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Attacks and Weapons

AVpack comes complete with its own weapons and attack system. The attacks listed on this page comply with the Linden Labs TOS and do not override land push restrictions. They are designed to work on 'Script, Push, Damage & Create Object' enabled land. They are to be used in the context of fair role play combat and not intended to be used to grief other residents. Space Bums will not be held accountable for the misuse of these attacks or weapons.




Just a little bit of fun more than a weapon. Show a loved one a some playful pain or remind an enemy you are watching them with a cheeky spank! If your partner is hogging the TV remote, you may want to try show your love with one of the other weapons below.

  • Simply target an avatar
  • Type /spank or use the spank button on the Attack options on the hud.
  • This weapon does no damage at all.


whip Whip

Whip your buddies or loved ones into shape with your good old trusty whip. Simply wear and enter mouse-look and left click to whip.

  • Range 5m
  • Type /rez whip to rez and then wear.


shock Electro Shock

Super charge your frustration and let your enemies understand what 500,000volts feels like up their butt. Used on push enabled land this quick blast of supercharged particles will ignite the air around your avatar to incredibly high temperatures. The resulting air rises sharply and cold air snaps back into place to fill the void causing a temporary consolidation of super charged ions that blast every non shielded avatar up into the clouds. In other words - it go bang, they be dead!

  • Easy to use, just type #es or hit the SHOCK icon on your HUD.
  • Warning may result in IM's from your buddies containing the likes of "I'm in some sim called "Testiclelatropalis" TP me!" or "My hair is up my ass!"


rpg RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher)

Weapons can be fun and a great pass time. One of the more fun weapons of AVpack is the RPG Launcher. With this awesome weapon you can humiliate your enemies and kill them with non conventional projectiles. Imagine how your enemy would feel explaining to his commander that that he was killed by one of your flying fridge freezers? The RPG is packet with a bunch of interesting and humorous items to fire at your enemies and more are added as AVpack improves. The RPG makes great group blasting fun and leaves the landscape covered in interesting and unusual temporary on rez objects.

  • Simply touch the rear of the cannon to select damage and bullet type.
  • Touch the side scope and you can choose the bullets speed.
  • Type /rpg to rez and wear one.


socom SOCOM SBMK23 Assault Handgun

While the AVpack is not primarily designed to be a overall combat system it does however sport some cool looking weapons and anti griefer devices to help protect you. This is one of them. Welcome to your SOCOM SBMK23 assault handgun. Now all space bums out there will be armed with this beauty as it is right inside your AVpack. Here are a few of its features.

  • healthSmart custom slot holster which also controls the guns overall features. This avoids you having to chase after a gun in your hand.
  • The SOCOM can use AVpack ammo and health stashes while playing in ACS mode. Type /health or /ammo to drop these on a map before playing. Any SOCOM owner can run over these stashes to top up their health or ammo.
  • Custom sound effects for silencer, normal fire, drawing & holstering the weapon and also ammo changes.
  • A choice of firing modes including. Lock (never miss), Target (line of sight) Push (bullets), Shield (phantom bullets) & Soap (harmless!)
  • Gun can be worn at all times and only when pressing holster, hud or gestures will it appear.
  • Use gun, hud or gestures to holster it.
  • Silencer mode for those stealthy kills.
  • Guns can be discarded.
  • Type /socom to get one.
  • Optional HUD.
  • The SOCOM is given to you in your inventory. Please look for the folder and attach the contents to your avatar. For optimal use we suggest wearing all the attachments and also the gestures as it makes drawing and holstering your weapon a cinch.
  • Updated: SOCOM now has its own RP combat system built right in. The ACS system allows for multiplayer combat.
  • AVpack contains a few structures to drop out inside your combat map. Simply type /tower or /tunnel to rez these.

ft Flame Thrower

When things get rough or your building skills my be at a slump, turn to your trusty flame unit to relieve some of your hard days stress! Simply rez and wear the "Flame Unit" from the AVpack. You can then go about setting your frustration on fire. Enter mouse look and press your left mouse button to send a 15ft blast of ignited petroleum in the direction you are looking. If your fire passes over objects they will ignite. If your blast passes over avatars they will catch light and be pushed away by the burning heat! If avatar targets are in a damage zone, they will be continually damaged until they die! This is a fun weapon and should only be used with the permission of others. Setting your neighbours washing line on fire is often frowned upon!

  • Type /ft to get one.
  • Avatars on fire can jump into Linden water to put themselves out.
  • Touch base of thrower to choose how long to cook your enemies for!
  • Model based on the same design as used by Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens film.


grenade Grenades

Plain and simple if you toss these over at a crowd, well.... there wont be a crowd anymore! Provides a powerful blast that can easily take out a bunch of people without prejudice. Will not kill you so you can throw them over the opposite teams wall and not worry about shrapnel cramping your style! Throw them from the air and watch people on the floor wave to you as they fly past! Use with care or in a combat zone only.

  • Type /grenade to rez and wear.
  • Enter mouse-look to throw grenade.
  • Pet owners should not use these to play fetch with!


gas Poison Gas

When bullets fail you, try some poison gas. Just click the icon to deploy a canister and with a quick click anyone around you will be driven away by the choking gas.

  • Type /gas to rez it.
  • Left click for options menu.
  • Works in push zones only.
  • Gas covers a wide area and will effect any avatar that strays too close and breathes in its lethal mix of nerve toxins.


sentry Robot Sentry Gun

Don't spray and pray! Let your robot sentry gun do all the hard work on those pesky enemies for you! If all that hard work of murdering your enemies is getting you some blisters, you may wish to take a break and put the kettle on and leave your automated robot sentry gun to do the work for you. This robotic defence buddy will happily shoot your enemies for hours as you kick back and put your feet up. Anyone not wearing the same active group as the sentry will be shot at. Simply rez one out and left click to turn the power on. You can choose rom a number of attacks like script push, prim exploding rockets, eject, ban, send home. More details here.

  • Type /sentry to rez one out.
  • Left click the red shell at the top for options menu.
  • Group land owners may want to rez the included server to enable land features.
  • Important: Group land owners MUST deed the sentry server to the land group in order for it to function correctly for bans, ejects and send homes.
trap Trap

When under attack remember the three golden rules, defence, immobilise, attack. Your trap should be the second thing you think about after you have shielded yourself from an attack. Attacking comes last. This invisible trap should be enough to stop anyone running around shooting stuff at you. If they happen to left click and sit on the trap, it will zip them off out of site from your position giving you time to prepare an AR or (if you want some fun with them first) choose one of your own weapons to use on them. The trap will follow a person within the same sim up to 4096m. It is designed to trap moving enemies too, so should provide you with a means to defend yourself if someone is being a pain.

  • Target an enemy first then use the chat command #tr
  • Press STOP on the hud or type # to clear.


blind Blind

Out of sight out of mind. After trapping an enemy you can put a Blinder orb on them to prevent them having a clear line of sight to fire things at you. Watch in amusement as the griefer or enemy tries to fire in all directions to hit you unable to see where you are! Complete with its built in annoying repeating sine wave tone, this simple but effective attack will have your enemies teleporting away or begging for you to remove it in no time.

  • Target an enemy first then type /blind
  • Press STOP or chat command # to remove.


float Float

Need to get someone out of your face? Place a floater around them and watch as they zip off up above the clouds. Surround your enemies in a physical bubble and wave them goodbye. If used indoors, you can stick avatars to the ceiling and watch them roll around.

  • Target an enemy or friend first.
  • Type /floater to rez one
  • Press STOP or type # to remove.


throw Throw

Press this button to have a nearby avatar thrown over your head. If your buddy misbehaving and you just want to grab them and shake them by the shoulders because they just wont leave you alone to build? Why not teach them a lesson and throw them over the side of your sky station instead!

  • Target an avatar first.
  • Press the Throw icon on the HUD or type chat command /throw
  • Press STOP to turn off the effect.


kill Kill

The good old script push. This one needs no explanation. Target a nearby enemy and hit this button to send them flying. Since the introduction of HAVOC4 effects of this attack will be unfortunately reduced :/

  • Target an avatar
  • Press Kill icon on AVHUD or type the chat command #x
  • This is a run once effect and so needs to STOP or remove command.


crowd Crowd Control

If you need a quick way to clear avatars surrounding you, then this is what you need. This attack does not need any target. Press this button to make all nearby surrounding avatars fly into the air on push enabled land. This attack could be used in a situation where you are being pursued on foot by an enemy squad who are getting too close to you.

  • Type #cc to engage.
  • This is a run once effect and so needs no STOP or remove command.


zp Zone Push

Create a temporal mass around an avatar which will cause them to be pushed into the air then pulled into its centre. The dual nature of this attack can be fun to watch, as an enemy is repeatedly bashed into the floor then sucked into the sky.

  • Target an enemy first.
  • Type #zp to rez one out.
  • If issued without a target, you can join in on the fun as you will also be pulled up and down.
  • Press STOP or type chat command # to remove.


fireball Fireball

Shooting at an enemy is all fine and well, but if you prefer to watch them cook instead, then this attack could be for you. Simply target an enemy then press the fireball attack to watch your enemy burst into flames and be shot off up into the air like a meteorite in reverse!

  • Target an enemy first.
  • Press the Fireball icon on the AVHUD or type the chat command #fb to attack.
  • Press STOP or chat command # to remove.


pan Frying Pan

So you have trapped your enemy, blown them up, smashed them into the ground, set them on fire and now, while they are left kicking and screaming for their mommy... there is only one thing left to do. Beat them over the head with a frying pan! It's one thing to suffer an attack, but to have your head used as a improvised break for a kitchen utensil, that is comedy in the making! Give it a try the next time someone thinks that they can 'cook' with you!

  • Type /pan to rez and wear.
  • Enter mouse-look and left click to beat an enemy with your pan.


mine Land Mine

Watch out for the... BOOM! Those who fight and run away will live to fight another day... Oh yeah!?! Well not if they don't have any legs! Before your enemies think about running away, first be sure to put a landmine in their way!

Run across the battlefield clicking your rez landmine icon on your AVHUD to leave a trail of deadly mines. Anyone foolish to follow in your path will have plenty of time to think why that wass a bad idea in the first place as they fall out of the sky!

  • Press the Land Mine icon on your AVHUD or type /rez mine
  • Will turn invisible and arm itself on contact with the ground.
  • Left clicking will show them again.
  • Shooting objects at them will also cause them to explode.


mortar Trip Mortar

Need to take out Johnny Rocket pants and his tag along squad of pistol packing potato heads? Stick a trip mortar out in a bottle kneck and this will do the whole lot of them! On contact with avatars the spring loaded mechanism will send a bunch of napalm laced frag grenades into the air over an enemies head. As they watch the pretty little winged object fall to the ground they will wish they too had wings as their whole dumb squad is sent flying back home screaming!

  • Press Trip Mortar icon on AVHUD to rez.
  • Wait for the device to position itself near your feet, then walk 10m away before turning to left click and arm it.
  • Left click again to disarm.


spanner Spanner (explosives, traps and things to throw)

While not wanting to bog down the AVpack menu with every weapon under the sun, we thought it would be cool to put only the most used ones on the AVpack menu and then additional fun stuff in their own tool. The Spanner is a wearable tool that allows you to deploy a number of these other weapons and explosives devices. These fun weapons can be used by wearing the "Spanner" from the weapons menu. Left click the and choose the type of weapon or object to throw using the menu, then enter mouse look and fire to drop or throw them. You can drop or throw the following,

  • Plant Linden trees. Simple select type of tree and use mouse look to plant seeds. They grow right away, no waiting for days!
  • Land Mines, Mortars & Exploding Walls. (Only use when on the ground as they will auto position when dropped for ground use.)
  • Nuts & Bolts (Throw these at a friends head and watch them give you some funny looks!)
  • Dynamite. These stick to static objects. (Throw these and they will fuse for 10 seconds and then explode!)
  • Bombs are handy to bounce around a corner or down into your enemies bunker as the roll.
  • Flares (Throw these around and create clouds of smoke.)
  • Piano - drop a piano on someone's head and kill them.
  • Fun Ball - encase a friend in a green drag enabled ball. Throw them into Linden water and the ball will bounce.
  • Crapper Trapper - Cage friends or enemies in a steel trap. Touch the top to drop poop on their head!

There is other stuff in there but we wanted to leave it for you to check out.


Note to potential griefers: All the weapons listed here comply with the Second Life land options and will not circumvent push restrictions or cause harm to residents protected with push disabled on their land.


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