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The AVHUD scanner is designed to show you who are around your locality. This is always handy to have. To see how important a proximity scanner is, simply turn it off for a few moments, and you will have a sense of feeling lost in Second Life, not knowing if there is anyone around or anyone to talk to. If you share the land with a group, your scanner is an essential tool for keeping track of your friends. It can help you pinpoint where to go when looking for a buddy or allow you much needed seconds to hop on a shield if you spot an enemy nearby.

Usage is simple. Click the AVHUD scanner icon to enable or disable your scanner.

  • Click the scanner prim for the additional options which allows you to tweak its settings.
  • Ping = How many times a second you wish your scanner to scan an area.
  • Range = How far avatars have to be before they are locked into sim scanner tracking mode.
  • Alerts = Audible alert when a new avatar enters scanner range.
  • Grab Keys = Print avatar keys into chat.
  • Status Bar = Open or close the status bar on the top of the screen. This allows you to see things like Sims name, number of avatars in sim, position, land owner, parcel size, sim FPS (frames per second), sim Time dialation, scan ping speed, Sim performance, altitude, sea level, ground level and velocity.

To lock the status bar to the top of your screen, click and hold it for one second. This will prevent it from being packed away when your AVHUD is closed. Click and hold it again for one second to enable status bar to be put away when AVHUD is closed.



This device extends your open chat listening range. Rez a Spy prim and select a target to spy on. Once spy is out of your range it will turn on an open channel listener. You can then see what a resident that is out of your text chat range is typing. This can be a handy way to stay in touch with a fellow builder up at a sky box or in a different sim, without the need for constant IM windows being open, blocking your view. Optionally this device can be used in RP combat situations to listen in on enemy chatter. It only relays text chat, not voice chat. Usage of this device should only be with the other persons consent. You should not use this device to intrude on the privacy of other residents without their consent.

  • Pressing the STOP icon on your AVHUD or typing # will delete your spy.


drones Drone

This device is similar to the Spy device, but instead of being locked to a target, it allows you to position it based on where your Alt Camera is. This means that the text chat it relays back to you can be from wherever the drone is. Once you return your camera to normal view, the drone will show itself again and hover above you so you can delete it or use it again. Try to use this within sims that allow scripts as allowing the drone to hover over non script enabled land may cause it to stop or be lost.

Guard your Sky Station, listen to the plans of your role playing enemies, or build in a remote sim and talk to your buddies and vice-versa without IM windows all over your screen with these handy listener drones. Take them out and touch them and you will get a menu to allow you to hide them or position with the use of your "alt camera" view. They will listen to open chat and copy you in on what is being said while you are not there.


  • Use wisely as "ear wigging" on other residents open chat using scripted devices is against the Second Life TOS. Drones or Bugs must only be used in a role playing scenario or where consent is given for relay chatting. You may be suspended if caught using chat bugs to grief others. You have been warned.


urlbug URL Bug

Catch spoken URL's from people around you in world. You can get to web sites quickly without having to cut and paste URL's from SL to a browser. You and your buddies can then touch the ball that appears over your head to go to the web page that was detected.

  • Type /url to toggle on or off.
  • Will display URL typed into open chat as a ball over your head.
  • Click URL ball above your head to visit website.



This handy particle finder allows you to visually locate an enemy or friend that is nearby but out of sight. It can also be used to locate lost objects (providing you know their name). Once initialised, you will see a particle beam emitting from above your avatar pointing towards the direction of the avatar or object you are looking for.

  • Type /find [name] to find something or someone.
  • Type # or press STOP to quit.




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