The Virtual Aquarium

The Virtual Aquarium
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The Virtual Aquarium was set up to try and raise peoples consciousness to the wonder and beauty that exists in the natural world. Our virtual interpretation was created with the hopes that people could see how fragile and beautiful this world and the species we all share it with really is. How that delicate ecosystem demands our ultimate respect and protection and where possible to educate on the welfare of that ecosystem.

While the keeping of tropical fish is widespread in the real world, we hope that you will choose to own our virtual replicas of these wonderful creatures over the real life version, and let the real ones live in their own natural environment. We hope to both educate and entertain with our products as well as providing the best quality content for your virtual world.

Years of supplying aquatics to Second Life┬« residents let us know what you are looking for. That’s why we are proud to release another recognized top quality aquatics line. Look out for more amazing aquatics at The Virtual Aquarium.

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Media Feature

The Virtual Aquarium featured on “The Goddess & Banana” show.