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botRepair Bot

Meet "WD40" your robotic buddy. He will interact with you and your buddies. When it's dark outside he will light your way. He is invulnerable to any weapons we have tested on him. He's cute and he's friendly but he doesn't like being sat on and will promptly boot you or anyone off and send them flying! He can weld, kill avatars using a number of cinematic effects and react to the things you or other people say. Once he is out and wandering around he is never far behind you. If you get out of sight he will let you know. You can tell him to follow you or others or target people or objects, spy on people, chat through him. He laughs, cries and is the cutest looking BOT you will see in SL. He is waterproof and guaranteed to not fight with your kids or pets! He is partial to lubricating spray.

  • Type /bot to rez a Repair Bot.
  • Touch him for his menu options.

Menu Options

  • INTERACT = Toggles his chat listener on/off.
  • FOLLOW = Choose an avatar for BOT to follow.
  • BEAM = Send out a locating beam to point to a avatar.
  • SCAN&KILL = Bot locks an avatar key and kills.
  • EARGRIEF = Bot emits an annoying sine wave tone to confuse enemies in battle or to fend off unwanted avatars.
  • BOMB = See weapons.
  • SHOCK = See Weapons.
  • SPY = Turns Bot into Spy mode. He will report back to you chat heard around him.
  • BOTCHAT = Same as the Ghost Mode on AVpack only spoken chat will appear to come from the BOT.
  • WD-50 = Lubricating spray. He loves that stuff. Give him a weekly squirt and he'll surely thank you.
  • LIGHTS = Turns on his SIM lights. When its dark out Bot can light your path.
  • WELDSPOT = Can be used to park your bot somewhere and let him get down to what he does best, welding your space station. Say "work" and he will look for a weldspot close to him.

Chat Commands

Here are the chat commands he responds to in chat or shout. He will react to these words spoken in chat.

  • on - Turns BOT on. (You know what I mean! Sheez! stop laughing... :) )
  • off - Turn BOT off.
  • come - makes BOT come back to the owner if he is following someone.
  • roam - Makes BOT follow the closest person he picks up on his sensors. With roam active you can walk past crowds and he will hang about them.

Response commands. BOT will reply to these key words.

  • hi
  • hello
  • grrr,
  • >:(
  • lol
  • lmao
  • rofl
  • hi sexy
  • yo
  • shut up
  • oil?
  • bye
  • goodbye
  • omg
  • wow
  • holy sh*t
  • wb
  • happy birthday
  • sing

BOT will only sing happy birthday when owner says "happy birthday" this is to stop the public driving you nuts with the tune.


BOT can kill people in push enabled areas. Be careful where you use his weapons as he has been known to take out whole crowds without prejudice!

  • SHOCK - Same as Electro Shock inside AVpack only this will rez around BOT and kill avatars within range of the blast.
  • BOMB - Drop a 20kg impact bomb. Kills anyone within range of blast except owner.

Other Features

Due to his non physical nature Bot has trouble crossing SIM borders and will state that he has lost you. For now try to remain in the same sim as your bot if you wish to use him. If you want him as a permanent figure around your space station rez out a prim and name it "weldspot" then tell your bot to "work" and he will stay by it. Bot is still work in progress so he will get better in future.



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