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Overview iTP Teleporter

Teleport devices have been in Second Life since the beginning. They provide a quick and easy method of travel inside a SIM. If you need to get up to your sky box or other parts of your SIM and your flying isn't fast enough, a custom teleport system is probably what you need. Many teleport systems utilize the same kind of methods. You go somewhere, take a note of the position vectors and copy those into a note card.




  • 4096m/s teleporting.
  • Customisable - Add any number of teleport locations into the note card with recognizable names instead of hard to figure out vectors.
  • Teleporting Effects - Fans of sci-fi will love our built in ringed teleport effects and sounds.
  • Easy - Its so much easier to press a button to "SKYBASE" rather than trying to figure out what the hell <128,987,123.012,700.000> is!!!
  • Menu Driven - minimal typing, just cut and paste the recorded destination into your next iTP pad.
  • Dual Mode - Stand on the teleport pad and it goes into Config mode allowing you to travel to previously saved points to leave copies of the teleport pad..
  • Copy - make as many copies as you like.

Example Setup

Recording Vectors

To travel from place to place you'll first need to record some destinations. iTP can do this for you.

  1. Place iTP pads at the locations you need to get to.
  2. Sit on the pad on the ground. It will turn RED and enter config mode.
  3. Press the RECORD dialog button.
  4. Copy and paste the printed location in chat to your other iTP pads "Locations" notecards.


Once you've enterd your locations data, to get anywhere with the iTP you'll first need to generate a transporter beam. To do this,

  1. Simply left click the iTP pad on the ground.
  2. Left click the beam to get on it.
  3. A destinations menu will pop up asking you where you want to go, simply click where you want to go and you'll be zipped away to that location.



You can grant access to the teleporter in a number of ways. Here are examples.

Private Access

For this example we don't want anyone to be able to use it apart from you and your buddy. Select the PRIVATE button menu option. Now type your buddies name into the note card called "Private" inside the iTP's contents folder. That's it! Now only you and your buddy can ride the iTP while it is set to PRIVATE mode. Add as many friends as you like into the Private note card. The system will auto update. I suggest you do this before proceeding to leave copies or record locations using the iTP.

Group Only Access

If you wish to only allow people in the same group as you to teleport, choose the GROUP option from the menu. Each person will need to have the group which is set on the iTP to teleport. This also effects any private names in the "Private" note card.

Public Access

In PUBLIC mode you do not have to enter any names into the note card or have it set to any particular group, as its for public use anyone can use your teleporter. Just set it and forget it.



Access Permissions






Only avatars named in "Private" note card.



Avatars need group name active.







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