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Land Options

Ever had a troublesome other on your land? Ever wanted a quicker way to rid of them without having to slap on a shield and hope that they don't nail you before you fill in an abuse report? Well we hope the land options of the AVpack will help you. Simply select the "Land" menu on the Avpack and you have the option to scan and perform operations on an avatar targeted. You can Eject, Unsit, Ban, Unban or simply check what avatars around you (96m) are over your land. This should provide a quick and efficient way of managing your land and also any trouble that turns up on your doorstep. Secondly if you select the RADIO option you can choose from a list of internet radio stations contained inside the #Stations note card to play on your land. you can add your own and it is only a couple of clicks away.




Land owners can change radio stations by pressing this button. You can also add your favourite station to the radio stations note card inside the AVpack. Keep to the same format. (Station Name)(=)(URL). Simply hover over your land. Click radio button select a station and bingo!

  • Type /r for radio menu.
  • If you have a HUDTV box out on the sim, avatars with the same active group as the land can change the lands radio stream to one in their AVpack. Ensure that your AVpack has the same active group as the land to be able to do this.


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