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The Virtual Aquarium

The Virtual Aquarium was set up to try and raise peoples consciousness to the wonder and beauty that exists in the natural world. Our virtual interpretation was created with the hopes that people could see how fragile and beautiful this world and the species we all share it with really is. How that delicate ecosystem demands our ultimate respect and protection and where possible to educate on the welfare of that ecosystem. While the keeping of tropical fish is widespread in the real world, we hope that you will choose to own our virtual replicas of these wonderful creatures over the real life version, and let the real ones live in their own natural environment. We hope to both educate and entertain with our products as well as providing the best quality content for your virtual world.

Years of supplying aquatics to Second Lifers let us know what you are looking for. That's why we are proud to release another recognized top quality aquatics line. Look out for more amazing aquatics at The Virtual Aquarium.

The Virtual Aquarium on "The Goddess and Banana Show" one of Second Life's most popular audio shows.




Orbital fish are our line of simple to operate low lag pets. Back in June 2006 our flexi prim fish took the Second Life world by storm and the crowds loved them. It wasn't long before the competition followed suite, but unlike other fish in Second Life, each fish has its own custom menu, is only one prim and also allows you to toggle between things like swim speed, size and flexibility. Now you don't have to worry about what size tank you need as each fish will scale to fit its new home. These are a great choice for any aquarium owner be you beginner or aquatics enthusiast.


  • High quality cut textures.
  • Animated flexible path feature.
  • Dynamic sizing. Small, Medium or Large.
  • Variable swim speed.
  • Only 1 prim!
  • Ideal for any aquarium.

If you require fish for your larger aquarium or waterfront, please see our fantastic selection of Free Swimming fish below.


Aquarium Setup Guide

If you are new to our aquariums, here is a list of tips to help get you going. You'll find instructions on adding textures to your tank to adding your fish, it is all here. Please read this guide if you are unsure on how to correctly position creatures, plants, rocks or need help on editing your aquarium.


Home Aquarium Installation Service

While our aquariums are scripted to be as user friendly as possible, sometimes it takes time to learn new things, especially if you are new to Second Life. So, for a small service charge, we can come to your home and set everything up for you.



Professional Reef Builders Ultra Pack

Sim builders know that when they are out to build, they want to spend more time doing the actual build and less time looking for the parts. This amazing pack saves you time and money in one. This pack contains a special hand picked collection of our fantastic creatures, rocks, corals & plant packs to get you going. All items are delivered to you via update drones so you can be sure you will always have the latest updates. If you find yourself spoilt for choice or unsure what parts to buy, don't worry we have taken the hard work out of it for you.



Particle Glubble Generator

Ever seen those volcanic underwater ocean vents? This is where this idea came from. Everyone has seen bubbles emitting from rocks or other objects in Second Life. Most people even make their own. What if you can't script? What if you don't want to waste money and time on something so simple. Well we have taken the hard work out of this for you and created possibly the simplest and most awesome way to get beautiful coloured lava bubble rocks for your aquatic displays. With presets for aquarium, reef or ocean use built in, you can spend more time building and less time fiddling with complex particle scripts. Simply wear the included HUD, rez a Glubbler and hit a few buttons for total wow effect!



Particle Emitters

These great looking emitters are a fantastic way to add life to your ocean. They are low on prim and have bags of features for you to adjust to fit your setup.We have Fish, Jelly Fish and Sea Horses to choose from, with many more to come. They come preset for aquarium, reef or full blown ocean use. If you are low on prims, then there is no better option than our emitters.



Free Swimmer Fish

These amazing Free Swimming Fish are the latest exciting new line of animals.

Free Swimming Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, Piranha, Koi, Jelly Fish



Larger Free Swimming Aquatics

As a follow up to our popular smaller free swimming aquatic creatures, we now have some excellent larger sea life. Check out our sea turtles, octopus, manta and jelly fish. Create the perfect dive spot with our free swimming aquatics. Not suitable for rezzer's.

Turtles, Manta Ray, Octopus, Lion Fish, Puffer Fish, Electric Eels, Crab & Sharks



Jumping Dolphin Rezzer

Add some action above the waves with our Jumping Dolphin Rezzer. These cool Dolphins will jump out and twist and turn before splashing into the water. Complete with rezzer and custom sound fx.



Anti Lag Free Swimming Creature Rezzer

We all hate lag. Who doesn't. We all try our best to control it where possible. At Space Bums we have your concerns in mind and we always listen to your feedback. Understanding how sim performance effects your game play is what drove us to create one of the most innovative devices ever designed for sim life in Second Life.


Anti Lag Rezzer


Piranha are well known for their ferocious appetite, with hundreds of snapping little teeth, they make short work of prey ten times larger than themselves. If you don't have a guard dog at home then a few of these in your pond or river could be just the answer to keep unwanted avatars at bay. The good thing about Piranha is that they will eat any remaining evidence!


Anti Lag Rezzer


Koi are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp. They are very closely related to goldfish, but they are not goldfish. Our free swimming Koi look really cool in any pod, and really add colour and variety to your garden pond display.



These frogs are a great addition to any home or garden. You can give each frog a different color to make your garden feel alive. These are no ordinary frogs. They are smart and will try their best to stay where you want them, and get past any obstacles in their way. You can put them in a terrarium, garden or even have them as a follower on your land.




If you feel your item may be at fault or something is not working to your expectations, please take a look through our support portal here. We only offer support via instant message in game once the pass code has been given.


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