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Web Search

Sometimes it is handy to quickly look up a fact, conversation piece, image or whatever on the internet. Maybe you want to see how you latest product is doing on the online markets or maybe you just want to find some nice textures for your build. Now its easy to do right from your AVpack. AVWebSearch like a mini favourites for search engines. You type the name of what you want to look for and AVpack will display to you a bunch of engines to use to look for that query.

  • With AVpack its easy. Just type /search [any name]
  • A menu will display allowing you to search the net using that engine or site.
  • You can even add your own search url's into the Websearch note card in the AVpack.
  • Skip the menus and use the quick commands /google [name] or /imdb [name] or /wiki [name]


SLURL Generator

A handy feature for people that operate web sites is the ability to directly link them to Second Life places on the map. You can do this with the infamous SLURL links. For information on SLURL use please visit the official info page. AVpack allows you to create a SLURL wherever your avatar is in Second Life. You type the easy to remember command and AVpack creates the SLURL link for you and will even open a preview to the SLURL map web site for you. Copy that link into your profile, web page or anywhere else you wish to use the link and people can visit that spot. Handy for companies to promote themselves or get noticed on the web or for people with vendors all over SL that want a handy way to get back to them without looking for Landmarks in their inventory. You could keep personal bookmarks in your browser to all your favourite places.

  • Simply type /slurl to generate your SLURL links



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