball icon added to Fun section.
  • Photoshare feature added to AVHUD. Share a photo to view without giving away the files.
  • Photoprim & Photoshare: added.

Type /poster to rez a prim. Next open your AVHUD viewer screen by clicking on the ? icon. Drag and drop a photo from your inventory onto your AVHUD viewer screen, the image will then show on the poster in world. If your friends drop an image into their AVHUD screen the prim will show their image too. This allows you and your friends to show photos without actually having to give files away clogging your inventory. In photoshare mode simply have your fellow AVpack wearing friend open their viewer screen on their AVHUD. When you drag and drop a photo onto your AVHUD viewer screen, your friend will see it on theirs. This feature is in AVpack release 64 only older AVpack users will need to upgrade to take advantage of this. Your friends will have to own AVpack release 64 and wear the new AVHUD to take advantage of this feature too.

  • Some more Emubbles and Poofers added.
  • Added current open category arrow icon to the hud that will move along the extended categories with sub context banks to show you what you opened last.
  • Added ‘push next’ arrow notification. The secondary buttons will show an arrow over them to show you what options you have with the TP beam.


  • Evil Tilter: added.
  • EvilTitle: Type /eviltitle to toggle the Evil Titler on/off. Allows anyone to give you a hovertext title over your head. The owner can only turn this feature on or off but can not post own messages on hidden channel.
  • Titler fixed so that it will apply your personal title after URL bug has closed.
  • Choose a border style for your title by typing /tbar
  • Choose a random colour for your title by typing /tcolor
  • Set your personal title by typing /title "My Title Text Here"
  • MagicBall: Added. Type /magicball "Your Question" - to receive an answer. You can also use it without the text question string by simply pressing the AVHUD icon.
  • Spank Me: Type /sexy or /spankme to turn on AVbutt. Your AVpack now comes with a “spankable” butt. Have fun with your partner and keep up the sexual tension with this cheeky feature.
  • Fog: Hit this icon on the hud to cover yourself in a small fog cloud.
  • AVpack XP: To see your XP type /stats or press Stats icon on the info (i) section of the AVHUD.
  • Added a fun little stats display to show how much AVpack XP you have gained over time. This will improve in future, but for now you can see things like - how many butt spanks you have had, titles set by you, titles set by others…
  • You can save the stats onto a CD for use in your next AVpack update. Type /savestats to rez out a CD to save your stats onto.
  • to load stats back into a new AVpack type /loadstats and left click on your saved data CD.
  • boost your stats by performing activities with AVpack.
  • New AVpack drinks to quench your thirst. Try them today at our store!

Weapons & Attacks

  • RPG design updated. Fixed non temp on rez rockets. Added pyro mode to damage enabled rockets.
  • Zone Push system updated. Prim now pulls avatar into centre of mass.
  • Cinematic’s effects added. Push land only to comply with TOS.
  • AirStrike attack added. Rain down some napalm on an enemy with collateral damage setting objects and avatars nearby on fire.
  • Sentry Gun added a sentry gun modeled from the TF2 multiplayer shooter game. This is a stage one sentry which will shoot at all non group avatars within a given range of sentry gun. Includes options for changing colour of sentry & bullet particles, push, rockets, range & group access.
  • Fixed LOD on sentry gun. Object will show further away than 30m now.
  • deedable land bot server added to sentry gun. Group land owners can now ban, send home and eject intruders. Now you can combine the power of your weapon into the convenience of an adhoc land management device.
  • Sentry gun can take damage from EMP rounds like Electric Orb from RPG , AVpack Shock, and Orb from spanner.
  • When set to destructible, sentry gun can be repaired by left clicking or (faster) using te “Fix” mode of the Spanner.
  • Sheep! Farmyard fun to humiliate a friend or foe! Simply target, then hit the sheep button. No explanation needed!
  • UFO Abduction added. Will surround an avatar and lift them into the air.
  • Stink added. Put flies on your friends or enemies using this great prank. You can clear the flies from them by pressing STOP or by using the can of Pesto fly spray also in AVpack /pesto
  • Trip Mortar: moved from spanner to AVHUD weapons section. Press Trip Mortar icon to rez one, left click to arm/disarm it. Set to kill non group members only. Auto arms when rezzed.
  • Land Mine: moved from spanner to AVHUD weapons section. Press Land Mine icon to rez one, it will auto arm when it hits the ground. Does not kill owner. Will detonate when avatar steps on it.
  • Spanner: Trip mines and Land mines now moved onto the AVHUD.
  • Petrol bombs improved. Damage enabled and better LOD.
  • Improved auto targeting of Crap Trap a bit. Set to temp on rez so will no longer litter land.
  • Piano auto targeting improved.
  • Fix mode for spanner now active. You can fix Sentry gun if damaged by selecting ‘Fix’ and using mouse-look and LMB.


  • G-Table added a colour cube so you can colour your seats.
  • Coffee: links into the particle system on AVpack. In future different drinks that come with AVpack will produce unique particle effects for that type of drink.
  • Sky Station: Modules patched to fix bug in llSetPrimitiveParams() texture mapping being applied to incorrect face on prims.
  • GlowRing: added. A simple ring device that will shoot avatars into the air if they walk into it. Remember these from There.com ?
  • Pesto: Spray used to kill flies if they are set to follow an avatar. Type /pesto to get a can.


  • Bouncy Bouncer: added. Space hopper. Sit on it and use arrow keys to control movement. Left mouse button for boost. Exit mouse look and left click bouncer to access menu, choose between bounce height, push or change colour of bouncer. Use Page Up & Page down to set bounce height while riding.
  • Rocket Stand: renamed from ppod. Icon now included in vehicles section on AVHUD. /rocketstand

Chat Commands Added

  • Check for update news with /updates and /web
  • Land Mine: type /landmine
  • Air Strike: Target then type #as
  • Mortar: type /mortar
  • Rocket Stand: type /rocketstand
  • Sheep: type /sheep
  • UFO: type /ufo
  • Sentry Gun: type /sentry
  • AVpack XP Score: type /stats
  • Titler: type /eviltitle - /eviltitlesound - /tbar - /tcolor - /title [message] - /title
  • Magic Ball: type /magicball "question"
  • Ass Spank: type /sexy or /spankme to toggle on/off type /buttspam to toggle on/off open chat text.
  • Stats Display: type /stats
  • Stats Save: type /savestats
  • Stats Load: type /loadstats then click the CDR.
  • Type /search on its own to be presented with search options.
  • Type /search [name] to be presented with search engine links listed in #WebSearch notecard.


  • Switch in URL bug patched.
  • URL bug no longer steals titles.

AVpack - Release : 63 - (10/02/2009)


  • Scripts compiled to MONO.
  • Fixed odd named prims for Cloak and AVlight.
  • Fixed MONO debug info resulting from “—ScreenAnim” script.


  • AVHUD avatar alert improved with chat history access to avatars profile info.
  • Skiff button added to vehicles section.
  • Hover text code over WarpToAltitude button improved.
  • Old code updated in scanner.
  • Lots of internal code improvements.
  • More buttons added to Rez sub category section of AVHUD to accommodate the Builder Pack modules and other cool stuff to rez.
  • Poofer & Emubble texture change function fixed.
  • FlyToCam and GOTO distance increased. You can now travel to your alt cam target or avatar target beyond the 60m limit.
  • Scanner > SIM now includes avatar count in region.
  • Added two more Emubble cells.
  • New button added to the AVHUD called TP TO. This button is used in conjunction with any teleport enabled prim object. This means that if you are sitting on any of the Shield, Gtable, CamTP, AVChair… you can go directly to any person within your scanner range. This is handy for getting to people inside bays or in hard to get to places. Hope you like this feature.

Chat Commands

  • /back - added to close any open Emubbles without clicking on the Emubble prim over your head. Handy for sitting around in Weapons Testing sims incase someone may have put a sit-attack around you.
  • /rez - updated to list all contents of AVpack Objects via dialog menu.
  • /tptrail - leave a tp log in your chat history after each teleport. Click the link to travel back to a location.


  • Flame thrower menu area enlarged. Click gas tank to bring up options menu.
  • Poison gas canister enlarged.
  • Spanner: Snowball added in throw menu. GoBall added, simply throw this object at a location to instantly go there.


  • Repair Bot updated and rebuilt from scratch. Scripts recompiled for MONO. Clearer menu with subcategories. Bot now has his own HUD. Added more options including enhanced weapons. Ability to react to warp commands so he may travel around the sim with you.
  • Damage for weapons toggle switch added.
  • Picnic table improved.
  • Light bulb in light bee enlarged & replaced with low energy bulb!
  • Decks updated to rez at foot level.
  • iTP updated & asset server corrupted scripts rewritten.
  • Camp Fire Seating camera patched. Reduced prims.
  • G-Table warp to ground menu option fixed.
  • Coffee “steamy nipple” bug fixed.

Sky Station

  • Sky Station design improved, including modules and some furniture camera settings. Overall footprint reduced. While some modules have increased in prim count, others have been reduced. This is a radical change in the overall layout of the Sky Station setup. Anyone wishing to keep old modules should not use the new Sky Station modules or keep a backup of an older Builder Pack for legacy module use.
  • Builder Pack does not hold any modules. They are all located inside AVpack in this latest update. The Builder Pack is an optional way to rez out the modules. Modules can now be rezzed via the AVHUD for quicker building of Sky Station.
  • New modules : DISH, TURRET, RADAR, RAMP DOWN added.
  • Junctions now include “zip pads” for easy teleporting up and down between levels. These can also be set via the menu to allow passage up past ACCESS UP module into higher junction level. Junction now has modified version of iTP teleport system built into first level floor access. Click the floor panel to expose the glowing TP pad. click the TP pad to rez a beam to sit on to travel up or down ACCESS UP modules. Corner zip pads can be used to travel short distance up and down JUNCTION levels. DBLJunction module added for use with new RAMP modules. Junction floor/ceiling access panels must be left click held for two seconds to open. This was a top feature request to prevent accidental clicking and falling. Also only the owner of the junction or same group is allowed to open junctions from top or bottom.
  • Garden deck removed, all decks now have texture cycle via menu.
  • Lander & Launcher now combined as one module. The deck has been extended to bypass BAY on pod launches.
  • Redundant modules removed.
  • HUB added as optional central point for large sky complex.
  • Hangar module force fields removed. Hangar modules are now fly-through and additional landing pads added for auto dock feature of Skimmer, Flyer and Skiff. Click sides of Hangar for menu options. Hangar size increased and outer landing decks added.
  • Office module rebuilt. Furniture added. You can rez furniture by clicking floor & wall panels.
  • Workbay rebuilt. Window tint improved.
  • Access tubes rebuilt.
  • Quarters updated, textures cleaned up, paint work inside, updated scripts in furniture. Less prims. You can now paint and texture the inside of the QUARTERS via the DECOR sub menu. A colour cube will rez, edit and colour or texture this to change Quarters walls and floor. More balls added to hot tub. Internal window tint via white/blue control panel on left wall.
  • LS MODULE removed from Quarters and made as a standalone module on its own which connects to JUNCTION port 6 door scripts updated on bays. Better collision detection and delay.


  • Skiff updated. It can now land on Sky Station lander decks.
  • Dropship removed from AVhud to make way for Skiff.
  • Pod sit camera fixed.
  • Alpha Flyer non copy rocket patched.

Emubbles & Poofers

  • Emubbles now divided into sections to make it easier to organise
  • Poofers also categorised now for easier sorting and application of custom textures.
  • Moods section added to Emubbles.

AVpack - Release : 62 - (24/08/2008)


  • Some root prim scripts rewritten due to asset corruption.
  • Core script improvements. (one of those “what the hell was I smoking when I scripted this?” updates).
  • Corrected random embarrassing animations playing after wearing AVpack for the benefit of our female users.
  • Device screen graphic changed.


All future documentation to be web based. Since our international buddies have a hard time of it with the note cards, Going forward, I have decided to only write web based guides for all my items including AVpack. Sorry to those who wanted PDF docs. This would simply slow updates of AVpack down.


  • AVHUD rebuilt & scripted to non alpha switching and unnecessary or H4 broken items removed.
  • New AVHUD icons to better describe functionality. Most notably the ObjectToCam or CAM POS icon.
  • New “Quick” buttons added to the main AVHUD gadget launcher dial top left. These allow you to quickly access your most used commands. Simply edit their description field and enter an AVpack chat command. Preset examples already active.
  • New “flip feature” buttons down left sided hold two lots of functions per line. Click the yellow flip part of the icon to toggle between features. This feature has shaved over forty prims off the original AVHUD, making it less susceptible to lag.
  • Click the yellow coloured “flip feature " buttons to toggle between features.
  • AVHelper built into the AVHUD now (AVHUDHelper).
  • Lindex data display on scanner removed as data inconsistent to web site figures.
  • Button position record option now visible in centre of launcher dial when hud buttons expanded.
  • HUDTV combined with new “AVHUDhelper”. Excess icons consolidated.
  • HUDTV now even easier to use. No more looking for a box to touch, simply press HUTV icon on your AVHUD, if there is a “HUDTV server” on the land you are on, the media texture is auto sent to you. (22/08/2008)
  • Scanner menu cleaned up.
  • iTPr HUD button reconfigured to use our iTPGo system. You can record your avatars position to record into iTP pads the old way by typing /itpr
  • Teleport AVHUD icons now flash to indicate secondary buttons to use after pressing CamTP icon. This works in SL 1.19 but client 1.20 appears to be bugged in allowing glow on HUDs.
  • Poofer buttons more organized and reduces the hud by 20 prims. You now have 78 poofer spaces available on just 13 prims. Use yellow flip feature icon to flip your poofers. Emubbles also now use this method.
  • Added WarpTo altitude button to AVHUD. Compatible with AVchair, Alpha Flyer, G-Table, CamTP, Love Seat, Shield, Skimmer/XT & Stasis Pod. Sit on any of these objects and click either “Ground” or the “WarpTo” icons to warp to that altitude.

You can higher or lower the destination altitude by left clicking the upper and lower parts of the WarpTo HUD icon. There is a trend in people book marking SLurls these days rather than storing landmarks in their inventory. This can be really handy to organize your bookmarks outside of Second Life. To accommodate this, I have added a SLurls Pin to the AVHUD. Click this to go to your current positions auto generated SLurl. it will then open your web browser for you to easily generate your location. More information on this way of organizing SLurl landmarks can be found on Torley Lindens excellent videos.

iTPGo Intra-Sim Teleporting

iTPGo is a system to get you to a specific destination in a sim without having to fly or walk over to a TP pad to teleport. Now built into AVpack and made as an extension to our iTP system. This new features can be used by typing /tp or pressing the iTPGo HUD icon. Record your destination via menu and whatever sim you are in the system will adapt its recorded locations to.

  • CamTP beam fixed to use iTPGo, CAM POS and WarpTo (18/08/2008)

Weapons & Attacks

  • Whip added for our female friends to get some well earned revenge on their partners.
  • Poison Gas can now be deleted with STOP on HUD or AVpack command shortcut for stop #
  • Spanner:
    • Explosives updated to use glow
    • Script repairs due to LL asset server corruption.
    • Orb, Grenade, Cluster Bomb & Dynamite updated.
    • Now able to throw out flags for use with Skimmer to race around.
  • Floater patched to work (as of 05/2008) under HAVOC4. Slower but does the same job. Since LL seem to be fixing exploits as soon as they find them, I can’t guarantee this will always work 100%. /floater
  • Blind orb colour now white, so speech dot does not give away your position to shooters so easy. /blind
  • Spank option added by request to Attack section on AVHUD. (harmless) #t then /spank
  • Added glow and unsit to Electro Shock orb. #es
  • Orbit and Gravity wave removed as they both are shafted by the Linden Lab HAVOC4 update to Second Life. Sorry folks.

Vehicle Updates

Alpha Flyer

  • Landing gear fixed.
  • Underwater idle sound effects fixed.
  • Default shell colour changed back to black as most of you preferred the black over the “yellow submarine” colour we had in the last update! :)
  • Patch for H4,
  • Ability to use warp while in physical flight via AVHUD “Ground”, “CAM POS” or “WarpTo” icons.
  • Glowing lights added,
  • Easier colour change option box,
  • Landing gear fixed, auto raise of landing gear 10m above take off height,
  • Landing gear auto lowers when 3m to ground level,
  • Underwater effects repaired,
  • G.P.S patched,
  • Napalm weapon added in place of bullets,
  • Auto docks to new LANDER decks in builder pack. Simply fly within 60m of deck and left click to land in that spot,
  • Flyer now compatible with new altitude AVHUD button in flight or powered down,
  • Flyer compatible with CAM POS avhud icon,
  • Flyer has new phantom ability to pass through buildings and not be shot at with mass objects,
  • Engines repaired,
  • Flight panel adjusted,
  • Core flight scripts updated and cleaned up,
  • Tail smoke now same colour as shell,
  • Ability to lock seats from passengers individually or via TAXI mode,
  • HUD added for ease of operation
  • Chat commands changed.
  • Go faster racing stripes added!


  • added colour cube option for easy colouring of vehicle.
  • ability to use warp while in physical flight via AVHUD “Ground”, “CAM POS” or “WarpTo” icons.
  • light now uses glow.
  • menu reorganized better.
  • scripts updated after asset corruption.
  • no longer goes under water in flight mode, will return to skim mode if hits water.
  • added auto docking to LANDER decks the same as the Alpha Flyer.


  • Added colour box option to recolour seat.
  • ability to use warp via AVHUD “Ground”, “CAM POS” or “WarpTo” icons.


  • G-Table updated to use menu driven warp and can talk to AVpack to rez out your Sky Bay or Sky Deck. Design of Gtable tweaked slightly too. Basic proximity radar added.
  • Love seat also updated with above features.
  • AFK Stasis Pod added. Can be used in conjunction with AVHUD altitude button and CAM POS.
  • Deck made wider and more rounded. Added delete switch in the form of a red light on one end. /deck
  • Go AFK in your very own sci-fi, portable stasis pod. Since this pod is compatible with our new WarpTo altitude and CAM POS AVHUD buttons, we thought it best that your avie was protected by our patent pending “G-gell” to stop your innards turning inside out during warps. See we think of everything!
  • Beanbag now able to change colour when in sitting position.

Builder Pack

  • Pack design changed slightly, added glowing fusion cells.
  • Garden deck added.
  • Office bay with tint enabled windows added to builder pack.
  • Lander decks now have a “click dock” feature added. Once the floor of the deck is pressed by a group member, it will allow them to auto land in their Alpha Flyers, Skimmer/XT to your station if they are within 60m and in flight. This is experimental at present and may be added to more vehicles going forward. Ensure not to exit the vehicle before docking is complete.


  • Drone shell and scripts updated.
  • Radar moved from Rez to Sense category.


  • AVHUD > Now uses less prims. Uses the same “flip feature " system as the rest of the hud and likewise allows more space for you to apply your own mod/copy/transfer Emubble AFK textures to the clickable prim faces.


  • AVHUD > Prims reduced but now allows up to 78 poofers from the HUD as detailed in the AVHUD section above. Preset commands added for easier setting of poofers. Target a buddy and try these commands /poof1 /poof2 /poof3 These commands only need to be called once to be set. You can use your poofers as normal after.

Thanks peeps -Supa

AVpack - Release : 61


  • AVHELPER updated to include web supported docs (if available). These new changes will mean some re-writing of the site and AVhelper so please be patient if you discover inconsistencies or dead links.


  • Blog icon added to the HUD to allow easy access to Linden Labs blog.
  • HUDTV icon added to allow quick access to HUDTV supported land content.


  • Particle system code capture changed. (internal).
  • Alpha code changed to faster routine. (internal).
  • Hot Help for chat commands removed (to save on scripts).
  • Scripts cleaned and updated.
  • LED will now show when super jump & dash are on on AVpack device when visible. AVpack must be visible for these to show. HUD indication is in the works for future updates.


  • Flight Assist: Added a “Flight Trail” effect to the flight assist. You can now have a user defined particle stream be left behind you when you fly. See Flight sub context menu on HUD to set and toggle trail on or off.
  • Added ability to “flyto cam” a short distance (60m). Handy for evading traps or to bust through shop walls or if land has no drop for use with CamTP. Simply hit the CamFly button icons on the hud. This feature is experimental and will probably improve in future updates.


  • SOCOM rebuilt, scripting improved, optional HUD, reduced mem usage. Mass and explosive rounds added. SOCOM is given to user in a folder to inventory now, instead of dropped in world as it is quite prim heavy.
  • Updated menu system and added a few more bullets.
  • Damage under 10 makes bullets non push.
  • Speed option added, so you can do those slow motion “Matrix” type bullet shots
  • AVpack: Updated code in Idiot Trap to act the same as regular trap.
  • Spanner: Menu organized more accurately and damage and speed sub menus added plus a few more objects added and improved.
  • Spanner: Added custard pie thrower, Petrol Bomb, Fireball, Fireworks and more.
  • Spanner: Rocks changed to a sculpted rock prim. Can be thrown at people, thrown in water (they splash), thrown in the air and they will make asteroids to shoot at.
  • Spanner: Boom Wall disc is now physical can now be thrown. Can be used to throw for a buddy to shoot at, once hit it will rez a boom wall which can then be further shot at.
  • Spanner: “Mushbooms” added to throwers. These explode on impact with avatars only.
  • Spanner: Dynamite can now stick to things once thrown. Since the bomb can be thrown down bunkers or around corners it was decided we needed a sticky-bomb so this makes a welcome change.
  • Spanner: Plant and tree seeds are now physical after user request.
  • Spanner: New “Fix” and “Smack” modes added for future compatibility with other devices.
  • Shield will auto pass attacker key to AVpack target system. So if someone shoots crap at you all you need to do is hit #x or Kill from the HUD.


  • Poofers removed from main AVpack object and placed in the Emubble icon to separate the textures from the objects. To view this child prim type /avpack


  • Teleporting auto releases you from any sitting animations now. So no more walking on your butt after a sit down tp.
  • TPFX system updated. To replace to the old effect navigate to the Avatar > TPFX menu and click DEFAULT FX. To use your own select CUSTOM FX.
  • TPFX system more manageable. Icons added to AVHUD - AVbilities sub context menu to set both TP texture and sound. Commands are
  • /tpfx for teleporting effects on/off
  • /tpfxsettexture - to set texture using poofer system. Just drag some textures onto your Poofer part of the hud for use as your TPFX.
  • /tpfxsetsound - to listen for sound to be played then /play uuid to set.
  • /tpfxtoggle - switches between AVpack default effect or your own custom settings as defined through AVHUD or commands above.


  • Flight engine rewritten to use better timings and allow more flexible control. To change our flight speed, simply type /speed value . Flight speed values are shown below,
Value Speed
1 = Slow
5 = Normal
30 = Medium
100 = Fast
500 = Insane
  • Power-turn feature added to allow over drift or under drift during flight. When on you can turn slower rather than overshoot. When off you can twirl as you climb or descend to increase your speed.
  • User can toggle default flight speeds by holding down Page Up & Page Down together while hovering. To get to the ground/sky faster in medium to high speeds with power turn off simply rotate your avatar around.
  • Coms: Weapons should not lose permissions now during AVflight.
  • llTargetOmega() removed from E-mubbles to avoid issues with unstable physics.


  • Subchat: system code repaired, now with notifications to assist users.
  • Chat: Repaired /rez objectname and /give inventoryname commands.
  • Menu Interface: The option “User Menu” on the main dialog menu now sends a call to “-0011” with the string “User Menu” as the message. llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,-0011,“UserMenu”,NULL_KEY); This is so scripters can add there own dialog menu calls to AVpack. More API features may be added in future. There is also a chat call to this which is /um


  • Emote Icons: New design & also added ability to ad your own custom away messages to the AVHUD. You can still use the defaults by text commands like /afk etc.
  • Added a titler to use above your head. The syntax is /title textabovemyhead .
  • To clear the title just type /title


  • Alpha Flyer scripts cleaned up. Menu organized and “Cloak” feature added. Weapons updated. Flyer also communicates better with the lander decks of the Sky Station plus less laggy now.
  • Rocket Pod updated slightly. Less prims, cleaned up scripts and removed old code.
  • AVchair updated. Phys CamTrack & Non phys movement.
  • Variation of the Alpha Flyer shell included in this update. type /rez alpha flyer x7
  • The old Skimmer (2 man hover Scooter) now uses auto altitude adjust like the XT. So no more wobbling when you hop on it on your sky decks.


  • Storage boxes updated to list all inventory types (apart from scripts).
  • Mushroom group seating added. type /mushy
  • Rewired an AVhelper device to be a sculpty texture viewer for your sculpty textures. You can use this to store your sculpty textures in and visually view what they look like. /rez sculptyview and drop in your sculpty textures. Use the arrows to scroll through and click the object to get the texture.
  • Added a fun little thing called a “tripper” to rez one type /rez tripper and just click.
  • Photo Bay changed based on many Photoshop user requests.
  • Added a new deck style. Type /deck to use. Can be sat on so you can build without being pushed.
  • Lander Decks: use a less laggy channel to listen to the landing gear of the Alpha Flyer..
  • Gtable gets its table back. /gtable
  • Builder Pack: Added a STORAGE bay to the build out modules.
  • Builder Pack: Added a SHOW & HIDE option to the main options. Now you can tuck your backpack away when not needed.
  • Stand: “I pimped your stand!” Stand is now is an animation organizer, touch centre to show/hide, arrows to cycle dropped in anims.
  • Bean Bag: Just a quick little alternative seat for you and your buddies to chill out on. Type /rez bean bag

Parcel Tools

  • Parcel Tools: Land controls now usable through chat via /ban /unban /unsit /sendhome /eject
  • Parcel Radio: Radio will now use URL’s from AVpack radio server if no #RadioStations notecard is found inside your own AVpack.


  • Added ability to CamTP using WarpPos to the shield. Simply sit on your shield and hit the green and red teleport arrow icon on the AVHUD to TP to your cam position.
  • CamTP code added to AVpack device instead of HUD, so no more request permission nag requesters.
  • CamTP now reports cam position in chat.
  • Shield now listens to Teleport icon on HUD (red arrow with green rings). You can now add Warp to your warfare!


  • Re-scripted to die when owner within chat range rather than sensor menu spam for new target.
  • Reports back name correctly.


  • Scripts: Removed “—Serv” script as this is now part of LControl.
  • Some minor script timing improvements for avatar abilities.

Work still continues but I wanted to get this out so people could have more fun over Halloween. Expect more bug fixes, improvements and better docs as we get closer to Christmas. Any gremlins or things that are just weird, please email supa@spacebums.co.uk with a full detail and how to replicate any issues.

AVpack - Release : 60

With the popularity of AVpack becoming so great, my humble little update server is churning out smoke at the weight of every hour of the day checking for updates for AVpack users when they log in. Future updates of AVpack to you ARE NOW ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THE /m > More > OPTIONS > UPDATES button. If you are part of the AVpack group, I will post update news to the group so you will always be kept up to date. For those that do not wish to be part of the AVpack group, you can check for updates at least once a month using the method described above. I hope will free up some sim resources at my AVpack HQ and make AVpack boot up faster when you rez in.

  • Added a feature to AVpack to reduce the arm waving when you are typing. It overrides the typing animation to stop you typing. Works best in low lag sims. Syntax to toggle this feature is /notyping
  • Changed the flames in the Flame Thrower and also the Bombs in the Spanner.
  • No need to shout “run” when using dynamite or bombs from spanner, they will auto fuse and explode after being thrown.
  • Drone reports back with “Avatar Name : : message”. This was added since users thought people where spying on them when it was actually their own drones reporting back what they heard when deployed. Hopefully the two “: :” will let you know that it is a chat relay from your own device.
  • Added a “Head Hop” feature. Someone had this in another gadget and we though it would be a fun addition to AVpack. Simply target the person you wish to head hop and press the “GO TO” button on the hud. When used with a bunch of AVpack users you can build an avatar tower like in the circus its fun ;)
  • Fixed camp fire seating logs to use anim poses. No more squatting on the floor inside them.
  • Fixed sit anim in AVchair to use default sit. Weapons will no longer poke in your ears now if used in combat.
  • Shield: fixed camera position and animation to hover instead of the old yoga_float anim.
  • Shield and AVchair now listen on channel 5 for commands eg, /5 alt 760 (where 760 can be an altitude height). This can be used to get you out of a sticky situation without clicking on anything leaving the idiot that trapped you guessing after they lift a trap and you are not in it!
  • Some people complained that /avhelper took up too many prims on the land so now it has been reduced to just 3 prims.
  • Added a frying pan thrower to weapons main menu on AVpack. This is purely a fun weapon so is not on the HUD.
  • Using /camtp and then /alt [number] where number can be up to 768 has been enhanced.
  • CamTP now rezzes an temporary deck which will auto delete after 80 seconds. Click the deck to keep it out.
  • Confusion about freeview texture notecard in /avhelper fixed.
  • AVhelper docs updated to include info about gadget enhancements
  • Added a /hover command toggle to flight assist. When off and you are above cloud level your avatar will descend slowly. Can be used in place of anti splat for more gentle landings or to avoid splat landings at high speeds.
  • Added a stand pose into the “lander” deck and “Skubble” inside AVpack (not the builder pack). Sitting on them will put your avatar into a stand pose. Can be used while building to prevent people pushing you about while AFK or if you fall off the deck.
  • Main menu subsystem changed.
  • Added /k chat command link to primary weapons menu.
  • Fixed bug with no typing override.
  • Patch for HUD Scanner auto setting ping to 0. If this still happens please IM me with reproducible bug information.
  • Few internal code changes.

AVpack - Release : 59


  • Linden Labs added a llRegionSay() function today. So now AVpack utilizes this instead of the previous method to stop weapons and other stuff.
  • Some small code cleanups.

You do not need a new HUD for this release its purely under the “HUD” fixes! uurgh! :P

AVpack - Release : 58


  • Updated icons for the AVHUD to make text more visible but still keep minimal HUD footprint.
  • AVHUD is now given to the user to wear from inventory rather than rez in world. This was changed due to a recent Second Life client HUD alpha bug.
  • Fixed problem with HUD TV area on AVHUD not expanding.
  • Scanner on AVHUD is now toggle enabled (is that even a word!). Pressing the “Scan” icon on the HUD now controls Scanner on/off operation. The “Scan” icon initially controlled the collection of avatar Keys in your scan range but since this function can be called from the main scanner menu anyway, it seemed best to consolidate this function and leave the scan icon to toggle the actual scanner in and out of the HUD.
  • CamTP and AVChair no longer spam destination coordinates on transporting.
  • Email system built into AVpack called AVEmail. This will allow you to post emails to the outside world. Type /avemailserver to rez the required server and turn it on. Then type /avemail to turn this feature on or hit the Email HUD icon. Follow the prompts and your done. The HUD icons make it even easier to use. You can add your own email contacts to the “MyEmailContacts” notecard inside AVpack for quick access to your buddies external emails. Type ’list’ while in email mode to recall emails from contact list. See the AVEmail guide in this helper for more info.

Note: In times of high server usage, I can’t guarantee instant incoming emails, but they should get there eventually.


  • /help command now /avhelp as lots of other stuff out there uses the generic command /help and this caused the AVpack help to show when people where using other scripted objects.


  • Updated scripts in mortar bombs. They should now be more effective.
  • Added mortar bombs to RPG. Mega explosive effect plus multiple push destruction projectiles! If fired higher than 50m of you current position, they will spread out into a carpet bomb effect.
  • Mines changed slightly to allow better collision detection.
  • Electro Orb & Rockets in RPG updated. Flames in Flame Thrower updated.
  • Fixed Fireball, Beacon tracking and HUD kill.
  • Added some deployable exploding mushrooms into the Spanner. Simply plant them and click them and they will release a bunch of temp on rez collision detonating mushrooms. They will explode on contact with prims or avatars.
  • Re-scripted the explosives in the spanner (Proxy Mortar, Land Mines, Mushrooms) to rez at your avatars feet based on your height plus region position rather than try to locate at ground level. This means you can now plant explosives on sky decks or in buildings etc.


  • Updated HUDTV box when deeded to land group should now listen to same group AVpack users. You should now be able to set music on group land if within chat range of these and using the AVpack radio. As I don’t own group land, let me know how this goes. Please ensure that both you and your AVpack are in the same group as the land plus HUDTV box is deeded to that land. To do this change your group title to your land group, then wear AVpack.
  • Need to sell a plot of land in a hurry? Maybe these prefab land sale boxes will help, plus clickable land info for possible buyers. Just type /sale and click them to expand.


  • The long awaited Skimmer XT makes it into the AVpack. This is the evil twin of the two seater Skimmer we all know and love. Out goes the extra seat and in comes custom animations, more speed, and better handling. You can find this on the HUD under Vehicles or by typing /skx . It also comes with its own HUD so don’t forget to wear that.
  • Re-scripted AVChair to now include CAM Tracking. This means that we no longer need the CamSeat as this feature is all in one device. This also saved us a HUD icon. For “Cam Seat” mode using AVChair simply click the back rest and select “Cam Track” from the cam menu. I have tried to make the AVChair move a bit more smoothly but until I find a cleaner solution it will still seem a little jumpy. It should travel faster now and also follow you if you jump off. You can even carry your buddy too or boot him/her off. While you are on the AVChair you can expand out a buddy seat and use it as a sit shield for your friend and make them 100% immune to push or orbits like yourself. It can also be used as a simply buddy travel device while out shopping or when building together.


  • Added a sit shield with a basic deflector for physical objects. This isn’t the best shield out there as I am still experimenting with shielding but it will stop you from being orbited or to escape traps. Simply press the shield icon on the HUD and sit on the orb that will rez around you. It will auto delete once you stand up.


  • Added re-menu into builder pack after users request. Menu will now continue to prompt for options until you hit ignore. This can be useful as you no longer have to pan your camera back to your avatar on larger builds.
  • Slightly better explosion effect added to Sky Station modules.
  • JUNCTION renamed to JUNCTIONHZ. JUNCTIONHZ now controls security options for the station complex. Force fields are now rezzed and controlled by both security panel in JUNCTIONHZ and by touching the force fields themselves. You can allow same group , private or public access to your junctions through junction security options menu. Optional computer audio voice effects for avatar detection and reporting feature that will IM you with any details of a breach.
  • Doors removed from landers and exit modules. After users feedback it was decided that doors are only really functional for rooms and force fields are better for openings or decks.
  • Some Builder Pack modules renamed for better understanding.
  • Textures added to WORKBAY.
  • BAY renamed to SMALLBAY and also improved.
  • Forcefield on JUNCTIONHZ are now labelled as restricted zones.
  • Rewrite of group features in Quarters. Furniture is now only rez and de-rezzed by click the rez panels instead of the actual furniture. This now allows same active group to control furniture presence.
  • Updated fish tank in Quarters to one of the quality models I have in my shop. This includes changeable backdrops, sand and sliding “EZ-Edit” front glass, sound effects and bubble and water effects.
  • New ship out the dock, the “Drop Ship” with a newly designed shell (well a bit better than the crappy Shuttle anyway). It is accessible from the top and rear, via top entrance dock or cargo ramps. This should not pose a problem as it was primarily designed to dock under docking tubes or land on lander decks anyway. New non mouse look flight physics so you can look around in the cockpit while flying.
  • Fixed rocket pods in Launcher decks. They can now be controlled by the public if the shutter is open on the deck.


  • The ‘drone’ has been taken into the workshop and had a small oiling and makeover. He now auto cloaks when he’s away from you and will uncloak and travel back over your head when you are out of CamTracking or he comes within range of you. Fixed bug where ‘drone’ would not listen to HUD Stop commands.


  • Added a fun little changing room for those that do not wish to expose their nipples and other nether-regions while getting changed in public. Type /cr or hit the HUD option under Avatar to have AVpack expand into a avatar sized changing room around you. You can still click your legs or alt-cam inside to undress. Touch to hide.
  • Added a ‘Dash’ ability to the avatar features. This is an experimental forward impulse to your avatar with variable force. This feature can be used to run out of the way of something and also when combined with “Super Jump” you can scale large distances by jumping both up and out.
  • Fart added. The guys will love this but the chic’s will want to kill me for this! Simply enable it and crouch. No explanation needed. Fun in groups or in combination with Dash and Super Jump.


  • Fixed E-Mubble textures not showing up by UUID. You can now show your own E-Mubble textures by typing both /bubble texturename (if inside AVpack contents) and /bubble textureuuid again.
  • Poof textures added : “ty”, “doom”,“birthday”.


  • If you Rez a CamTP beam (/camtp) and sit on it and type /alt num (where “num” is the altitude number up to 768), you can travel up to that height and AVpack will auto rez a deck under you.


  • Need a quick note card but cant be bothered going into your inventory to create one? Type /note and AVpack will get you one. Edit the note card and hit save and… “zip!” it goes right into your Notecards folder in your inventory.
  • Those objects filling up your inventory? Need a quick place to stash them all? Type /storage or /box. Hopefully you can tidy your inventory a bit quicker with these. They only record objects at the moment but I may do ones for other files later.
  • Re-menu added to AVpack radio.
  • Can now change the colour of the AVlight by typing /avlightcol vector (where vector = <1,1,1> ). Need a custom colour? Type /m go to the tools menu and rez a ColorCube. Colour this cube and touch to generate colour vectors to copy and paste.

Any bugs let me know…

AVpack - Release : 57

  • Added Throw to the Kill menu. You can lift avatars into the air nearby you and throw they about you 10m over your head. This acts kind of like a invisible magnet and does not use and rezzable prim to achieve this feature. The force of the pull is maximized by the closeness of the avatar to your avatar.
  • HUD Scanner area has been redesigned a bit. Out goes the old framed look and in comes a single prim hover text with animated scan area. Touch this prim for scanner options. Scanner also has an alert option to let you know when avatars are in chat range.
  • Added a fun little craft to the AVpack. I have been playing with the flight controls all over the weekend to get it to behave nicer. It is called a “Skimmer” and it will also be sold outside of the AVpack with possibly more variations of the craft. It’s kind of like a hovering Scooter or those hovering skateboard pad or platform things you may have seen on some sci-fi movies. It is great fun for travelling about on and makes for some wicked racing action if you find a few hills and valleys. It has two modes, “flight” and “skim”. Skim mode will hug you to 2m above the ground and is great for general open Linden land travel. The “flight” mode is handy for climbing high up into the sky then dropping into “skim” mode. The craft is meant to be used on open sloped beach type Linden land or flat linden water sims, so try not to go shopping on it or you may find you’ll get stuck in prim floors or walls and other obstacles. You can customize its colours for body panels and rocket flames, toggle dust effects and lights on and off. You can even toggle camera controls. Plus if you have a friend they can ride behind you on the craft too. I hope you find it as much fun as I did while making it. Type /skimmer to rez and use one.

AVpack - Release : 56

  • Fixed error in iTP pads not being able to show location 11 on menu.
  • Fixed AVpack device being No Mod.
  • Added RPG Launcher to AVpack type /rpg and wear. Click rear of cannon (silver rim & black projectile) to toggle damage and bullet type. Click side scope to toggle speed of projectile.
  • Code cleanups.

AVpack - Release : 55

  • Small texture problem on AVpack device corrected.
  • HUD: iTP Location stamp icon added to the top bar. This will make it even easier to record your iTP positions. Simply stand where you wish to place an iTP pad and push this button. It will give you a vector to copy and paste into your Locations note cards for inside your iTP pads. Once you put your finished locations note card into an iTP pad you may then shift drag copies of it and ride all the pads back to each location to leave copies.
  • Fireball - Added to weapons (under Kill subsection on the HUD). Everyone else has got one! How did we miss it! Well now all AVpack users have the ability to set their neighbors on fire and share the warmth. Gas mark 7 fun!
  • Added /subchan command to allow user to select what channel number to issue subchat commands or chat to. Example /subchan 4 would set your subchat channel for “Ghost Mode” to 4.
  • Added calls to the E-mubble system for quicker use. Use a star before calling textures from AVpack inventory to use as E-mubbles. Example *smile
  • Textures that do not exist inside the AVpack inventory will not be found or used. User will be notified. If you have any suggestions for E-mubbles textures for me to include, email me at supa@spacebums.co.uk
  • Freeview texture added to AVHELPER so you can watch parcel videos on your helper screen.
  • Tweaked HUD a little to resize & position scanner when off.
  • New fun hangout added called “Skubbles” short for Sky Bubbles. Type /skubble to rez one. They function as a quick hangout pad. You can click and rez a group seating so you can chat to your buddies in the sky. Touch the coloured rim and it will enclose the bubble for more private stuff or a quick shield against flying physical objects. I may add to the features list if people use them. For now just a funky cool way to quickly plonk out a meeting area.
  • Camp Fire Group Seating added. Usage: /gs
  • Tent added. Has a door on the front. Usage : #rez Tent
  • Cloak icon on the HUD now toggles cloak avatar body cloak on & off.
  • Added Space Gravity Icon to HUD under Avatar. Only use this for fun and jumping about as it will really spaz out your movement if left active.
  • Combat belt resized and remodeled to be unisex. Can now be scaled down to fit female avatars smaller hip sizes.
  • Got a great song from the radio in your head but mumbling to the words? Try typing /lyrics [songname] and AVpack might help you.
  • Some additional radio URL on request added.
  • More pages added to AVHELPER.

AVpack - Release : 54

  • Fixed Stop Animations script. It seemed to have stopped working after last weeks server update.
  • llSetPos fallback now applied to all most objects that used WarpPos as primary movement. When WarpPos is repaired by the Lindens again the script will auto adjust.
  • Quarters updated a bit. Few script cleanups. First stages of group access through control panel for lights and odd bits. Need to edit each piece of furniture for group control as this is more complex. Try not to mess with RezLock or Click Lock yet as they are not quite finished. You are only seeing this Quarters because of the WarpPos patch in it. Still more work to do on security options. RezLock & Click locks are going to be toggle switches on the control panel which will block any accidental clicks you make to the quarters. There are no notifications built into the feature yet so use with care.
  • llSetScriptState is still damaged due to the Linden server patch. This is a SL server issue and not an AVpack issue.

AVpack - Release : 53

  • New help page added to AVHELPER. Given the exciting week we have had so far and the unforeseeable bugs LL may lie upon us in future. I thought it best to include a “Known Issues” page that will try to detail as many issues as possible in future updates and also solve my bursting IM windows with “this don’t work” reports.
  • Please view the Known issues page which outlines the things that do not work in AVpack at this time.
  • AVHUD - Changes to the HUD mean that it is now to better to fit all screen resolution 1024x768 and upwards. The HUD icons have been made smaller and kept to the left of the screen. The scanner window can be moved around and have its position saved. You can simple press CTRL ALT T to view transparent object on the HUD. Slide the dark panel out the way and move the text prim to required position. Press the red record button on AVpack main icon HUD to save scanner window position. The same now applies to the TV view screens.
  • AVHUD - Poofers icon added. This section now allows you to drop your own textures onto the prims to poof using the AVpack. There are a number of built in textures ready for use, but you can still add your own. Only use poofer textures on the Poofers section as they will not work on other AVHUD sub sections.
  • Fixed the AVChair rezzing at weird distances away from avatars.

AVpack - Release : 52

  • Linden Lab have fixed the WarpPos problem so CamTP and iTP now function as normal. Phew!
  • llSetScriptState should also now be fixed which will no longer cause errors after teleporting using the map.
  • CamTP updated to allow a bunch of people to travel with you. Simply tell them to click the beam you are sitting on before teleporting.
  • iTP also updated with a group beam. This can be selected by sitting on the configuration pad and select BEAM from the menu til “groupbeam” is shown.
  • Removed some redundant code in AVpack.
  • /time removed as it was not used and gave odd time zone info in certain areas.

AVpack - Release : 51

The “Oh F”#K the Lindens broke stuff” patch.

  • Fixed slight Flight Assist drift downwards when in hover mode.
  • iTP and CamTP are both dead until Linden Labs replace the code they borked in the last server patch. I have seen the WarpPos update fix but it kind of defeats the split second teleporting that iTP and CamTP provided so I am putting the squeeze on the Lindens for a fix as are many others. You can too. Simply IM Philip “with one L” Linden” and tell him how much you care :)
  • SOCOM gun comms changed slightly and crap looking muzzle fire prim removed and swapped with particles.
  • Fixed the rock in the spanner being non physical.
  • llSetScriptState was also borked after the last Second Life server update. A patch has been added to stop errors after teleporting. you will see errors when using the # or stop button until LL fix this.
  • llParticleSystem is still bugged client side causing your last used particle to poof even when not on command. Seems to happen after a object state change like er.. moving your avatar! Still waiting for them to fix this one!
  • Linden Lab tell us that they are deploying a fix on Friday 16th to (fingers crossed and holding my nuts) fix some of the problems from this weeks update. I sure hope they don’t create any more!

AVpack - Release : 50

Not many updates this release due to heavy contract work.

  • Fixed SHUTTLE in builder pack. Shaved some prims off it and it can now can transport up to 4 other people including pilot. Simply fly within chat distance of a DOCK module and say “dock” in chat and shuttle will auto dock. (no more alt cam elbowing around yay!!) Climb into a docked SHUTTLE and say “undock” and it will auto detach from station DOCK module and fire up it’s engines. IMPORTANT Replace any old DOCK modules on your station, for the ones in AVpack v50’s Builder Pack for this feature to work.
  • Some minor paint work on the inside the SHUTTLE. TP panel on the wall. Touch this to allow your buddies to be transported out of the shuttle and into the Hangar above. Captain always TP’s last of course :) I might continue on SHUTTLE improvements or more crafts if people use it.
  • Some minor changes to scripts on the HUD.
  • HUDTV boxes now fully mod copy and transfer to aid in deeded land use. rez these with /hudtv
  • Few extra plants and grass added to Spanner.
  • Two new poofers added. Valentines day is on it’s way so we have . mybitch and for those looking . bemybitch
  • Options - Sounds, now retains it old settings after reboot or login.
  • Combat Belt replaced as some users reported it missing from auto updater release. (another Linden Labs bug? Users may want to check inventory of objects you make or own as this is the second time an item has vanished from AVpack. The last time it was CamSeat! I am keeping backups of AVpack items in my inventory incase this bug happens again).
  • For those wondering about future updates, work has now started on group control for QUARTERS. This will benefit renters and should be expected in an upcoming release.

AVpack - Release : 49

  • Added a small push to the Rocks inside the Multi Spanner
  • HUD - Lindex Stats info removed due to conflicts of interest.
  • Added Avatar Gravity toggle to the HUD under Avatar button. You can now change between Earth or Moon gravity for your avatar. Combined with the feature below you can jump even higher now with Moon gravity and “Super Jump” enabled. Remember though to turn to Earth gravity before you try to fly, or you may find weird floating effects happen or you fly too fast! :P
  • Added a feature to “Super Jump” now using your crouch button (Page Down). No one uses this key much but now (if Super Jump is enabled) you can jump much further in the air by simply crouching down and releasing your Page Down key. This feature may become more functional in future but for now it should allow you to jump in the air higher. Looks funny on chicks that have a splits override for the animation. :D they do the splits then take off its hilarious! lol
  • To enable/disable Super Jump type /superjump
  • HUDTV - What the hell is this? Well the AVpack HUD now has an option to let you view land owners TV’s right on your HUD. Look for the HUDTV boxes situated near TV’s on land owners parcels. If you press your HUDTV button on your HUD, then touch this box in world, it will send the TV data to your HUD and make it automatically turn into a mini portal TV.
  • As long as you stay on the land owners parcel with the media playing you can move about as normal and still look at the TV right on your screen on your HUD. Handy for builders who like to watch cartoons!
  • Land owners can rez a HUDTV box by typing /hudtv
  • Flight Assist now detects velocity and when you hit max (250.0) flight will create a slight sonic flight nose around your avatar. Works on Fast and Insane flight speeds only. Recommend flying straight up or down to hear. Forward flight is left untouched as you don’t really go this fast forward anyway due to sim width. Can be toggled on/off with Main menu AVpack Sounds in Options.
  • Flight assist now disables when you are underwater. This will set your flying speed back to the game defaults until you get out of Linden water where again the flight assist takes over. This will benefit users of animation overrides that have swim animations yet do not want to swim like a rocket due to the increments of the flight assist.
  • Avatars now detect when they hit Linden water at a given speed and will make a splashing nose. Can also be turned off through Menu – Options - Sounds.

AVpack - Release : 48

  • Added better clicking area to Multi Spanner
  • Added a SLURL generator to the AVpack type /slurl and it will auto create a link for you to copy and paste to your web pages. Also provides preview link.
  • HUD Scanner Window now minimizes and maximizes during avatar detection.
  • Also will stay open by default since it auto minimizes on no detection of avatars.
  • Can toggle scanner report window on and off through touch.
  • Touching the Scan readout window provides a menu to view;
  • Lindex activity data with the Stats option selected.
  • Sim Performance
  • Range & Ping settings for proximity scanner
  • On / Off Toggle for Scanner.
  • HUD buttons added
  • Flight - Anti Splat - If you smack too hard into an object or ground your AVpack will auto lower your flight speed to normal flight.
  • Flight - Air Brakes - Handy for people who don’t like the drift of normal flight. Allows you to toggle the flights “dead stop” air brakes feature on and off.
  • Poofers added, “zomg” & “lol”
  • Avatar tracking beacon now updated a bit. Should last longer and also respond to the STOP command.
  • Electro Shock updated slightly.
  • Poofer perms changed to try track down what’s causing AVpack to be No Mod.
  • Drone fixed should now respond to the STOP icon on the HUD and is now 50% less script heavy.

AVpack - Release : 47

  • SOCOM Hand Gun no longer loses info on teleports. No need to rez and wear another.
  • SOCOM Scanner updated to included more names during area scan.
  • Fixed problem with AVpack HUD Scanner talking to buddies HUDS! Cheers Robin.
  • AVpacks should now be Mod again! Think something went wrong when they where last put in the update server! Oopsy!
  • 2 new Emubbles added. These are hard coded into the AVpack for now. Type /birthday or /vote to display them.
  • Fixed Subchat #be command

AVpack - Release : 46 - (18/01/2007)

  • Added new buttons to HUD
  • Main - Poof Last Poofer
  • Main - Kill Target
  • Kill - Zone Push (Toggle)
  • Kill - Electro Shock
  • Avatar - Stop all Animations
  • Weapons - Float
  • Weapons - Blind
  • Weapons - Trap
  • Weapons - Gas
  • Subchat is now its own submenu.
  • Proximity Scanner added to HUD. Touch to toggle options.
  • Added Chat Range Scanner to HUD. Now you can see who is around you also toggles to Full Range Scan plus key grabber.
  • Rocket POD fixed. POD was getting stuck and not moving. Hopefully the change has fixed this issue.
  • Trap is now 1 prim and persistent. Will follow target using Warp and is much faster and smarter and harder to escape.
  • iTP transport beams fixed and will only listen to their own pads. Sit on pad now launches config menu.
  • Floater and AG Orb now use Warp system to quickly reach target.

This has been on the cards for some time now. I have been so busy with customer support that I forgot to add this in sooner.

  • CamTP - Teleport using your alt cam. You can touch the CamTP icon on the AVpack HUD now to rez a copyable transporter beam. Make as many as you like. Your buddies can sit on them too. Next ALT cam to a destination in the same sim and hit your Teleport Target icon on the HUD to zip you an all your buddies to your camera position. More gadgets may be added to take advantage of this feature. For now I hope you enjoy CamTP.
  • Poofer config params fixed.

AVpack - Release : 45

Ooooops! A small annoyance crawled into the last release which I hope is fixed now. I left some debug code in the poofer script to detect if a message was received. This caused it to repeat back what a user said. Cheers to my betas for pointing that out.


  • AVpack now has a real simple graphical HUD that you can wear. It is nothing fancy just yet, simply a means to launch the main menu. A few people asked for the HUD because they wear skirts and found it hard to click on the actual AVpack to control it. But enough about those guys.. :P. I hope to improve the HUD and make it more functional. It will not replace the AVpack completely as there are just some things you can not do with HUDs compared to attachments right now. Anyway I hope this will make things easier for you to access the AVpack menu.


E-what?!!! E-mubbles. Short for “Emotion Bubbles”. Now you can tell AVpack to display texture UUID’s or AVpack inventory textures right over your head.

  • Simply type /bubble texturename or /bubble textureuuid


Some more script code work to compensate for the high volume of “stuff” now in the AVpack. This new method should allow for more stuff to be added without the worry of script runtime errors or lists failing.


  • Now has built in camera controls. Sit on it and touch the back of the chair for camera menu. You now have a cool follow cam or head cam. You can also altitude warp to plus or minus your height relative to ground height.


Fashion designers now have quick access to a green screen. Simply type /photobay or /pb to rez one. Ideal to take picture of your avatar to cut in Photoshop.

Coffee & Emubble

Quick and simple way to promote AVpack now. A few people asked me for pictures of AVpack to use in their profile to advertise it to buddies. Now its even easier. Type /avpack or /coffee and tell your buddies to click on either of those object. They will be taken to the AVpack website which will provide them with all the info they need.



  • The Skiff was in the very first AVpack we had. Somewhere along the line it was lost, but someone requested it back. Its a flying troop carrier. Love it or hate it but its back. If people like it I will try improve it. :P

This patch was kind of rushed. Apologies for that folks. Any weird stuff let me know.

AVpack - Release : 41

Builder Pack

Major changes in the way the modules communicate with each other. Unfortunately this means that they will not work with older station modules from previous AVpacks. I had left a copy of the old Builder Pack inside the AVpack for die hards, but this will be phased out and replaced with support for the default one going forward.

  • The modules are now phantom on rez. This will let you fly about them while up in the air. no more getting stuck inside them. They turn non phantom when they dock.

Builder Pack - Forcefields and Sliding Doors

Module doors get the first look at group access. Now you can choose if you want Private, Group or Public to access through your forcefields. You can also choose which way to deal with intruders. You can Send Home, Eject or Push away an unwanted guest. To only allow your friends in, add their names to the Access note card inside the forcefields contents then tick the Private option on the menu. Group access allows members of your group to lock and unlock forcefields also.

Group access means anyone with the same active group as the forcefield can pass through. Public allows anyone through. You can also lock or unlock the forcefields so they act like doors. They will turn solid when locked.

Sliding doors are also group activated. You and your group buddies can lock or unlock the sliding doors.

Builder Pack - Colour Coded Docking

The access tubes are in a test stage for the new colour coded docking system. This should make it easer for people to build. Modules also now provide a helpful hint as to what docking port number they wish to connect to. Look out for the green flashing beacons on some modules. These allow you to access their main menu.

Builder Pack - Hangars

Hangars also now have a forcefield type barrier. This is a work in progress feature and will in future be able to inform you and let you deal with enemy ships trying to dock at your station. Due to my time constraints at the moment it only deals with avatars.

Builder Pack - Quarters - Viewer

  • Fixed a small bug in the Quarters comms viewer.

Emote Bubbles

  • Added a bubble feature to the AVpack. People can now type [ /bubble textureuuid ] and the AVpack will use the AFK bubble area to display any texture you give it. This can be a UUID from your inventory or name of a texture in AVpack contents. You can even use poofer textures already built into the AVpack as examples here. Try this /bubble woot


  • Added two new weapons to AVpack. Zone Push & Gravity Wave.
  • Zone push (when active) will repeatedly fling any avatar that comes within 10m of you into the air. This works on push land only. Warning do not leave this on while in a crowded public area. Toggle with /z
  • Gravity Wave is kind of like a reverse orbit. Only is sucks people to the ground really strong making them “River Dance!”. To arm this type #g & then choose your victim to end it type #

Works on push land only.

Non Physical Seat

Requested by many, so here it is, our first v1 Non Physical Seat. This seat replaces the old crappy chair we had. To rez one simply type the old command /chair or now /seat . Use your arrow keys to travel.


Spanner has had a few upgrades. You can now plant trees or land mines using the PLANT option. Also have fun with the SkyBall trapper that will send avatars into the clouds inside a semi transparent orb.

Trees are a pain to deal with usually, trying to find them in your inventory is one thing, but this new method might save you some time. Land owners can drop seeds that will instantly grow where they land using the new PLANT function of the spanner. You can choose any number of the default tree seeds for your land. Simply select the type of tree and then drop the seeds using your mouse-look fire. They will always seek the ground, even when dropped from the sky. Note though that this feature will only work for land owners.


Re-shuffled a bunch of code around to try help with the growing stuff inside the AVpack. Script enhancements now include, better rezzing, faster list parsing, quicker AVpack loading.

Hope you enjoy the new features folks and I will keep adding stuff. Sorry about the delays but I have been talking a lot with customers over the past month and making sure they were all up to speed and also dealing with a heck of a lot of ideas feedback. As always please use this blog for your ideas.

AVpack - Release : 40 - (31/12/2006)

Well its the close of another year. Out with the old and in with the new and all that crap! At least one good thing you have an AVpack to look forward to. Some small updates to this release yet important ones.

  • The main code inside the AVpack has been cleaned up some more. Always good.
  • Quarters module now has FURNITURE option on the control panel on the wall. Punch this and all your quarters furniture will rez out automatically for you.
  • Hot Tub should now delete water and duck when station explodes. If anyone still spots any die hard ducks… let me know!
  • Quarters now has added effects when its set on self destruct. Gas nozzles will appear from the ceiling to flood the compartment with pure oxygen before it is ignited to explode. Furniture will now be destroyed along with the quarters.
  • Added some fireworks for New Years you can launch these by typing #rez fireworks (also fireworks1 & fireworks2).
  • Alpha Flyer gets a destruct command. Type “d” to destroy the Flyer and to eject you. This option can also be selected from Alpha Flyer main menu.
  • Today’s poofer’s “horny” & “shazam”
  • Type /time to display your current local time and date.
  • Drones get a small code update. Its now easier to control them as they will follow you when not in camtrack mode. Type /drone to rez one.
  • Poofer config notecard fixed.
  • Syntax corrected.