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Free Roaming Hopping Frogs

These frogs are a great addition to any home or garden. You can give each frog a different color to make your garden feel alive. These are no ordinary frogs. They are smart and will try their best to stay where you want them, and get past any obstacles in their way. You can put them in a terrarium, garden or even have them as a follower on your land.. 

They come complete with an easy to use HUD interface. This means you won't have to hunt through dialog menus to get things going. Simply wear the HUD, rez a frog, and you are good to go.




Quick Usage Guide


How To Get Frog To Follow You

  • Wear the HUD.
  • Press the REZ NEW button to rez a frog.
  • Press the Follow icon on the hud.

How To Get Frog To Follow Waypoints

  • Wear the HUD.
  • Press the Add Waypoint icon on the HUD.
  • Walk to another location that you would like the frog to hop to and repeat step 2.
  • Once you are done, press the Go button.

How To Get Frog To Stay In a Tank

  • Wear the HUD.
  • Rez a new Frog by pressing the Rez icon on the HUD.
  • Position the frog into your tank.
  • Press the Ignore HUD icon on the HUD.
  • Frog will now tell you to left click and hold him for 2 seconds so that all commands from your HUD will be ignored.
  • To enable the frog to listen to the HUD again, simply left click and hold the frog for 2 seconds.

How To Color Your Frog

  1. Wear the HUD.
  2. Rez a frog.
  3. Press the Color Picker icon on the HUD.
  4. The frog will ask you to select him so you can color him. Left click the frog you wish to color.
  5. Select the color from the HUD color picker.
  6. Close color picker once you are happy with the color.

How To Rename Your Frog

  1. Wear the HUD.
  2. Rez a frog from by pressing the Rez icon.
  3. Press on the Name tag icon.
  4. Type the name of your frog into main chat.

Other Options

  • Call Home - tells the frog to report his last position in chat, so you can click the link to teleport to him.
  • Sounds - toggle croaking sound on/off.
  • TPFX - toggle teleporting particle fx on/off
  • Training Hoop - rez a jumping hoop for your frog to play with.
  • Info - A single click provides the link to this website. Long clicking and holding the info button will check for any updates to the product. 

Your frog has a number of options for convenience.


  • Try not to cross sim borders while your frog is following you. Although I have not tested this - it is generally a bad idea, since Second Life is notorious for losing physical objects while crossing sim borders - never to be seen again.
  • Once a frog has started hopping, he will ignore all further HUD commands until he is stopped by pressing the STOP icon on the HUD. This is so you can program different frogs for different areas easily.
  • If a frog has been told to ignore the HUD, you can enable it again by left clicking and holding the frog for 2 seconds. Do not confuse this as a bug, it is an intended "low lag" feature designed to allow you to use frogs as static pets for a terrarium or edge of a pond.


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