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It's Not Working!


If you feel that an item is “not working”. First please take the time to read all the documentation, signs and permissions stated on the item. This information is here to help you and will explain the most basic information to get things “working”. Failure to read this information is the most common cause for misunderstanding or frustration as to why something may not seem to be working correctly.

If we feel that an explanation you require could have been resolved inside our info points, you may not receive support until you quote the required support code located in the included documentation with a item. Items that contain a support code are based on a level of understanding needed to operate them. In any case please take the time to read back over info you may have missed.

Second Life® Issues

Often Second Life® can have issues when the servers are very busy. We know this as the dreaded lag monster! This can cause issues relating (but not limited to)

  • Transactions being delayed or lost. In which case if you feel you have paid L$ for an item and have not received it, then please email us your full avatar name, transaction number, time and date of the purchase to help us quickly track any payments we may have received.
  • Missing inventory items. Often resolved by clearing cache and re-logging.
  • Broken or dead scripts.
  • LSL functions not working correctly.

In each case you should first check to see if there are any outstanding grid wide issues that may be causing the fault here or here


Click here if you are experiencing bugs in your Second Life®.

Known Second Life Issues Effecting Our items

A list of things that we know to be Linden Labs issues effecting some of our items.

Known Issue After Second Life Updates

Copy & Wear on objcet broken in Linden Lab Viewer 2.x

AVpack and other boxes that require you to choose "copy and wear" have been changed to inform customers to just copy item to inventory. This is a Linden Lab issue not a Space Bums issue directly.


Things Only Rez When I Am Online

No Mod, Copy, No Transfer items items used in rezzers are only rezzed when the land officer for group land is online. Anti Grey Goo feature implemented by LL maybe?

Some AVpack Modules Broken Under H4

Some AVpack modules not functioning any longer after HAVOC4. Orbit, Gravity Wave, Lock on Junction Doors, Super Jump, Super Dash, Flight Assist.


My flight assist is not working right

This bug seems to have been fixed by LL as of Second Life® 1.20.15 by Linden Labs

My item seems to float upwards

llSetBuoyancy parameter set to 1.0 calls seems to be bugged after HAVOC4 update. Items effected include flight assists, physical animals and vehicles.

Rezzers FPS lag under HAVOC4

Since HAVOC4 sim FPS has been cyclical. During our closed stress tests we found no issues in Melanthia and we have seven anti lag rezzers running! This issue was later traced down to "Open Spaces" and the way in which these sims operate. They are classed as "light use" under the Second Life® wiki and no help will be given for usage of our items on these sims.




* Closed. Item patched.

* Repairs continue...

* Open. Known Bug..

If you spot a jira log that you think fits the reason for one of our items not working correctly after a Second Life® update, please feel free to contact us. Many thanks.




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