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Web Search

Sometimes it is handy to quickly look up a fact, conversation piece, image or whatever on the internet. Maybe you want to see how you latest product is doing on the online markets or maybe you just want to find some nice textures for your build. Now its easy to do right from your AVpack. AVWebSearch like a mini favourites for search engines. You type the name of what you want to look for and AVpack will display to you a bunch of engines to use to look for that query.

  • With AVpack its easy. Just type /search [any name]
  • A menu will display allowing you to search the net using that engine or site.
  • You can even add your own search url's into the Websearch note card in the AVpack.
  • Skip the menus and use the quick commands /google [name] or /imdb [name] or /wiki [name]


SLURL Generator

A handy feature for people that operate web sites is the ability to directly link them to Second Life places on the map. You can do this with the infamous SLURL links. For information on SLURL use please visit the official info page. AVpack allows you to create a SLURL wherever your avatar is in Second Life. You type the easy to remember command and AVpack creates the SLURL link for you and will even open a preview to the SLURL map web site for you. Copy that link into your profile, web page or anywhere else you wish to use the link and people can visit that spot. Handy for companies to promote themselves or get noticed on the web or for people with vendors all over SL that want a handy way to get back to them without looking for Landmarks in their inventory. You could keep personal bookmarks in your browser to all your favourite places.

  • Simply type /slurl to generate your SLURL links



This part of the guides will show you how to setup your AVEmail server. It will show you how to send emails and also how to add contacts for quick access.
Second Life is a great place to communicate with others so we wanted AVpack to join in on the fun. With your AVpack and an “AVEmail Server” out in world you can send or receive emails to and from your buddies with just a few typed commands. -Limits on body text of emails = 1024 chars

How do I set this up?

First you MUST ensure that you have a permanent place to store the “AVEmail Server”. This is a small box located inside your AVpack and it is this device that does all the communicating to the outside world and back to your avatar. To get an “AVEmail Server” type /avemailserver

How to I configure AVpack to use this thing?

Now that you have found a safe private place to store your server device, you need to tell AVpack its address so it can send messages to it. Simply touch the server and press the ON button. And you will see that the server automatically talks to your AVpack and passes it its key plus address to communicate with.

But Wait How Do I Use The AVpack To Send Emails?

First thing you will want to do is create an email contact list. This is stored in a note card called “#MyEmailContacts”. Simply edit the one provided inside AVpack and start adding your buddies names and public email addresses in the same format as the ones in the card., Keep a copy of this note card in your avatar inventory for safe keeping. And do not pass them around without your buddies consent.

Lets Send An Email

First either press the “Email” button on your AVHUD or type, /avemail.For HUD users you will note a number of icons on the top. The first most left one will call your contact list to open so you can pick an address to email. The second icon in will allow you to send any typed message you have completed. The third icon will close down the AVEmail system once you are finished. While in AVEmail mode type eg, ‘email’Next we need a subject to call our email so type ‘subject This Is My Funky Title’Lastly we will want to put in our message to the person so type, ‘message This is my hot gossip’Once we have completed these three stages we see that AVpack lets us auto preview the address, title and message. If everything looks fine type ‘send’ or press the “Send” button on the HUD and so long as you have an “AVEmail Server” in world your message should be on its way.

What if someone replies?

Once someone receives and replies via email to your message the server will forward it to your system IM’s. (This is the text that pops up in green when you get an IM from an object). Emails are checked every minute, but delays in third party email servers, filtering or even SL servers could slow down the response.

Can I keep a log of the amount of messages sent and received?

Yep, by default the server will show this information. But you can turn it off if you so wish. Don’t forget to close the AVEmail system when your done by hitting the “X” icon on the HUD or by typing ‘x’ in chat.That’s it your done!


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