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parachute Parachute

Explore your Second Life® in a a whole new way, with your built-in AVpack mesh parachute. This awesome stealth parachute will slow your decent when you fall from the sky, make you look cool and is sure to impress. And it is wired right into your AVpack. There is no external attachment to wear, no prims to sit on, it is part of your AVpack abilities. With its real time environmental effects, follow camera, custom created animations and physics controls, base jumping features and low lag script, this is one of the best parachute simulations in SL. Plus it has fricken rocket boosters too! What are you waiting for, find yourself a nice non laggy sim and get sky diving.

Disable any AO you are wearing while using your parachute, it may conflict with AVpacks parachute animations.

How to use your parachute,

  • Chat command /parachute toggles your parachute on/off. You can also use the AVHUD "Chute" button for convenience.
  • When in a free fall simply press your Page Down key and AVpack will open your parachute.
  • You can have AVpack automatically do this by using the /autodeploy [number] command.
  • You can toggle auto deployment on/off using the chat command /autodeploy
  • You can steer your chute once it is deployed by using the forward key + left & right arrow keys.
  • You can air brake by pressing the down arrow, this will also give you a small lift.
  • If you hover while falling or land normally, your parachute will pack itself away, leaving zero prims floating above your head.
  • Use your parachute in combination with the /rocketstand or /pod for some skydiving awesomeness with your friends.
  • AVHUDS "Warp2Alt" button will warp you to a height you give on the button. You can also type /alt 800 to perform the same action.
  • Type /parachutecam to toggle the parachute camera on/off.
  • Type /target to rez a landing target. Sit in the middle of it and it will throw you into the air ready to use your parachute.
  • Type /boosters to toggle boosters on/off. Your AVpack parachute has rocket boosters too, allowing you to stay in the air and explore more.
  • Hold your Page Down key once your parachute is deployed to use boosters to boost you forward and keep you in the air longer.
  • Base jumping is also supported. Jump in the air on the edge of a cliff or jump location and you will be propelled down the side of the mountain following the contour of the land. Don't leave pulling your parachute too late though or you may break your bones if you hit the ground.


eviltitle Evil Title

Love them or hate them you now have the popular 'evil titles' for your AVpack. This is a simple yet fun idea that allows anyone to post titles above your head. Why on earth would you allow a stranger to post things above your head you ask? Well, if you don't take yourself too seriously or just like to have a talking point, the evil title feature is for you. People with more than their quota of testosterone or who are easily offended may wish to disable this feature. For the rest of us though, we can have a bit of fun with it.

  • Type /eviltitle to toggle on/off
  • Type /tbar to change title bar styles. There are about twenty to choose from.
  • Type /tcolor to randomly change the colour of your title.
  • Type /title to clear a title.
  • Type /title [your title] to set a title.


fog Fog

A simple fog effect that surrounds your avatar with particle fog until disabled. Could be used before teleporting to give a spooky exit to your departures. Run into crowds and enable this feature to confuse or alarm enemies or to provide cover for a buddy under sniper fire.

  • Type /fog to toggle on/off.


spankme Spank Me

Have you been naughty today? If you think you have and you really need a good old butt spank, you are sure to like this feature. Have a friend or loved one give you what for by tanning your rear end! Simply enable this feature and tell your lover to left click your ass area. They will be given an option menu from where they can perform a number of cheeky actions to your butt!

  • Type /spankme to toggle on/off
  • Left click your ass area to access menu options.
  • Facial expressions react to actions.


mball Magic Ball

Maybe you have been in a situation where people just don't take no for an answer. Maybe you need to add spice to your life rather than follow the same old routine. For whatever reason, if you feel you need an outside opinion on matters, this handy Magic 8 ball feature will be sure to provide fun answers to you questions. Usage is simple.

  • Type /magicball [your question here]
  • Magicball will think about your question for a bit, then provide you with its words of wisdom.
  • The magic ball icon can be found in the AVbilities section of the hud for use too.


Super Jump Super Jump

Super Jump allows your avatar to jump much much higher than normal. One of the things that I thought might be fun to do while out climbing a mountain in SL one day, was to have the ability to jump higher to reach mountain shelves or to span a fairly big gap not able to be covered with my normal jump. With this idea in mind, I decided to manipulate my avatars gravity settings and how high he could jump. Now thanks to AVpack, you can do this too! It's really easy to do and with the AVpack HUD you can toggle this feature on and off really quickly. This feature has been designed not to interfere with the AVpacks built in flight assist and the two features actually talk to each other to ensure intuitive control of your avatar. The feature is listed under the AVbilities button on your HUD. To use it, simply crouch using your "Page Down" key and you will see a jump power indicator counting up on your AVpack. When you reach the desired power level, release your finger off the key and your Avatar will spring into the air. If you use this feature along with the Moon gravity settings you can even get to heights above the clouds using this. Using super jump reminds me of that training program that they had in the film the Matrix where Neo tries to jump from one building to another.

  • Type /superjump to toggle this feature on or off.
  • Change Gravity to Earth or Moon using your HUD to see the effects of jumping with each.
  • This feature looks really nice with animation overrides and will not effect normal AVpack Flight Assist.


dash Dash & RunToWarp

Dash and RunToWarp allows your avatar to dash forwards at a speed. This can be a handy way to evade enemies, or just to have fun bumping into your buddies or hopping onto roofs. Combine the dash feature with super jump and you can leap frog your avatar across a very large distance.

  • Type /dash to toggle on or off.
  • Press and hold Page Down key to charge your dash up. Then let go to dash forward.
  • Type /runtowarp [distance] to set your warp distance. Then double-tap your forward arrow to warp.
  • Dashing with different gravity settings can effect the distance your avatar will travel.
  • Combine your dash with super jump for some really loooooooong jumps!


gravity Gravity

Have fun micro gravity style! With the gravity feature of AVpack you can cycle between Earth (normal), Moon and Space gravity settings. Once active you will immediately notice that your avatar has more spring in his/her step. By setting your gravity to space you can cover quite a large distance with one single jump and drift gently back down to the ground. Want to sneak up on an opponent simply drop off a tall building for that slow and stealthy surprise. You can use gravity settings to give your Sky Station that extra orbital feel, or for just plain mucking about with a buddy for some micro gravity games of tag. Getting space sick? Simply hit the Earth gravity to return to normal.

  • Tip: If you wear your Spanner and have it set on "Smack" mode while using Space gravity you can apply an impulse to your mouse-look direction.
  • Chat commands are /gravity 1.0 for Earth /gravity 0.5 for Moon & /gravity 0.0 for space.



Teleporting Effects (TPFX)

tpfxMake an entrance when someone teleports you somewhere with your very own built in transportation particle and sound effects. The effect is non offensive and the sound sample used is closely matched to popular TV sci-fi sounds. Make an entrance and leave a lasting impression of sci-fi cool with your AVpack teleport effect.

  • Toggle on or off by typing /tpfx
  • To set your custom texture type /tpfxsettexture then use your poofers to set the texture. Example . woot
  • To set the sound to be used type /tpfxsetsound - AVpack will ask you to play a sound uuid you wish to use. The UUID is the key for a sound file and you can get these from any (full perm) sound file in your Sounds folder in your inventory, you can easy copy a sound key by right clicking on the file and selecting Copy Asset UUID. (see below)


  • Then type /play and then a space and press CTRL V to paste your key. Then hit your Return key.
  • You can set your own custom TPFX particle system if you understand basic scripting.
  • To revert back to the older default TPFX, reset your AVpack by navigating to the "Avatar > TPFX > DEFAULT FX" menu.
  • There are icons on the AVHUD to make customising your own TPFX easier for you.
  • To reset to the AVpack default settings, goto Menu > More > Options > Reset All
Turns on/off TPFX system Switch between CUSTOM or DEFAULT effects Allows user to set texture from poofer system. Allows user to set TPFX sound with /play uuid


Flight Assist

Ever wondered what is above the clouds? Ever wondered why you are unable to fly above them without a craft? Well that is all in the past with the built in AVflight assist. Fly faster, further and longer and stop in a split second in mid air. You can be the envy of your friends as you fly around like a regular "Johnny Rocket Pants" with your swanky new flight assist, all thanks to your AVpack.

  • Type /flight to toggle on or off.
  • Type /speed [number] (1 up to 10000) to toggle speeds. Default speed is 5.
  • Type /airbrakes to toggle airbrakes system on and off.
  • Type /antisplat to toggle the anti collision bounce system on or off.
  • Type /hover to turn on/off hover assist.
  • Type /powerturn to toggle turning assist on/off.
  • Type /flighttrail to toggle particle flight trail on/off.
  • Type /flighttrailset to get AVpack accept a poofer texture as your new flight trail. (see below)
  • Type /turbo to allow you to travel at full speed from a hover.

tex uuid

  • Next type a poofer command to set your texture eg, If the image is inside AVpack type . bat or if you got a key for an image (like in the fig above), type . and then press CTRL V to paste the key.
  • To reset to the AVpack default settings, goto Menu > More > Options > Reset All


avlight AVlight & Light Bees

avlightYour personal torch above your head! Anybody who has watched sci-fi movies will know doubt know that it is not wise to go rambling across alien planets in the dark without a trusty light source. See where you are going better in dark places or simply make finding the keys to your starship in the dark easier with your handy AVlight! Easy operation means you are never left alone in the dark. Light colour can be changed by typing your own light colour vectors.


  • Type /l to turn light on and off.
  • Type /avlightcol <1,0,0> (for a red light) /avlightcol <0,1,0> (for a green light) /avlightcol <0,0,1> (for a blue light) /avlightcol <1,1,1> (for white)
  • To rez a following light bee type /lb
  • Handy also for chicks that need their face make-up to show at night!


stopanims Stop All Animations

Ever been sitting down and had someone teleport you only to find that when you get to them you are stuck in your sitting down animation looking like some crazy butt snail! This feature will help. Every AVpack will by default release you from any stuck animations after a TP but for general use a quick click on this button will free you from even the most sticky of stuck anims.

  • Type /stopanims


fart Fart & Puke

What better way to break up a tense situation than to share some air! This feature needs no explanation. Ask any married couple who share they same bed and they will most likely agree that this could possibly be the most lethal weapon in the AVpack. Only joking! This is simply just for entertainment value, to feed the child in all of us. If you feel the need to create that special bond with your close buddies, now you can! Why say "hello" when you can ..... paaaaaAARP!!!

  • Type /fart to toggle this feature on/off.
  • You can also left click your ass area if you have /spankme turned on to fart too.
  • Type /puker to toggle puke ability. Then left click-hold your chest prim for one second to puke.




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