Free Swimming Fish Rezzer 2.0

Free Swimming Fish Rezzer 2.0
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Free-swimming Fish Rezzer

Thank you for purchasing the Free-swimming Fish Rezzer. I strive to provide my customers with the best quality and affordable items. I want you to enjoy your aquarium as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. This is why I created this guide - to fully explain how the item works. Once you understand the basics of how the fish rezzing system works, you can have a beautiful aquarium set up in under a minute, and see just how easy it is to set up.

Please take a minute or two to read over these brief usage instructions, so you can become familiar with how your fish rezzer works.

๐Ÿ“ Please note: Our rezzer will ONLY work with “Free-swimming fish” purchased from “The Virtual Aquarium”NOT with other third-party fish you may have purchased from other pet stores.

Advanced User Guide

  • To put fish into your rezzer: drag & drop your free-swimming fish from your inventory into the contents of the Fish Rezzer prim.
  • To position your fish rezzer into your aquarium: Left-click your Fish Rezzer prim and select the “ALIGN” dialog button, then left-click your aquarium glass and select “FIT REZZER” from the menu.
  • Then select “Rez Temp” from your rezzer dialog menu to start rezzing fish.

New User Guide

Adding Fish Into Your Fish Rezzer

To use your rezzer inside your aquarium, you’ll need to add some fish into it first. Below, I will explain how this is done.

  1. Take out your “Free-Swimming Fish Rezzer” from your inventory and place it on the floor.
  2. Right-click on the Rezzer and select “EDIT” from the pie menu. You will then see the “Edit window” pop up.
  3. Select the tab on the “Edit window” which says “Content”.
  4. Drag and drop a fish from your inventory into the Rezzer content window. The Rezzer will auto-update and tell you that a new fish has been added.

Installing Your Rezzer Into a Aquarium

  1. First, add some fish into the rezzer. (see above)
  2. Left-click on the Rezzer to see the dialog menu.
  3. Click the “ALIGN” button. Your rezzer will then ask you to select the aquarium you wish to install it into.
  4. Left-click on the glass of your aquarium and select “FIT REZZER” from the aquarium dialog menu. Your rezzer will auto-position and scale itself for use within your aquarium.

You can then choose how you want your fish to be rezzed from the rezzer. “Rez Temp” or “Rez Once”. You can experiment with the other rezzer options to suite your needs.

Adding More Fish At a Later Date

  • Left-click the glass on your aquarium and select the “EDIT button” from the dialog menu. The aquarium glass will slide up allowing you to right-click on the rezzer to add more fish into it from your inventory.
  • When you’ve finished editing your rezzer or adding more fish - Left-click your aquarium glass, and it will return to its correct position.

Fish Rezzer Options Menu

[ Info ]

Presents you with a link to this web guide.


Show the rezzer if it is hidden.

๐Ÿ“ Press Ctrl Alt T to see a hidden rezzer.


Hide the rezzer if it is visible.


This buttons reset the script back to factory default.


This will rez your fish as temporary objects. They will remain in-world for a short while before auto-deleting. The fish rezzer will continue to rez more fish after the old ones have auto-deleted.

The benefits of Temp Rez are:

  • for people who do not have enough prims left on their land for a full aquatic display,
  • would like an easy way to manage their fish in future,
  • have a large fish collection and want to add variety without the land impact.
  • you wish to add new fish at a later date.


This will rez one copy of all the fish inside the rezzer contents.

Useful for,

  • People who have a large prim allocation on their land,
  • if you want your fish to remain in-world until they are deleted manually.


Stop the rezzer. This is only really useful when the rezzer is active and in Temp Rez mode. It will stop any further rezzing of fish. Once clicked it may take up to one minute for any existing temp-rezzed fish to disappear.


This button allows you to auto-position your fish rezzer into your aquarium.

  • Simply press the ALIGN button on your rezzer.
  • Then left-click your aquarium to get the aquarium dialog menu, and choose “FIT REZZER”

๐Ÿ“ This feature ONLY works with aquariums from The Virtual Aquarium.

[ Rez Config ]

This menu gives you control over the finer details of rezzing your fish. It also allows you to set the rezzer to OWNER or GROUP mode access.

Below is the list of the buttons and what they do,

List Fish

This will display a list of all the fish names you have added to the rezzer contents.


This button toggles between OWNER only and GROUP access to the rezzer menu. A notification will be shown in main chat as to which state the access mode is in.

OWNER only = Only the owner of the rezzer can access the Rezzer dialog menu.
OWNER + GROUP = Both the OWNER and same group members can access the Rezzer dialog menu.

๐Ÿ“ Only those who have the same group tag active as what the rezzer is set to can access the rezzer menu in GROUP mode.

[ Rez Mode ]

This sub-menu allows you to set your fish to rez as the SAME species or as a MIXED group of species contained in the rezzer on every Temp Rez cycle.

[ Frequency ]

This sub-menu gives you a choice of timers to choose from for the Temp Rez cycle. It sets how long it takes (in seconds) between each rez cycle.

Setting Action
MORE FISH = Fish will Temp rez between 1 to 10 seconds.
BALANCED = Fish will Temp rez between 1 to 20 seconds.
LESS FISH = Fish will Temp rez between 1 to 30 seconds.

[ Rez Amount ]

This section lets you choose how many fish you want to rez on every Temp Rez cycle.

Setting Action
RANDOM # = Rez between 1 to 4 fish on every Temp Rez cycle.
ONE = Rez ONE fish on every Temp Rez timer cycle.
TWO = Rez TWO fish on every Temp Rez timer cycle.
THREE = Rez THREE fish on every Temp Rez timer cycle.
FOUR = Rez FOUR fish on every Temp Rez timer cycle.

[ Fish Config ]

This sub-menu allows you to control features of your fish after they have been rezzed from the fish rezzer.

Here are buttons and what they do,


The SPEED sub-menu allows you to set the fishes swim speed. The fish are set to swim at a RANDOM swim speed by default. However, you can fine tune this, so they all swim at the same speed if you wish.

Setting Action
SLOW = Fish will swim slowly.
NORMAL = Fish will swim at normal speed.
FAST = Fish will swim quickly.
RANDOM = Fish will vary speed while swimming.

Full Bright

The Full Bright allows you to toggle if the fish will be “Full Bright” or not when they leave the rezzer.

The Sim Monitor

The “Anti-Lag Free Swimming Fish Rezzer” is our solution to minimize lag affecting our Free-swimming fish, which may be caused by the constant loading of avatars and other objects in a sim.

When you teleport into a busy sim, the large amount of content that is contained within the sim has to be sent to you. This uses a lot of sim resources as each image is rendered for the resident.

Under heavy sim load, our rezzer’s will intelligently pause any rezzing of our animals, thus reducing the additional load on the sim. Not only that, but the system comes with its very own sim performance monitor, which will accurately monitor sim performance and signal any rezzers you’re using to start or stop accordingly when lag is detected.

There are many causes of “lag” in Second Life, but our rezzer’s handle the issues that affect you from the server side. If you live in a busy or highly populated sim, our smart rezzer’s will be a breath of lag free air for you.

If you choose to use the Anti-Lag Sim Monitor with your rezzer, it will monitor your sim performance levels and pause the rezzer should the sim become lagged down for any reason. This will help prevent further lag by not rezzing any more fish. Rezzing a few small fish is not really “laggy” in itself, although the less work a sim has to do in order to recover from heavy load the better. Usage is very straight forward.

  • Simply left-click on the Sim Monitor prim and choose START.
  • That’s all there is to it!

Now you won’t have to worry about your pets being lost in the lag. And you can sit back smugly knowing that you are doing your part to keep Second Life from becoming Second Lag.

“We are proud to say that we use the Anti-lag Rezzer in our main shop, and they help a great deal when customers tp in and out. You can see a demo of the rezzer at our shop.

Adding The Fisher Rezzer To Your Own Aquarium

If you’ve created your own aquarium in Second Life, you can use the edit window to position our rezzer inside, so you can still use our fish in an aquarium you have created yourself. The figure below explains how to do this.

Fish Rezzer FAQ

Got an issue? Maybe I’ve solved it already.

Updates & Changes

To see what’s new, visit the Free-swimming Fish Rezzer Changelog