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Heads up displays are great! We all love them. You may have tried out other gadgets and saw that they all want you to do crazy things like type extra long commands, remember weird chat channel numbers or type some weird Greek name just to kill someone. AVpack is far simpler.

Some people like the ease of typing a quick command to do something rather than clicking on things. Other people like the opposite and would rather click an icon on a hud to do the same job. Fortunately for AVpack users, you can do both. AVpack AVHUD interface is possibly the most user friendly and expandable HUD you will ever use. It is simple, intuitive and tidy in operation. All the options are nicely spaced, and nothing is squashed into a mock "DVD player" like window that you may have seen on other devices.

Pictures say more than words, and at Space Bums we realized this before creating the AVHUD. While most gadgets utilise a solely hovertext based method of displaying options to you. If you are in a hurry to do something, that gets very confusing very quickly. AVHUD is different. It uses the human ability to associate imagery, location and colour coding to actions rather than words. Which, makes for locating tools faster and provides a familiar and welcoming experience.

  • To get an AVHUD type /avhud while wearing your AVpack.
  • Check your recent items and you will find the avhud object to wear.

If you are building and you need AVHUD out of the way, you don't need to remove it, you simply click the top left AV icon, and any icons you have on display will zip away out of sight. You can move buttons around or resize them using your edit window. Record button positions and AVHUD will remember for the next time they are displayed. Sub category options are located on the other dimensions of the HUD prims, making AVHUD a truly unique method for storing information and makes it totally freaking cool to use too.

Your AVHUD can show you lots of cool things, like who is around you, sim stats, avatar keys, and it even allows you to fine tune the scanners settings and more. You can adjust the ping (time in seconds) for the scanner, switch between info displays and your HUD will adjust its data accordingly.

Don't See Your AVHUD?

If you are having trouble locating the AVHUD, it may be because your screen size differs from the one we had during testing. The graphics power of today's PC's means that many people run at several different screen resolution other than the usual bog standard 800x600 from yesteryear. So, to help you, we have given you the AVHUD in its expanded state. This will allow you to position it correctly to fit your screen. Try to place the gadget launcher tab in the top left of your screen and the status bar just under the main SL title bar for the AVHUD to function correctly. You can see an example of this in the images below. If you use desktop sidebars like Google Desktop or Windows, you may need to position the AVHUD further right than normal to compensate.



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