EZ-Note Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

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EZ-Note User Questions

Q. “OMG I love my EZ-Note board! I bought it from your shop and I want to get one for my friend too. Is there a way I can buy one for my friend or have you send one to her?”

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you love your new board. Yes, you can purchase EZ-Note from marketplace and send one to your friend that way. Here is the link

Q. “Can I get EZ-Note to not allow people to post on my board?”

You sure can. EZ-Note has a ban list that you can enter residents names into, so they can not operate or post to your board. Check out the EZ-Note guide to see how to do this.

Q. “I purchased some stupid pinboard thing from some guy called [** ******]. I thought it was EZNoteboard as that is what I searched for in marketplace. As it turns out, that guy is using YOUR advert fonts, colors and design to make people think it’s your board! I’m really pi@$%ed. What can I do, he isn’t replying to me asking for a refund?!!”

This is truly sad to hear. And just goes to show that copycats and scammers have no respect for neither original content creators work nor other residents. Therefore, I’ve sent you a free copy of EZ-Note and updated our EZ-Note advert to try and prevent this type of copycat behaviour which is misleading some customers. While there is little I can do as a resident to stop these scammers making substandard, poorly scripted rip-offs of my products, the fact that he copied our advertisement design, layout, colouring, plus a few basic features of EZ-Note, while trying to pass his rubbish off as our product is pretty egregious. Thankfully, I have more important work to be doing than trying to babysit these zero-talent scam merchants and wasting my time filing DMCA take down notices. However, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Our old EZ-Note advert Our curernt EZ-Note advert