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General Help

Space Bums Support

Our helpers are found in the Space Bums Support group. All our names are listed there under "Helper". Anyone in the group not listed with the helper title, will be a customer. Space Bums will never,

  • ask you for Linden dollars,
  • offer services for a charge,
  • ask you to pay them for help
  • spam you
  • harass you

We are here to assist you only. We will not try to "hard sell" you any products. Please be aware of people posing as staff at our place. If you feel harassed in anyway, please IM the Space Bums Support group and we will assist you if we are online with any issues you may have relating to our items of people on our land.

Hot Helps

Some of our items may have “hot help” guides. This is a simple line of text that will be displayed once you rez an item from your inventory in world. This is quick information for the basic use of an object without making you have to flick through pages of documentation, web site support or note cards. Take note to any text displayed on your chat display as it is there to assist you.

Linden Labs Blog

A great source of current information effecting your Second Life®.

Temp Rezzer Boxes

Second Life® has the ability to rez an item for a limited period of time before it is deleted. These items are normally referred to as “Temp On Rez”. The items rezzed are taken from an allocated number of temporary prims per sim. This is like a pool of prims reserved for things that do not exist for too long but would otherwise clutter up a sim if left out. Bullets are a prime example. Many people have found alternative uses for these types of prims including us here at Space Bums.
You will see that certain items here are “rezzer compatible”. What this means is that if the item is placed inside a supported temp rezzer then the creature rezzed out will remain in world for a small amount of time (normally 80 seconds) then auto delete. This can be great as it means you could have a large collection of items in a rezzer and rez out just a few of them every few minutes to added variety to a location. We use these rezzers to display many of our Tropical Fish at our store and to cycle through the different types. While it is considered fine for small objects to be used in these temp rezzers it is generally frowned upon to use larger items like houses as these take up more sim resources to rez the item. Since the Linden Labs have made changes to the way temp on rez works, you should not consider buying a temp rezzer in the expectation to save you prims on your land. If that is what you need, simply purchase more land. Rezzing too many items will lag your sim horribly.

Particle Generators

Some of the items we sell make use of Second Life's particle system. This lets us create cool effects inside our items, and is also a cool way to display images of things like fish or bubbles or flames if you want to save on prims. When purchasing a particle system from our store, please take note that particles are not 3D tangible objects. They are 2D image representations. Do not confuse particle generators with temp rezzers as described above. Ensure you fully understand what you are buying as no refunds will be given for non transferable items bought in error due to ignorance or haste.


Some of our more complex items rely on some sort of script inside them to function.

  • DO NOT remove any scripts contained within the items.
  • DO NOT allow a buddy to remove scripts with modify rights. In most cases once a script is removed the item can be considered “dead”.
  • No refunds will be given for removal of scripts without permission from the creator.

Most things that appear dead may be due to the “No Scripts” icon being visible on the land parcel. You can see this at the top of the screen. It appears as a white sheet of paper with a red stop sign over it. Ensure the “enable scripts” option is ticked on the land. Only use these items on script enabled land.


Some of the items sold by us make use of the Second Life® HAVOC4 physics engine to give the appearance of smooth motion. If you find that an item does not seem to move or appears “dead”, please ensure than your sim has physics turned on. If you are unsure of this, then please contact your sim owner before contacting Space Bums Support with comments like “it’s broke”. This can avoid unnecessary confusion for both sides and ensure that adequate steps have been taken to eliminate possible causes of what at first glance appears to be a defective item.
As with any physical item in Second Life® please also ensure that you or anyone else near you has no any anti-physics shielding active. It is quite common for over protective avatars to walk around with these kinds of things active 24/7. Sadly, unless you are in a weapons sim, they are almost certainly more trouble then they are worth. Known offenders are things like “psiTEC” or “Power Shield”. They will disrupt a physical object, and in some cases fling items off world crashing scripts inside your objects in the process. While this great for protecting you from bullets on a battle sim, these things are a nightmare for animals and other harmless things using physics, like elevators or vehicles! It is best to only use targeted weapons on your enemies. This helps keep the rest of us, including your animals safe.

Next Owner Permissions

Some of our items will have the flag "No Transfer". This means that you can not resell them or give them to a buddy. If you require one of these creatures for a friend please IM the creator with the name of the person you wish the item to be delivered to. Please DO NOT pay for the item before you receive a confirmation IM in world.


If an item is flagged as copy enabled, this means you can create as many copies for personal use as you so wish. These items give piece of mind as they provide more value for money than no copy items. You will always have a backup copy should you lose or accidentally delete an item.


The modify flag is sometimes enabled for you to customize an item to your own needs. To change colour, size or textures. This however does not give you the right to replicate the item for resale. Any intellectual property right infringement of our items will be met with the fullest extent of regional law. For more information on this issue see
If you decide to customize an item with modify enabled, replacements for broken items will be under our discretion; limited to only one replacement a week. In the event that you may need to return an item. The item *MUST* be complete and contained in the original state including all parts. Multiple pieces of items or incomplete items will be rejected.


As with most items in Second Life®, no refunds will be given on items classed as “No Transfer”, We are unable to provide refunds for this type of item. Since it is no transfer, how are you going to give the item back? Please ensure you fully view the permissions on items at the store.


You may see vending machines in Second Life. We ask you to please be fully aware of who's item you are paying for before you buy. While we support our own items directly, we have no control over you paying money into vendors. Although we use vendors, this does not mean that your money comes to us when you make a purchase, so please be mindful. Usually merchants will advertise their name on the item or company name to help you track down where your Linden dollars went in the event of a transaction failure.





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