Particle Fish Frequently Asked Questions & Feedback

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Q. I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve put all the stuff I got from your shop into a fish rezzer and now I have no prims left on my land?! Help!

Thanks for teleporting me to your land. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with our items. I can see that you have placed particle fish emitters inside our Free-Swimming Fish Rezzer along with a large number of plants. This is the incorrect way to use the item. Particle Fish Emitters are standalone objects which emit 2D particle fish, they are not to be placed inside Free-Swimming Fish Rezzers. Plants are decor which you place in the boundary of your aquarium to decorate your display.

Free Swimming Fish Rezzers are designed to ONLY be used with Free-Swimming Fish as stated in the instructions. Please read carefully the usage guide which comes with the items you have purchased. To fix your issue, delete anything in your Free-Swimming Fish Rezzer which isn’t a free swimming fish. You will also have to manually delete all the remaining particle emitter prims and plants near your rezzer to restore your lands prim allowance.