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Thank you for your interest in our items. If you wish to contact us in game, please use the Space Bums Support group in Second Life®.

Email Support

If you have a specific query that contains lots of information, for example transaction details, you may want to use our support email given here,


Please note that response times to email will be greater than live support group help.

Our In-world Hours

We offer support in Second Life® between GMT 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri. We ask that you respect this and not contact us outside of these hours. If you are in need of support, please click here and read carefully. Item support is via email only, please avoid using the Second Life im system unless it is an urgent matter.

Group Help

If the creator of the item is not available, please use our Space Bums Support group which is free to join to ask your questions. Please note, that these people are not the creator of the item you paid for. They simply use our items and are failure with them, enough to assist other customers. If you feel that their help is not suited to your query, then please email us using the address on this page. While group members may not be able to provide a solution to your query right away, they will be able to pass your questions on to the relevant person who created your item. If your query is regarding a purchase, please note that we may ask you for proof of purchase information before we can assist you. This will include your item transaction number and location of where you bought the item including vendor names where applicable. Please be specific in your questions and included short and to the point details to help us help you. Entering a conversation with our support members without the necessary information will just waste your time and ours. In any case, we are glad to hear from you.



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