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One of the core strengths of AVpack is the amount of awesome objects that you can rez with it. There are far too many objects to list in detail here. Most people find their own uses for these objects, so I won't go into detail on all of them. Rather, I will list below a few of the commonly used ones. Be sure to try each rezzable item and click it to see what it does. We are sure you will have fun checking them all out.



The AVchair is the single most useful tool you will ever use if you consider yourself a serious big builder. Often your avatar is standing or hovering while you build, but if you decide to move large objects with you, you will want to stay near your build or get another view from a different angle. Ever zoomed far away from a position only find that small objects disappear out of sight? With the AVchair you will be near what you look at and they will show up every time. With the AVchair you can track all around your structure and your seat will position itself . Hop off the AVchair and it and it turns into a trusty work light above your head and then follows you around.

  • Type /chair or select it from the AVpack menu.
  • Non physical and could act as a pseudo sit shield too.
  • Works while inside same SIM as build.
  • Can travel from ground up to 4096m altitude maximum.
  • Carry a buddy with it's buddy seat option.
  • Rez other decks and bays with its simple menu interface.
  • Camera control options.
  • Altitude warping.
  • Change seat colour




A what? A Skubble, short for Sky Bubble, this small enclosure can provide a quick hangout in a hurry to TP your buddies too. You could use it as a spectator platform for your friends to stand on as you build in the sky. Alternatively you could lock them inside and fill it with basketballs from your Spanner like we do, and see who the last person standing is! ;-)


  • Click the glowing rim around the edge to close the Skubble
  • Sit on the Skubble to hop inside it.
  • When closed, fill it with bouncing physical objects like basketballs for some extra fun.
  • You can texture it or colour it to fit your needs.
  • Set it to physical and roll down mountains.



Work Bay

Building on the ground is almost always subject to people walking past and asking you questions. There are numerous sky boxes out there or platforms to help you avoid the random passers by. And we didn't want you to feel left out, so we grabbed our tools and came up with a work bay for you to rez out in the air and get busy with your new creations in private. It has a menu so you can close or open the access hatches and also kill it when it is not in use. Simple easy and lag free.


  • /bay
  • /workbay
  • /rez 512bay



Sky Deck

Rez from a choice of sky decks to suite your needs. The LANDER deck can be used for more permanent activities while the normal low prim SKY DECK is ideal for short term emergency cybering (cough!) erm!.. building or scripting away from crowds!


  • /deck
  • /rez deck10
  • /rez deck20
  • /rez deck30
  • /lander



Chair & Stand & Photo Booth

Simple enough! Rez one and you have somewhere to sit or somewhere to put your make-up on! The Photo booth is ideal for designers wanting to take pics of poses or objects against a screen that they wish to cut out in a paint program.


  • /stand
  • /chair
  • /pb




Don't worry it has nothing to do with Austin Powers or 70's disco's! These signal flares will help you or your buddies locate you or a target from the air. They will illuminate the area around them the same colour as the signal smoke so they will operate perfect during the night as well as daytime. They also have custom sound effects like real flares do when they burn. They are temp on rez although you can edit that so they are permanent once they are out. They have a touch operated menu so you can turn them on or off and they will even change smoke colour at random. I sure you will find some fun use for them.


  • /f




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