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"Super fast teleporting system for intra-sim travel."


Overview iTP Teleporter

Teleport devices have been in Second Life since the beginning. They provide a quick and easy method of travel inside a SIM. If you need to get up to your sky box or other parts of your SIM and your flying isn't fast enough, a custom teleport system is probably what you need. Many teleport systems utilize the same kind of methods. You go somewhere, take a note of the position vectors and copy those into a note card... while that might sound like fun, the real strength is in how easy that is to actually do. This is where Space Bums is proud to introduce to you the iTP SIM Teleporter.



Kill The Jerks!

A noticeable feature of other teleporter systems is that they almost snail crawl you to a destination. Not so with the iTP. It uses a technique to warp you to any point in a SIM up to 4096m in less time than it takes to say "holy underpants! ". We thought you might like this idea better, and hope you find it the fastest method of any teleporter you may have seen. We think our teleporter is the fastest yet.

  • 4096m/s - Speeds this fast will make any Grandma want to throw away her zimmer!
  • Customisable - Add any number of teleport locations into the note card with recognizable names instead of hard to figure out vectors.
  • Teleporting Effects - Fans of sci-fi will love our built in ringed teleport effects and sounds.
  • Easy - Its so much easier to press a button to "SKYBASE" rather than trying to figure out what the hell <128,987,123.012,700.000> is!!!
  • Menu Driven - minimal typing, just cut and paste the info the system provides you with and bingo!
  • Dual Mode - Stand on the teleport pad and it goes into Config mode allowing you to travel to previously saved points to leave copies of the teleport pad..
  • Copy - yep make as many copies as you like. Oh they are modify too!
  • Stealth - What you don't like the look of a big dirty teleporter in your love nest? Shame on you! Well we added an option to hide it using the simple menu system.
  • Free Updates Stay up to date with all the latest inventions with your free updates for life.
itp2 itp


To get anywhere with the iTP, you will first want to generate a transporter beam. To do this simply touch the iTP panel. Yep that's the big shiny thing with the funny caution marks on it so you don't trip over it! Next up you will see a faint blue transporter beam glowing away over the iTP teleporter panel. Simply click this beam to get into it. A destinations menu will pop up asking you where you want to go, simply click where you want to go and after a few cool Sci-Fi effects and anti-matter particles you will be zipped away to the new location. It's that easy and its that faaaaast!

Recording Vectors

The one time you probably noticed how much of a pain in the ass other teleporter's where, was when it came to filling in the details for them. The iTP can take some of this pain away from you. Allowing you to travel with the device recording destinations into the machine as you go. Once you are all done, it will then allow you to travel back to each point exactly and you can shift drag a copy of the panel containing all your saved data. How cool is that? This can be done by standing on the iTP. It will enter CONFIG MODE. Then you can do cool things like edit it the panel and move the whole thing around with you on it recording your positions and storing them in your note card as you go. Hit the RECORD button and iTP will give you a readout of the exact vector to place in your note card all preformatted for you.

Travel To A Save Point

Your positions are all set and you think "hmm what was that location near the tree, I want to leave a pad there...!" Press your GOTO button on the menu while standing on the pad in CONFIG MODE and you can travel back to a location in your note card with the iTP. Check out locations or delete old iTP panels and so on. If you shift drag a copy and leave it behind, you can be sure it holds all your other locations you have saved in your note card too. No need to run around multiple teleporter panels to input the same note card data. (this applies to first setup situations, you will have to edit copies of panels later obviously if you change just one out of how many panels you use). You can delete old panels if you update information, so long as you remember to shift drag a copy of your original panel containing the new information saved.

Example Setup
1 2 3
Sit on the iTP pad and touch it, you will see the CONFIG menu pop up. Now press the RECORD button to display the current position on the lower left of your screen. Copy and paste the line shown. eg, "MyNewPlace=<123.000,123.000,123.000>" and put this into your Locations note card. You can rename the "MyNewPlace" part to anything you want. Once you have saved your note card, still standing on your pad edit the panel and move it to another location you wish to record. Repeat this step adding new locations on the next line of your Locations note card.
4 5 6
Once all your locations are set. Save all your locations into your note card. Now "shift drag" a copy of the iTP panel away leaving a copy behind. Press your GOTO button on the iTP panel that you are standing on. And watch as it carries you to your other saved locations so you can leave a copy there also. All set! Simply hop off the iTP pad. Now touch your iTP pad and sit on the glowing teleporter beam to transport to any of your saved locations. woot!


You can grant access to the teleporter in a number of ways. Here is an example. Let say you want to set up a iTP so that your buddy and you can access your Sky Box in the clouds. Since its a two way trip we will need two pads. Take out an iTP pad and sit on the pad and you will see that it turns red. It is now in CONFIG MODE. When you click it with your mouse, you will be presented with a config menu allowing you to select a number of options.


For this example we don't want anyone to be able to use it apart from you and your buddy. Select the PRIVATE button menu option. Now type your buddies name into the note card called "Private" inside the iTP's contents folder. That's it! Now only you and your buddy can ride the iTP while it is set to PRIVATE mode. Add as many friends as you like into the Private note card. The system will auto update. I suggest you do this before proceeding to leave copies or record locations using the iTP.

If you wish to allow people in the same group as the iTP is set to, choose the GROUP option from the menu. Each person will need to have the iTP's group over their head to now use the teleporter. This also effects any private names in the "Private" note card. To allow anyone to use the iTP simply repeat the steps above but select the PUBLIC option. In PUBLIC mode you do not have to enter any names into the note card or have it set to any particular group, as its for public use obviously. Just set it and forget it.



Access Permissions






Only avatars named in "Private" note card.



Avatars need group name active.




Custom Sound Effects

What would a sci-fi transporter be without custom sounds and animations. While not terribly offensive or cheesy, I am sure you will like the included default effect. For those of you that prefer to have your avatar dematerialised in a more quiet fashion, you can choose the more silent type of transporter beam effect to use through the CONFIG MODE! Man we think of everything huh?



  • Fast 700m/s single step transport.
  • Multi Permissions.
  • Simple to use.
  • Menu Driven.
  • Transporter effects.
  • Low Prim (3 prims!).
  • Copy & Modify.
  • Free Updates For Life


To Do

  • Add more custom effects.
  • Allow per location permissions.
  • Add option to CTRL D a copy and have that locate the last position recorded automatically.
  • Add a current location check so the menu system hides the option to teleport to the location the iTP pad is currently at.
  • Add locations server.



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By purchasing this item you agree and fully understand that it is a copy and modify *no transfer* item. For that reason no refunds will be given. No backup copies will be sent to alternate avatar accounts. Please ensure you fully understand this before purchasing. Online help is provided through the official user group. Owners only may IM Supa Shang to join. Unauthorized duplicating of this item or contained object for resale is prohibited.


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