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Bouncy Bouncer

Do you ever remember those "Space Hoppers" that were around when you were young? Over at Space Bums sky labs, we decided it was time to relive some of our youth and create our very own version; but make even better than the original. We are proud to introduce to you the "Bouncy Bouncer".

  • Type /bouncy bouncer to rez one
  • Sit on bouncer to hop around on it.
  • Page Up/Down increase and decrease bounce height.
  • Arrow keys move and turn you around.
  • Left click while seated to access options menu.





Introducing the "Skimmer" from Space Bums. More fun that strapping two bottle rockets to your feet and hopping over hot coals! In our attempts to bring a little high speed fun back to Second Life we'd like to welcome you to our efforts. The "Skimmer" is the rocket propelled equivalent to your everyday skateboard. Only with our machine we have removed the wheels, added an ion drive and thrown in a couple of liquid fuelled thrusters just to be on the safe side!

Anyone who has watched sci-fi movies will love this vehicle. While not overly complex to operate it is simply a matter of "hop and go". You can choose from a number of control handling abilities to suite what type of anti gravity fun you wish to pursue.

  • Single rider hover board.
  • Custom animations
  • Land, Sea & collision sound effects & particle effects.
  • Choose from a number of control modes including Balanced, Cruise, Race or Extreme.
  • Customize your body or thruster colours.
  • Lights.
  • Auto pilot docking to Sky Station lander decks.
  • Change body colours.
  • Speedometer
  • Auto recovery.
  • Camera options.

Tip: Click the rear spoiler of the Skimmer XT to see its main menu, from here you can rez a HUD or customize its flight control or colours.

Also included is a two seater Skimmer Rocket Scooter. Now you can give your buddies a quick lift somewhere.


AVChair - Non Physical Seat

Ever needed a way to just chill out, build or follow your buddies around and put your feet up at the same time? Now you can with the AVChair. This non physical mobile chair will allow you to travel through object as though they were not even there. Protect you from enemy weapons, build at high altitudes or simply provide you with a quick seat. Touch the back of the chair and you get a choice of camera following options so you can select what is best for you.

  • Type /chair or /seat to rez one.
  • Sit on chair and use arrow keys to move.
  • Touch chair to change camera following options and altitude warp.



Rocket Pod

This is cool! A rocket pod to blast you and three of your buddies up into space! Strap on your sky diving goggles and hop on this baby and let your trousers experience MkII among other things! You can adjust the speed of take off and also your altitude. Simply rez, jump on and click for some rocket powered sky diving fun.

  • Sick bags and medical insurance not included!




What better way to get around the clouds than with a cool looking flyer. We wanted to make a cruiser designed for smooth free flight so you can actually enjoy flying. Being a fan of the physical mouse flyers, we decided to create a craft based around that same engine type. Welcome to the “Alpha Flyer”. We have tweaked and poked this thing to make it look as cool as we could. With land, air and underwater detection effects, this is one cool craft. With a powerful thrust engine and added custom weapons and lasers, this makes the Alpha Flyer more than your average craft. Lower or lift landing gear and it will communicate with Sky Station “Landers” so they show you where to land at night. Also as standard is the ability to allow or disallow passengers (even while in flight). The Alpha Flyer is perfect for cruising out and about the Sky Station. Take this bird up as high as you can and paint your way across the sky using your own custom tail smoke stream. Dog fight with friends using no push or push weapons or race around checkpoints. We hope you have as much fun flying it as we had building it.


  • Type /flyer to rez one out.




The term skiff has been used to refer to many various types of small boats. This craft is no exception. With this vehicle you can carry people up to your Sky Station.

  • Type /skiff to rez one.
  • Once you are near a lander deck, click it and your Skiff will auto land for you.
  • Click the back of the craft and a rear hatch opens plus foot ramp.
  • Simply sit in the craft to pilot it. Mouse-flyer control.
  • Click control panel for menu options.





This cool helicopter is based around the OH-6 Cayuse design. It is an awesome way to travel around in Second Life®. Explore SL from above the clouds. Take a friend or partner on a trip or introduce a new person to flying vehicles in SL®.

It features:

  • Taxi mode, so you can choose to allow passengers.
  • Switch between different camera modes. Backseat, Outside, Top, Rear and more.
  • Comes with its own HUD for easy access to most used functions.
  • Speed controls.
  • Wearable headphones with control tower sound effects.
  • Ejector seat.
  • Phantom object mode to allow you to fly through solid objects.
  • Cruise, Race, Balanced and Extreme flight modes.
  • Lights and dust particle effects.
  • Can be used as a sky diving vehicle.
  • Customised colours with presets.



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