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Emubbles (Emote Bubbles)

Have you always found it a problem to disappear away from the PC from time to time to grab a coffee or open a door for someone, only to come back to a chat history full of "Hello, hello? You there??? pffff". That's why we thought it was a good idea to include some sort of easy to use visualization system to let peeps know you have popped out from your desk to do something. Speech bubbles or Emubbles(c) are an effective way to let people know what you are doing. Try them out see what you think. Here are the ones included in the AVpack so far.

  • /afk = Away From Keyboard
  • /brb = Be Right Back
  • /busy = Busy
  • /scr = Scripting
  • /zzz = Asleep
  • /ps = Photoshop
  • /bld = Building
  • /phone = Phone
  • /im = IM's
  • /birthday = It's my birthday
  • /vote = Vote for me!
  • /avpack = AVpack logo. Handy to show someone where to buy one if they click it.


There is an Emubbles section on the AVHUD to allow you to drag and drop your own textures onto. You can replace the default Emubbles with your own images. Check out the Emubbles section of AVHUD to see what bubbles are available.


  • Usage: Get an inventory texture UUID by right clicking on any texture inside your Inventory - Copy Asset UUID.
  • Type /bubble [texturename] or /bubble [textureUUID] (use CTRL V to paste texture UUID after command)
  • Could be used to promote your own products or services or to find work.
  • Add your own texture to AVpack for use.
  • Example /bubble yo or /bubble ac17a27f-a02d-2d3a-fcbe-cd4cd58dca34
  • Drop a texture (256x256) onto the Emubble section of your AVHUD and you can customise your messages.
  • Do a 20 second Emubble by typing *texturename. As long as the image is inside the AVpack poofer prim above your head it will work.
  • All of the textures for use with the Poofers and Emubbles are stored in the child prim above your avatars head. To quickly add or replace textures for use, type /avpack and use Edit Linked Parts option from your Edit window to edit the contents of that prim.
  • Use only full permissions textures for your poofers or emubbles as due to the way Second Life handles textures some no transfer or no modify textures may not work. This applies to the AVHUD also.



This is a functional avatar and object finder. Type /find [name] and it will search for that person or objects name. Select the name and a stream of particles show where they are. Type # or hit STOP on the HUD and it will shut down and remove particle beam nd current target. Handy for pinpointing friends around you and also to help find lost objects you accidentally zipped into next doors swimming pool! Default range 96m.

  • Select FIND from AVpack menu or type #t (select persons name)
  • Type #b to locate again.
  • To find objects type /find [object name]
  • To narrow a search closer to you, change the scanners range from 96m to anything you like using eg, /range 5 (Don't forget to change your range back after use).




Express yourself with this easy to use particle poofer! Operation is simple. Type a period (full stop for the Brit's) a space and then the name of the texture to poof from the AVpack's poofer inventory and, well poof there it is! Example. [period] [space] [name] ". woot" or ". yo". There are tonnes built into the AVpack so give them a whirl. Look for the poofer texture names in your AVpack. Type /pooflist for the full list. More poofers will be added with future AVpack updates giving you even more value for money. To see where the AVpack keeps all it's poofer textures type /avpack and use Edit window, Edit Linked parts on that prim above your head.



Poofer Instructions

All commands are, by default, on the chat channel "0" or whatever you have that channel number set at.
To poof on that channel put a "." then a space and then your texture name. Typing "." will cause the poofer to poof last used poofer texture. Texture can be changed by typing . [texturename]

. name
will cause the texture to change to [name].
/pooftime time
will change how long it poofs for.
/poofrate rate
will change how often it emits during a poof.
/poofnum num
set how many particles emitted during each emission.
/poofscale size
set the scale of the particle. ( Size is a float, not a vector )
/poofspeed speed
set the speed of emitted particles.
tells you all of the settings ( pooftime, poofspeed, etc. ).
cause the script to reset and load default values.

The note card "#poofconfig" contains commands to be executed when it is first run. To add your own you can simply drag a texture from your inventory into the AVpack and it will be ready for use.

  • To send out poofers to an avatar, target them first using #t then type call a poofer with . texturename .
  • To send the last used poofer to a targeted avatar or object type #f or "." on its own.
  • Once an avatar or object is targeted all poofers you call will go to them. To remove that type #end.
  • You can even add your own textures into the AVpack and the particle poofer will poof them on command. Target somebody with the AVpack and you can send your emote images to that person. We use these allot to express ourselves and they can be more fun than simple text.
  • To recall the list of poofers in your AVpack inventory type /pooflist.


AVHUD Poofers

You can also make life easier for yourself and use the AVHUD to call your poofers. Pressing the Poofer section of the AVHUD will expand your poofer icons out. Pressing the flip feature button will cycle the six options you have available. You will see that the poofer images are organised into specific moods like happy, angry, excited and so on. At the far right you can see icons labeled "Drop Your Texture Here". This is where you would place a fully permissive (mod,copy,tans) texture from your inventory. Drop it onto the face of the poofers icon and it will be ready for use with our built in poofer images. If you left press the icon with your new texture painted on the front, it will tell AVpack to poof your texture. It is so easy with the AVHUD.



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