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Large Free Swimmers

These amazing aquatic animals are proving to be really popular. Pop along to our fantastic Virtual Aquarium store for a demo. We have lovable little critters swimming and crawling all over the place! Don't miss it.


freeswimmers koi lion fish
lion fish puffers eels
shark crab  


  • Super easy to use. Rez, position, click go. (your Nan could use them!)
  • Textured prim bodies (not flat)
  • Can be set to swim from 0 - 30m in any direction.
  • Random physical wandering swim motion. (they look, they swim!).
  • Custom scripted A.I swim motion. (they think!)
  • Your fish react to avatars and will swim out the way if bothered. (they feel!)
  • Photo realistic texturing.
  • Simple menu options for radius and speed.
  • Each fish is fully copy (make as many fish as you like)

Not Suitable For Temp Rezzer

While our smaller fish are designed for use in rezzers, these larger animals during our tests proved to be too much for the HAVOC4 physics enabled sims to cope with. Although these animals did work ok under HAVOC1 we do not recommend that they be used in rezzers until LL have addressed the problems with rezzers under HAVOC4.

Temp Rez

These larger creatures should be considered "heavy use". For this we recommend that all apart from the small free swimmers should not be used inside temp rezzer boxes. The rezzing of any larger complex objects will hit your sim FPS hard, therefore we suggest using them as single non temp pets on your land. For an idea on how to accurately set up your aquatic displays, feel free to visit our store for a visual guide on how to use these larger creatures. If our smaller fish are used inside temp rezzer boxes, we built in a system that allows you to turn the temp rez flag off with just a left click. This allows you to configure your creatures speed, distance or name without it auto deleting afterward. Once back in the rezzer the temp rez flag will be enabled the next time it is rezzed.


Thank you for your interest in the world famous “Free Swimming” range of creatures by Space Bums.

  • Simple (owner) click on and off control, x,y,z distance and speed settings.
  • Can be used in any larger sized tank and also outdoors. Simply choose the area you want them to swim in.
  • Once rezzed, you simply define how far you wish the creature to move from its local point. Do not confuse this with region coordinates. Simply place the creature out at the centre point you wish him to move from then enter the distance you wish him to move to.
  • Example if you wanted the creature to move inside a box 5m,5m,5m from his current centred location, you would enter 5,5,5 for all three x,y,z points.
  • If you don't want the creature to move up or down you would enter 5,5,0 or X = 5, Y = 5, Z = 0 via the distance or movement menu option.
  • DO NOT ENTER REGION X,Y,Z like 128,100,90 or your creature may fly off into the air!


Simply take out a fish you would like to use and left click it. From there you can select from a number of options. You can choose what speed it swims from point to point or what distance in x,y,z to cover with the simple menu. Once you have placed the fish in the centre of their swim area, hit GO and the little fish will happily swim about. To reposition them, hit STOP and move them, then click go to start them off again. Easy as pie! If you creature support setting a Home position for him to rest at, simply place him on the area you wish to set as his home and choose Set Home from the menu. Once that is done, you will be prompted to move him to his swim start position. Once you are happy with that, you can press Go to start him swimming.

Animation Options

Some of these creatures may come with additional options that you can toggle on or off using the menu system. Be sure to check out these features to customise the looks and behaviour of them. You'll find things like animation states, collision detection and more.

Physical Objects

As these creatures are physical objects, be careful to check that yourself or other avatars are not wearing anti physics shields. Thse devices may make your creature fly off world and scripts may break. Also, do not use them too close to sim borders or in very rare circumstances they might swim off the swim or into your neighbours land. You can make infinite copies of these creatures, so if that does occur, you can always replace them with a copy from your inventory. Due to the nature in which these creatures scripts work, they can not be made modify, so please don't message me asking for modify versions. For added variety, try mixing them together with our other animals from our store to create your very own fantastic underwater world.


If you feel your item may be at fault or something is not working to your expectations, please take a look through our support portal here. We only offer support via instant message in game once the pass code has been given.


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