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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your questions folks. I know how boring instructions can be. I will add your questions and answers here as we go along. And hopefully this page will aid others in the process.

Q. How can I earn commission from selling Space Bums items?

A. We get many requests from people asking us to put our stuff in their sim or have a mall space or to provide them with vendors. To solve the many complexities of managing such requests we allow the resale of our items through third party networked vendors. You can find those systems on SL Marketplace. These allow you to fine tune the way you sell our brands, and is a lot easier for both sides to maintain. For information on setting these systems up, please use the relevant support group. We do not provide tutorials on using these vendor systems.

Q. Why use these bizarre drones for products delivery and not simply build an update checker into each item I buy?

If you are puzzled as to why we chose to deliver items to you in this way, first understand this. Many of the aquatics products we sell come as a multi piece pack. To have each item in that pack use it's own method to check for product updates, this leads to bloated unnecessary code for each item. For example, if we have a pack of eight fish to update, you would naturally look for a single method to update all eight fish in future instead of clicking on each fish and checking for updates to that fish. Such an update process for a collection of items would become rapidly confusing. That is why we use update drones. The reason we use the update drones system on some of our singular items is purely for consistency for our customers. The reason we sell you the update drone first and not the item is purely to provide you with the very latest version of what you have purchased direct from our update server. This process means you are always up to date and it is a lot easier for us to deploy our product updates from a single point.

Can you TP me to your aquarium?

A. Need a teleport link to our place? Look in the classifieds section of the item creators profile for teleport links. You can also use this SLurl.

Q. Where can I find general info about your items? Like prims and permissions?

info pointA. Check out our in world Info Points. Product information is regularly updated inside our info points. You may find something useful for yourself or to share with a buddy. Optionally if you spot the item you are looking for out in world at our store, you can right click - Edit the item and check it's prim count by looking under the "General" tab on the edit window.

Q. Can you come set up my aquarium I just bought from you?

A. Here are some self help tips on setting up our aquariums. It is not our wish to design your home for you. If you need help with positioning items or designing your home, try look in classifieds for people offering these types of services.

Q. Can you teach me how to build in Second Life?

A. One of the amazing things in Second Life is the fact that I am always discovering new things. This is half the fun for me. By using the edit window and practicing new things, I created all the cool things you see at our store. I encourage you to do the same. But, unfortunately I don't have the time to run a Second Life class to teach residents how to build and script... However, anything I could teach you would be overshadowed by Torley Lindens handy video tips that he has produced. You should take a look at them if you are new to Second Life or an old timer.

Q. I need you to change the permissions on the item I bought. I need a modify/copy/transfer version. I want to add my own scripts/textures/prims to it.

A. No. Our items permissions are set before sale and will not change. Please read item permissions prior to purchase. All sales are final.

Q. Can you make me a custom design?

A. Sorry we do not do any custom builds at this time.

Q. Can you deliver my items as a gift

A. Some of our popular items are listed on SL Marketplace. These sites have the ability for you to send our no transfer items as gifts to your friend. Please be sure to check there first for the item you wish to send before contacting us. If you do not have access to these sites to make a gift purchase, we can deliver a non transferable item for you.

Q. I am leaving game and want to transfer all the stuff I bought from you to a friend. Can you give my friend a copy of the items I bought?

A. No. You agree on purchase of any item to adhere to the permission system of Second Life for non transferable items. No item will be transferred to alt accounts or friend avatars (even if you are leaving game and wish to transfer ownership).

Q. Hi Supa! What am I doing wrong? The fish don't swim

A. Have you tried clicking on the fish? They should display a pop up config menu allowing you to control the creature. Either press the Swim or Go button and see if that helps. If that fails please check our general help about physics and scripts here.

Q. Hi Supa I have a pack of your free swimming sea creatures, but all I have is this radar dish on a box! What am I doing wrong, did I purchase the wrong item?

A. No. The box you received is the delivery box for the item you purchased. Simply wear the update drone here and our update server delivers the latest copy of that item to you.

Q. I can't find any instructions in the box with my fish! Why?

A. If the level of experience required to operate one of our items is so low that even a new person to Second Life® could use it, then limited or no documentation will be included. Put simply this refers to some of our "click & go" items. You may however be able to find very basic information on such an item on our web site guides.


If you feel your item may be at fault or something is not working to your expectations, please take a look through our support portal here. We only offer support via instant message in game once the pass code has been given.


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