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AVpack Chat Commands

The AVpack can be activated using a number of hot commands preceded by a forward slash (/), hash (#), star (*) or period (.). Here is a quick run down of the commands you can use. If you choose to talk to the AVpack on a channel other than 0, your command syntax would be /channelnumber /avpack command . Example if we picked channel 1 for communicating with the AVpack and we wanted to rez a "flyer" we'd type /1 /flyer etc. The default channel is 0, so we just type /flyer for normal use. Choosing a channel other than 0 will save some sim resources, although using the default channel 0 is faster and simpler to call commands.

AVpack recognises typed commands on channel 0. By default all AVpack commands listen to the owner only on channel 0. This is somewhat laggy on the sim though so in heavy loaded sims we suggest that you change the chat channel to another number. To do this type eg, /chat 1 to speak on channel 1. Commands once set to another channel other than 0 will be in the format of "/channelnumber /command". Some people might think why we use another / after my channel number? Well the / is just the same as the other key command symbol (/, *, #, . ). These help AVpack sort out where a command needs to go and rather than have AVpack read your whole line of text and causing more lag on the sim while using chat it is a sort of filter and helps AVpack parse commands faster.

AVpack also has a fixed or "hard-line" channel as we call it. This is channel /555 and can be used to allow people to create transferable gestures for use with AVpack. For example, if you create a gesture for your F12 key and in it is has the chat /555 /avchair, you can quickly access a seat if you need one, and pass this same gesture to one of your AVpack buddies. The hard-line channel supports any command you would use on your own custom chat channel.

Toggle Commands

Some of the features in AVpack have a toggle switch. The way we do this through chat interface is pretty easy. If you turn a feature on with a chat command, the same command will turn that feature off again. Toggle switches are listed below with a yellow star *

These documents (like AVpack) are always in a state of change. Therefore, if you find that your AVpack doesn't respond to a command, it isn't that your AVpack doesn't work, it is more than likely that the documents have been edited to accommodate the new commands in a later version of AVpack or maybe that command or feature has been depricated. You can check your version of AVpack here.



Command Description
/avhud - to rez and wear an AVpack menu HUD (heads up display) to use with AVpack.
/m - to show AVpack main menu.
/r - to open the parcel radio menu.
/ * to show or hide AVpack.
/mykey - tells you your avatars key.
/note - get a note card to save notes in!
/freemem - to see how much memory is left in script. (for debug only).
/version - to display AVpack version.
/updates - view latest update information.
/rlvlock * Restrained Love API on/off
/regavpack -

Register your AVpack and request AVpack Users group membership.

/avanims * Toggle playing of AVpack animations for super abilities on/off.


Command Description
/tpfx * to toggle (Teleporting In) effects on or off.
/tpfxsettexture - set a texture to use in your custom TPFX effects.
/tpfxsetsound - set a soundUUID for use in your TPFX.
/stopanims - Cancel any stuck animations you get yourself into.
/dash * sprint enhancer. Hold down the Page Down key and release when active.
/sj * jump enhancer. Hold down Page Down key and release when active.
/runtowarp [distance] * Double tap forward to warp to distance. Max 64m
/rtwfx * Toggle runtowarp particle effects on/off.
/fart * try it and see! Click the ass prim when activated.
/l or /light * to toggle AVlight on/off.
/avlightcol <1,1,1> - change colour vector of AVlight. Now you can choose your own AVlight colour. Ensure to include < > eg <1,0,0> = red <0,1,0> = green <0,0,1> = blue etc.
/eviltitle * allow your friends (or enemies!) to post titles above your head using a hidden channel.
/tbs - change the look of your hovertext title bars. There are over twenty styles to randomly choose from.
/titlecolor - randomly change the color of your hovertext title.
/title [your title] - Set your own personal hovertext title. Can be used without eviltitle enabled. Can also be used to clear an offensive title by typing the command /title on its own.
/magicball [question] * Ask the magic ball a question to receive an answer.
/fog * create a particle smokescreen around your avatar. Could be used before teleporting to create a magic show like exit to your departures.
/butt * Toggle your very own spankable ass.
/boobs   Toggle boobs.
/gravity 1.0 - Set gravity effects on your avatar to Earth gravity.
/gravity 0.5 - Set gravity effects on your avatar to Moon gravity.
/gravity 0.0 - Set gravity effects on your avatar to Space gravity.
/parachute * Toggle parachute on off.
/parachutechutecam * Toggle parachute camera on/off.
/boosters * Toggle parachute rocket boosters on/off.
/autodeploy * Toggle parachute autodeploy on/off.
/autodeploy [number] - Set altitude for parachute autodeploy to open parachute.
/packchute - Close parachute.
/deploy - Open parachute to edit it.
/basejump - Toggle base jump feature on/off.


Command Description
/goto or /headhop - stand on a targets head.
/campos - warp a supported object to camera position.
/ground - warp a supported object to near ground level
/camfly - move your avatar to your cam position 60m limit
/tptrail - Leave teleport "bread crumb" SLurl's in your chat history, so you can travel easier back to sims you just visited.
/alt [number] - warp to a given altitude.
/mapr - provides you with a clickable map link for your current location.
/itp - rez a iTP teleport pad.
/itpr - provides a copy'n'paste link to place inside your iTP pads "Locations" notecard, based on your current location.
/itpgoadd - allows you to create an iTPGo link for your current location.
/tp - Presents iTPGo menu to travel to saved locations in a sim.


Command Description
/chat [number] - channel to speak to the AVpack on (default is channel 0).
/nochat - to pause some AVpack scripts in high lag areas. Reduces lag and limits access only through touch menu.
/nolag - to turn off scripts & main listener and in AVpack. Touch AVpack to activate again.


Anti Lag Modes
Command Description
/nochat - to disable the AVpack chat listeners. Reduces lag and limits access only through touch menu for the AVpack.
/nolag - to pause some scripts & in AVpack in laggy areas. Touch AVpack options to activate again.
/restore - to turn on CamTP timers.


Command Description
/web - to go to AVPack web site guide.
/search [name] - to search using web sites contained in #Websites note card.
/lsl - to go to Linden Scripting Library Wiki.
/imdb name - to IMDB a movie name.
/youtube [name] - to search for a given name on
/wiki [name] - to Wiki a name.
/google [name] - to go to Google web search engine.
/blog sl - to go to the Second Life Blog.
/url * to toggle url bug on & off.
/slurl - generate a SLURL from your current position to use in your web sites. Launches preview too.
/livehelp - Linden Labs support


Parcel Tools
Command Description
/r or /radio - for land owner parcel radio menu.
#h - send a target home. (will only work if both target and you are on your own land.
/sale - rez a land sale box. Can be clicked to provide land buyers with small bit of info for the land parcel for sale.
/eject - eject a target from land.
/ban - ban a target from owners land.
/unsit - unsit a target.
/unban - unban a target nearby.
/sendhome - send a target home if over owners land.
/itpr - record position vector for use inside iTP pads.
/campos - tells you the vectors of your alt camera. Also used to guide CamTP, Shield, Gtable to alt cam destination.


Flight Assist
Command Description
/flight * to toggle Flight Assist on & off.
/airbrakes * to toggle Flight Assist Air Brakes system on & off.
/speed [number] - to change Flight Assist speed (numbers, 1 to 10000 allowed. Speed 5 is default.)
/antisplat * to toggle Flight Assist collision bounce reduction system on or off.
/hover * toggle for hover feature of flight assist. When on makes avatar hover at high altitudes. When off can provide soft landings.
/flighttrailset - to choose what particles to leave behind you when you fly. Once this command is given it will wait for you to choose a poofer using the poofer command eg, ". woot"
/flighttrail * a toggle switch to turn flight trail feature on of off.
/powerturn * toggle power turn on/off.
/smoothflight * gradual slow start up to top speed or instant top speed


Targeting & Scanning
Command Description
/find - object or avatar name to initiate prim / avatar finder within scan range.
/range [number] - value to set targeting range.
#t - for avatar target lock. Will work to a range of within 96m inside same sim.
#k [avatarkey] - to set a target to a key.
# - to stop active weapon.
#s - to do a quick scanner sweep in the range of the sensor range.


Push Kill Modes
Command Description
/w or /weapons - Quick access to the weapons menu.
#cc - for crowd control. Pushes all avatars around you up and away.
#tr - to trap a targeted avatar with a persistent trap.
#p - to push (prim float) a targeted avatar away.
#x - to push a targeted avatar away.
#gw - to push a targeted avatar using the Gravity Wave. (broken under HAVOC4)
#zp - to toggle Zone Push.
#o - to orbit a targeted avatar. (broken under HAVOC4)
#es - to Electro Shock all avatars around you.
#as - to summon an airstrrike on a avatar location. Collateral damage effect.


Command Description
/fireball - Set an avatar on fire.
#spank - Spank a targets ass! Non aggressive taunt.
/knife - to rez a Throwing Knife.
/rpg - rez an RPG cannon. Touch rear and sides to control bullets, speed and damage.
/belt - to rez a Combat Belt.
/gas - Poison gas.
/socom - to rez gun. Touch holster to get gun.
/rocket - mouse-look rocket.
/ft - to rez a Flame Thrower.
/spanner - to rez a "throw multiple things" wrench. Wear and left click it for options.
/blind - to rez an anti-griefer blinding orb. Covers griefers making it hard for them to shoot you with mouse look weapons.
/th - turn on avatar thrower. Lift and throw target avatars above your head.
/sentry - rez a robotic defence sentry gun. Click top for options menu.
/floater - Pick up an avatar.
/pan - to rez a frying pan to beat people with.
/trap - A trap.


Third Party Feature Support
Command Description
/rlvlock * Toggle Restrained Love API detach on/off/


Rez Objects

AVpack can rez a number of cool objects. Some of the most used ones have command shortcuts. You can view AVpack object and shortcut commands below. If it has a / in front of it that is its shortcut.

  • Type /objectlist = to display copiable objects in AVpacks inventory.
  • To rez an item without a shortcut use the command /rez object or /objectnane


Command Description
/rez - to rez a copiable object from AVpack inventory menu.
/give [inventoryname] - give an item from your inventory to you.
/avhud - AVpack Menu HUD. AVpack Heads Up Display Interface.
/shield - A non physical sit shield.
/bot - Repair Bot. Your little robotic buddy.
/deck - a builders deck
/bay - Large work bay.
/lander - Larger builders deck.
/itp - iTP sim teleport with WarpPos drive.
/camtp - Portable CamTP/Altitude beam. Rez one out sit on it and say /alt num to tp to an altitude.
/skubble - Sky bubble platform.
/coffee /tea - A refreshing drink.
/campfire - Group log seating.
- Sci-Fi group seating.
- Nature. Group Seating.
/loveseat - Couples chair.
/stand - a pose stand.
/box - a storage box for your inventory stuff.
/pb - Photobay for taking your cut out pics inside.
/sale - a land sale box.
/cover - a black box to hide stuff from view. Click it.
/pack - to rez a BP-01 Builder Pack.

/chair /avchair /seat

- to rez a non physical AVchair.



AVpack has too many objects to list here fully. We invite you to explore each item and find your own unique use for it. Simply type a forward slash and then the objects name to rez it. You can view the rest of AVpacks objects by typing /objectlist



Command Description
/drone or /dr - to rez a Drone.
/radar - to rez an avatar radar device. Touch to launch.
/earring - Spy relay.
/beacon - find someone with a particle line over their head.


Command Description
/avchair - to rez a builders non-physical chair.
/pod - to rez a sky diving pod.
/flyer - to rez an Alpha Flyer.
/throw - to rez an object thrower.
/skiff - to rez a people carrier.
/skimmer - to rez a two person hover scooter
/xt - to rez a Skimmer XT. One person racing hover board.


Emubbles (Emote Bubbles)
Command Description
/avpack - - Simply click the Emubble above your head to hide.
/afk - -
/scr - -
/zzz - -
/brb - -
/bld - -
/im - -
/ps - -
/busy - -
/phone - -
/vote - -
/birthday - -
/bubble textureuuid - to display texture as emote over your head
*texturename - 20 second emubbles. Simply click them to hide them again.
/back   closes any open Emubbles.


Command Description
/pooflist - to list all 'poofable' texture names in inventory.
.texturename - to poof it texture or UUID
. [texture key] - poof a texture key
#f - to send poofer particles to target.
#b - to send a particle stream to a target.
# - to stop particles.
#end - to clear target.
.trans - Set poofer texture to an alpha to stop random poofer bugging some clients.
/pooftime - number to set the amount of time particles last in seconds.
/poofrate - number to set the rate at which particles poof. (0 = infinite)
/poofnum - number to set the amount of particles to poof.
/poofscale - number to set the size of the particles.
/poofspeed - number to set the speed at which they eject out or at the target.
/poofdump - to list current poofer settings.
/poofreset - to reset poofer system back to default settings.
/poof1 - Set poofer system to preset minimal effects.
/poof2 - Set poofer system to increased effects.
/poof3 - Set poofer system to use large poofer effects.
/walknpoof * Emit particles when you walk.
/walktrailset - Allows you to provide a texture key UUID for /walknpoof.
/bubble [texture key] - display a texture over your head.


Combination Keys
Command Description
Page Up & Page Down - pressed while hovering will cycle flight assist speeds.



Inventory Rezzer

Do you want to rez your favourite hat to wear using the AVpack? Simply drop it inside the AVpack and type #rez or /rez followed by the name of your hat (case sensitive). Your hat (or any other object) will rez. Make sure you use copiable items for this function. Use with care and do not litter SL with unused objects. If you need to see a list of the AVpack's object inventory simply type /objectlist and the contents will display. You can then check your chat history to pick names to rez using this feature.

  • You can place any copiable object inside AVpack it does not matter if the object is No Mod or No Transfer.
  • You can give yourself an object too simply type /give inventoryname.



Known in SL as "Ghost Chat". Text output from AVpack can be seen as being spoken or shouted on channel 0 or it will appear in green to a targeted avatars system IM's. Now people out there might be asking what is the point of this is? Well in a role playing scenario you may want to play on your existing avatar but be know as something else like "Rubber Ducky" or whatever! Using this function you could talk to a team member in a different sim or in a covert way without having IM windows clogging up your screen! Plus you get to be someone else too. While not intended to be used as a griefing tool, this obviously depends on the user and the context of which they use it. I use it to send love messages to my girlfriend in another sim while she builds! It saves having IM windows open and I can remain building without interference.

How To

Your AVpack gives you a random number for its sub chat channel when you first wear it. If you forget it, simply type /sub or press the Subchat Recall button on your HUD to recall it. If you want to use a different number type /subcycle or press your Subchat Cycle button on your HUD and it will pick another random number to use. If our selected channel number was 14 for example we can do this...

Ghost Channel

The AVpack can perform a number of function using the sub chat channel. This is a random numbered channel generated when AVpack is first worn. See below for an example of commands if our sub chat (or Ghost chat) channel number was 14. Note this feature should only be used with recipients consent or in a role playing scenario. Misuse could be classed as a violation of the Second Life TOS. Use at your own risk.

  • Click Ghost Mode on the Subchat section of the HUD until it reads something like the following,
  • AVpack: Subchat Mode: set to SAY your messages as : Avatar Name use /14 [your message] : Type /14 #be [name] to rename your repeater.
  • Target an avatar using #t or your HUD TARGET button. (important)
  • The chat will then read [0:02] AVpack: Subchat Repeater Set To : Avatar Name
  • Once you target a person, AVpack will use that persons name when it prints your message in chat.
  • Typing /14 hello world, will display text on the screen in the name of the person you targeted.
  • You can change AVpacks name to something else.
  • Type into chat /14 #be HotStuff (Name could be anything).
  • The AVpack now will talk as this name to the avatar targeted.
  • If Ghost mode is set to IM mode you can talk to your target across Second Life.
  • To message them type /14 Hi there. I love you!
  • The person targeted would see "HotStuff: Hi there. I love you." in green text on their client.
  • If you type /ssm you can change the way AVpack talks.
  • Options are Off (default), SAY & SHOUT on channel 0, or IM for private systems IMs to the target avatar.

Forgot what your subchat channel number is? With the AVHUD it's even easier to remember it. Simply press the Subchat Recall button and start typing over the provided channel number to repeat, shout or IM a message to a target. Use it wisely and do not abuse others.

Sub Chat Functions
Command Description
/sub - to recall subchat channel.
/subcycle - to cycle to a different random subchat listening channel number.
/ssm - to change the 'sub say' repeater mode. Also known as "Ghost Mode" on the AVHUD.
/subchan 13 - to choose your subchannel repeater channel number (number can be anything).
/13 #be name - name to set the 'talk as' name for the subchannel repeater.
/13 message - to send a message over subchannel repeater.





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